Thursday, February 2, 2012

FEB 2nd Boring Weigh In

Hi Journal & Friends,

Ever have one of those days when you feel like you have nothing to say?

And if you did, you have the feeling you've said it all before?

That you are boring yourself and anyone else out there?

Yesterday was my regular monthly weigh in day... but I only got 2 hours sleep the night before. Blogging was the last thing I wanted to do!

Last month, Jan 1st: 327
This month, Feb 1st: 327

Yeah, it's annoying! I had a great month! Except for 4 days, all days were 1600 or less. And those 4 days weren't huge blowouts: 2000, 2600, 2125 and 2308. All on plan food. Yep, I keep a record. That way I can't fool myself. I guess those 4 days were enough to do me in. So this month... no exceptions, no excuses.

Onward we go. It doesn't matter how we feel, it's what we choose to DO that will count in the long run.

I'm committed to this journey, feeling it or not. 

From Dr Phil's book: "No matter what happens, I"ll stay the course. If I do what is required, I will succeed."

My verse for today: "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer."

My quote for today: "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." --Michael Althsuler

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 899


Anne H said...

Love that baby giraffe picture!
And the quote about flying.
Fly faster, is all!

Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought, when I read this, is, "She needs to eat more, every day." That is, I'm betting you're not getting enough calories on a daily basis to fuel your body for weight loss. The reason I say that, is because I had the same issue recently. I had reached a weight at which my daily PointsPlus intake was lowered (which I was thrilled about), and I jumped onto that new, lower number with glee. The next weigh-in, I gained 1 pound. huh??? I thought, "My body's just adjusting," and did it for another week, with the result of an 0.4 pound loss. Finally, I listened to my instinct, and I purposefully ate 1 or 2 PointsPlus extra every single day for a week. The result: a 2.2 loss. My body wasn't getting enough fuel. I did the same thing last week, and saw a 1.4 loss. This week, instinct tells me to stick to 1 extra PP per day, and that's what I'm doing. We'll see what happens come Monday. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Perhaps the surgery resulted in added water weight? It seems to me that the numbers you cite should certainly have resulted in a loss maybe the weight is water?

Hang in there. It's gotta even out.

It's funny. My Jan. 29 weight was 204, same as Jan 1. Then I had my binge and I went up 3.5 pounds. I refused to post it! I couldn't bear to write down a gain that resulted from one eveing's misconduct. At least you showed your numbers.



Leslie said...

Hang in there Loretta - you're due a loss, and I think it'll happen soon. You've come so far that I know you won't let a maintain get you down. But it is annoying, isn't it? Esp. when we know we've stayed on plan.

Rettakat said...

Ellen, I sure WISH it was from needing to eat more. But I've tried that, too, and just gained instantly and rapidly. My dr wanted me to go lower, to say 14 or 1500, but I just didn't even feel good there. He won't consider age, hormones, insulin/leptin resistance... sigh. Just old school science from a generation ago: calories in/calories out. Now they know there's a lot more to the equation than that. But until I figure it out... it sure gets frustrating!

Deb, I thought of that, too. But really, my surgery was on Monday the 30th. Last month I lost 8 lbs, so even with a little water SOMEthing should have shown up as a loss. Well, we've been around this mountain before. :-} We'll just keep plugging away. And I didn't WANT to post the numbers... apparently my perspective has shifted, and now 2600 seems a ginormous amount, and I was embarrassed by it!! But that's okay, I need to face it and not fool myself, or make excuses. Stress does play a role, with increased cortisol and all that, making it harder for fat loss. But not for a whole month! :-O

MargieAnne said...

I'm still with Deb. It was not a stellar month but sometimes it takes a week or so after surgery for your body to stop stressing and holding on to what it shouldn't. Bodies sometimes do weird things. We all know that. Take another look in a few days .... and stay within your guidelines.. Huh!

No printer right now but can't wait to get into your doodle. I will have fun with it.


Nanette said...

oh man... plateaus suck. I had a 5 week plateau last semester. I had to shake things up. I worked out a different time every day and oscillated my daily calories. Some days I would be 50-100 calories over my "allowed" limit and the next I would stay a good 400-500 under, just to throw my body off. Every once in a while I do a 24 hour fast as well. I do that on non-exercising meditation days once a month.

But you're no stranger to weight loss, so this is probably stuff you've already heard before. Just know I love reading your stuff. Just keep-a-postin'! :)

affectionforfitness said...

Very good attitude, Loretta! We're in this for the long haul.

:-) Marion

Christine said...

It's okay hon....It very well could be 8 lbs of water's not beyond the realm of possibility. Hang in more month of eating on plan and i have no doubt you will drop.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Loretta!!! Choosing what to do over what you are feeling is the way to get it done! Hugs!

Lynda said...

Hi Loretta - I just found your blog after reading your comment on MargieAnne's blog. You are doing so well - isn't low carb eating just amazing? I truely with you well with your weight loss this year. I have linked your blog on mine if that's OK - just to point some of my readers in your direction, especially to the great links to low carb info you have.

M Pax said...

The body likes to do that sometimes. Doesn't mean all of your efforts didn't have an effect. It did, right? Made you healthier and you probably feel better because of it. Both worthwhile payoffs. All bodies are different. Keep going, you'll get there.

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