Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DAY 86 Life Is Grand

Good Evening Journal,

Today was day 3 for me of the Countdown to Christmas Challenge. I am so glad I joined because I can already see it's effect upon me. Big muscles? Increased endurance? Fantastic weight loss? No, not any of that... yet. But what I have already seen is it's effect on my attitude. I am determined to complete my goal, which is to exercise 5 days per week until Christmas Day. 

I deliberately chose a goal over which I had a choice. One I could measure, keep track of, see the outcome. I had to reduce my expectations because my mind wanted to do more than my body was able. But I will focus on what I CAN do, not on what I can NOT do.

I once read a quote from a lady that lived to be 101 years old, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick McClure. She said:
"CAN'T never accomplished anything. 
Life is grand, honey, if you don't weaken. 
Never say can't."

I would love to have met her! I write a lot of things here that have to do with the kinds of qualities to which I aspire. That doesn't mean I have mastered them... just that they are my GOALS... things I admire. And her kind of attitude is definitely one that I admire.

A modern day motivational speaker (can't remember which one) put it this way:
"Believe in your limitations 
and they are yours."

Just because I WANT to be able to do that hula hoop now, doesn't mean I CAN. No matter how many times I pick up that hula hoop from the floor, I haven't gotten the hang of it, yet. I am laughing myself silly over it, but there is no limitation to me TRYING,  and having fun at it.  There is no limitation to me improving from where I am at NOW. 

Today while I danced along with Richard in Sweatin to the Oldies 2 (my favorite) my floating kneecap decided to dance left while I danced right. Sigh... So, I had a choice. Give up in frustration, anger and pain? Or sit back down, and finish "chair dancing" style. So I finished. I had to accept that my ol' bod couldn't keep up with my young-minds lofty ambitions. 

That is why I am on this train of thought... because I have a stubborn streak... and I refuse to let this kind of thing stop me. One bum shoulder, one bum knee... hmmm, that still a lot of the rest of me that can wiggle to those Golden Oldies! :-)

From Dr Phil's book: "Be a part of the group who have the courage and determination to stay in the light."

My verse for today: "He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress."

My quote for today: "Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world."--Helen Keller

Enjoy the Journey,



{ALL} for a Better Life said...

With that kind of attitude you are going to meet all of your goals.

Hoola hooping sounds fun, I have not done it in years. I may be able to do it either, but I love that you try and that it makes you laugh. MOVE THOSE HIPS GIRL!

Georgia Mist said...

Have you checked out the fab hoops at Hoopnotica???

Anonymous said...

good for you for finishing your workout! You will be hula hooping in no time, I just know it. I LOVE my Richard Simmons tapes, he is so funny! I really prefer the older ones to the newer ones.

Anonymous said...

I must steal your kitty in the gym picture, that is too funny!

antgirl said...

Awww, what cutie kitties!

Attitude is the whole enchilada, Loretta. You are so kicking it!

I just finished Richard. He's fab! A million thanks for sending that. Make sure your knee and foot are always pointed in the same direction when you have weight on your legs. The joints should always line up and track together. It's better to miss a few steps than wrench something.

Great on finishing it out. Same for me, just because my arms made me change what I do it doesn't mean I can' do other things and keep on. So keep on!

Keep practicing. You'll eventually get the hula hoop. It's still a workout trying. :) As long as you're having fun and moving about. That's all that matters. Better not perfection. :-D

Rettakat said...

KIM/{ALL}: Wiggle, wiggle, shake shake. That's about all, til I can ge the hang of it. :-D

GEORGIAMIST: OH, yes, the dvd that Mary sent me was from hoopnotica... a real fun one. I got my first hoop from another place, and I made a mistake and listened to the customer service person who said to get a heavy one--it was supposed to be easier... HA! Not! So hubby had a mini-tizzy when I wanted to buy another one. But he was sweet enough to help me make one, which only cost about 12 bucks, compared to the purchased ones, at about $35 plus shipping. And mine is working fine... it's just ME that is not coordinated yet. I plan to play with it for a good 3 months before I decide whether or not I am a hopeless case. :-)

NANCY: I love dancin' with Richard, too. My favorites are the ones with the oldies music. Yes, the kitty said she would be glad to come live on your computer. ;-)

MARY/ANTGIRL: I hadn't thought about it, but my foot DOES usually tend to point outward... thanks, I will try to pay more attention, maybe that will help. Yep, progress not perfection. I am having fun with it, even if I can't do the hula part of the hooping yet.


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