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FEB 6th A Long & Opinionated Book Review!

A Marvelous Monday to you,  Journal & Friends!

Today I'm laying it out there. 

I highly value honesty. In fact, I think one of the worst ways to insult someone is to lie to them... it's the ultimate in disrespect in my book.

Over the years, in my zeal to be "honest", I've often lacked the tact needed to say it in a way that didn't rub people the wrong way. Or at least, as little as possible.

So... here I go, determined to give an honest book review for someone I adore! Someone I admire and respect and to whom I am grateful for all the encouragement he gave me, especially when I was just starting out with my blog.

Okay, enough stalling.

The book is 
Transformation Road, 
Sean Anderson

For those of you new to blogging, Sean is the writer of the Daily Diary of a Winning Loser

It's the daily record of his journey from 505 pounds to his goal weight of 230 pounds! I highly recommend starting at Day 1 and reading some each day. I promise you will be inspired and learn not only about Sean, but about yourself as you read some of his epiphanies along the way. I know I did.

So... why buy the book when 
you can just read a free blog??

Because the book is different. It just is. It's impact on me was strong and deep. I cried, I laughed, and I was deeply touched.

It would be the difference between nibbling daily on bits of good food versus sitting down and feasting on a fabulous banquet!! 

There have been many terrific and articulate reviews of Seans book, summarizing what's in it. So I'm not doing that. :-)

Here's what *I* prize most about Sean's book and why I urge you to get it: His take on the MENTAL DYNAMICS of this journey.

Sean says the same thing I've been saying for almost 3 years:

It's not about the food! 

But boy howdy, he explains it so much better!

He give you ideas, concepts and mental tools that are useable. Not a bunch of psycho-babble or "nice ideas". But hard core, workable strategies that - if you choose to use them - will equip you with weapons you can use to win that battle between your ears!

Okay... so what's the deal in the beginning of this review about "being honest"?? Because I... ahem... disagree with one little part in the book: The old maxim that says "all things in moderation".

It works for some but not for everyone.

Those for which it works are usually convinced it is THE WAY. 

I know it is ONE way.

Some of us can't eat a "moderate" amount of certain substances (in my case sugar and wheat) without going berserk with ridiculously intense cravings. It's not just psychological or habitual, it's physiological.

So yeah... that's my caveat. I can't endorse that one philosophy in the book, of " just eat less and move more, and eat all things in moderation". Current science has shown that there is more to the equation than "calories in/calories out". Knowledge has progressed beyond that. For some of us, other factors are very real: age, metabolism, genetics, insulin/leptin resistance, the addictive additives in modern wheat, and others.

I'm not upset at all, just giving my perspective. This is Sean's story, and so he is sharing what HE did and what worked for HIM. And I'm sure there are many for which it will work! I am just not one of them, that's all.

But here's the deal:


None of that has to stop us from our OWN transformation.

None of that is more important than getting our heads on straight!!

And Seans book will help you do just that! Really. He shares his hard won insights and epiphanies learned along the road to his own transformation.

So see? I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend Seans book to ANYONE, regardless of the nutritional approach you are using.

Thank you Sean, for being such an inspiration. I am honestly sooo happy for you.

Sean's book (in print copy or ebook):

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 903


affectionforfitness said...

Hi Loretta! Thanks for the book review. I also agree: it's not about the food. I've managed to keep 30 pounds off for 5 years now, but still have some additional weight I struggle with. I keep trying for that additional amount, and wonder if I am still mentally struggling or just never learned how to emotionally handle certain daily issues effectively.

:-) Marion

carla said...




Sean Anderson said...

Loretta--I can't thank you enough for this amazing review!!! Wow. And YOU'RE SOOOO RIGHT!!! Dr. Marty Lerner PhD alluded to the very reservation you've expressed in his endorsement/review of the book (first thing printed in the book). And in Chapter 505 "prelude with the author"--That's one of the things I'm talking about.
I had to learn along the way--(and Lord knows I'm still learning)about the differences in each of us. If you would have asked me in year 1 of my transformation about foods--I was very different---and my attitude of "nothing is off limits" was rigid --because it applied to me. But as I've grown and learned--we all have differences in dietary needs and necessary restrictions we must recognize. We're all different. It was a very important realization for me--and one that, without it, this book and what I do now wouldn't be possible.
Gerri Helms (author of "Trust God and Buy Broccoli") played a key role in helping me open my mind enough to realize the crucial and beautiful differences in each of us. Why "beautiful?" Because I believe--One of the greatest gifts we give ourselves over the course of our own transformation is the deeply honest and informative education all about US. A critical element to our success is recognizing, understanding, and protecting the boundaries we need for our individual ride to freedom.
Loretta--Your support of me is a gift I treasure. And it's a gift you've given me from long before any of this book business even started. I hold in high regard your opinion and I sincerely thank you for this absolutely incredible review!
You're truly one of the best--and I cherish your friendship in the weight loss blogging community....and someday--someday, my friend--I hope to meet you and yours at a speaking event/book signing in your area. I promise--it's not an "if," but a "when?" Thank you again!
My best always--Sean

Rettakat said...

You name the date and time, Sean, and we'll be there with bells on!! :-)

Sharon said...

Loretta, Thanks for having the courage to speak out about one facet of Sean's book with which you disagreed. And his response is just beautiful! I am finally seeing a true shift in mindsets about the whole moderation thing with more and more proof that certain substances are addictive to certain people. And I'm most grateful when those in the "moderation" camp see that their way truly works for them, but it is ONE way and not the ONLY way as you so aptly put it! I've never thought of this as a podium for which to convince everyone else that my way is the only way. I'm just happy for ANYONE'S way if it's healthy and it works for them.

Haven't read Sean's book yet, but plan to. He's one handsome dude, isn't he???

Anonymous said...

Loved the review and Sean's comment. He really is a class act, isn't he?

As you know, I'm into this brain thing right now, BUT the addictive nature of some food is proven in my case. It is even more noticeable now that I don't have those substances much.

For me its the fat/sugar/gluten combo. I had a piece of cake yesterday, and after a couple of bites, I could actually FEEL a...I don't know how else to say this..a mental/physical excitiement. A rush, pure and simple.

I have clearly noticed that sensation several times, so last night was not a fluke. As I felt it,I had kind of an internal "wow" as I realized what was going on. I might as well have been shooting up.

Nothing else does that. Even tho either ice cream or chocolate was my nightly food back at 250+ pounds rather than cake, I can actually control both of those. I can eat a dish of ice cream and think, "Oh, that's nice." and thoroughly enjoy it without the rush and without having to frantically eat more. But not cake or cookies. Nope. There is a totally different reaction. (Last night ended up with me having 3 huge pieces of cake!)

Anyway. Loved your review and I'm right there with you, girlfriend. :} Even tho you are much more mature than I am. chuckle.


Anonymous said...

P.S. I was just complaining to my husband that I had gained 6 pounds overnight from my gluten fest and that my face was swollen. He said, "You look happier when your face is swollen. You look cranky when it's all straight. I like those chipmunk cheeks." groan. Chipmunk cheeks vs cranky, there's a choice for ya.

M Pax said...

You're right, it's not about the food. It's about fixing ourselves, learning why we do what we do and figuring out how to approach life differently. It's all between the ears.

Thanks for sharing Sean's inspiring story. The one thing I've learned over the years is we all need to figure out what works for ourselves. Our approaches and diets will vary. The few constants are changing how we think, changing what and how we eat, and making regular exercise a part of our lifestyle.

Anne H said...

WHO is that cute guy?
It's never about the food....
Dear Abbey so many years ago
(I think it was she)
Said that it's not what we eat... it's what's eating us!

Except for some things.... it IS about the sugar - for me at least!
And for many others. I don't want to go down that slippery, sugarly path!
Especially when I do so much better without the stuff....
And do so poorly with the stuff.... the sugar stuff, that is!
Moderation in all things.... INCLUDING moderation!

Ah - Miss Loretta... it is what it is....
And now-a-days there are so many LowCarb options! BUT -
At some point in time - we kinda need to pull out our sweet tooth....
And learn to love REAL food!
That's what we were born to eat!

debby said...

Great review Loretta! You are right, and I think Sean is right--I just ordered his book on my Kindle last night (it will download when I go to Starbuck's today!)

Nancy B. Kennedy said...

You're so right, Loretta... there is no one weight loss plan that works for everyone. I found when interviewing people for my weight loss book, How We Did It, that people fall almost evenly along the "just a little bit" line. While moderation is the answer for many people who could not succeed if their favorite foods were banned forever, just as many people have found that food can be an addictive substance, so eating in moderation is not the right message for them. Abstinence from addictive foods is an equally valid path that many have taken to success. You're doing great!

~Karen C.L. Anderson~ said...

As someone who just read and sorta "reviewed" Sean's book, I love this post! I am a huge proponent of the idea that not all things work for all people and that it's all about finding one's own way...I also believe that, over time, "all things in moderation" is possible. We change...five years ago, there were many things I couldn't do in moderation that now I can. And it's miraculous to me! I think part of the change is physical and part of it is mental. But it's something I wanted for myself and so I focused on it...

Rettakat said...

Now, that's an encouraging thought, Karen. I guess I hadn't projected out in time about the moderation approach. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out in time. Thanks for that. :-)

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