Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FEB 7th Then & Now & Happy Tears

Good evening,  Journal & Friends,

Yesterday afternoon a realization struck me... energy. 

I had energy. 

What's the big deal, you wonder??

Because for YEARS that has been the one thing I did NOT have.

I can remember how many times at the doctors office, when asked to recite my litany of complaints "for the record", I always, ALWAYS mentioned lack of energy. 

I distinctly remember the time it came up last year... just one year ago. I told my doctor that I was doing good to get one or two good days per month, where I felt actual energy. It was almost always an uphill battle. I had to force myself to get up, to do stuff, to move. I'm not even talking about pain levels here... just actual energy.

Well, yesterday I realized that I can now say I have, on average, 3 or 4 days PER WEEK.

For those of you who exude energy, be thankful. Don't take it for granted, okay?? I feel so grateful to be improving, and feeling real energy, it almost reduces me to tears. Happy tears.

Today, happy tears. :-)

Below are my favorite pages from a little hand painted book I made a few years ago in ink and watercolor, illustrating the book of Proverbs. I always wanted to be that woman, who had energy to do all those things, to care for her family with love and creativity. Energy... I'm finally enjoying some.

 (can click to enlarge)

From Dr Phil's book: "Have a plan and the courage, commitment and energy to execute it... you will overcome the tough stuff."

My verse for today: "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy."

My quote for today: "Think and wonder, wonder and think." --Dr Seuss

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 904


Christine said...

another benefit of weight loss and good eating. I am so happy for you and I know what you are talking about..to go from tired all the time to having energy is a blessing.

Anne H said...

I had energy tonight.... a ton of it...wish I could send you some!
Mine came in a bottle! A bottle of vitamines!
You getting enough?
They really can make a difference!

MargieAnne said...

Hi. I'm out of energy for the day and there's a line full of washing all dry and waiting to be brought in. And I do take my vitamines! well some at least.

It's true losing weight and eating healthy is good for energy but it does seem to take a loooong time to see the results.

I remember being a teen and on the go night and day. Not fair, that we have to work harder as we grow older ..... but you have proven it cam be done.

*smile* we are all increasing energy levels. Soon we'll have enough to make the light bulbs glow.

I so understand the tears of joy, relief, amazement.


Nanette N. said...

First of all, Hurrah for increased energy! I'm not sure I have innate energy... My life requires a whole lot of motivational speeches. But it has gotten better over the last year. My focus has improved so much too. :)

Nanette N. said...

and second of all... I love your artwork... SO MUCH! I really admire your talent as an artist.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the source of the energy? I wouldn't assume it is weight loss since you haven't lost that much since last year. I'd be curious for you to trace back when the energy began to increase and try to figure out the secret. Different food choices? different calorie levels? different amounts of protein? Different drinks or vitamins or med dosage?

I just want to know so I can duplicate. :D


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Oh, so great for you! This is really wonderful. Yet another turning point, it seems. :)

Retta said...

Anne: I've been taking vitamin and supplements for over 30 years! Long before it was popular to do so... I would research them, and try to find one to fit what I needed. I have it down to the basics now, multi vitamins, minerals, and some various supplements. So, that can't be it. Nuthin changed there. :-)

Nanette: Loved that.. "My life requires a whole lot of motivational speeches." Me too! And thank you for the compliment, I appreciate that very much.

Deb: Well, I wanted to include a section in my post called "what changed"... but couldn't figure it out. But this evening I found my list of "dates to remember", and saw that back in Sept I first read Wheat Belly. On Oct 1st I officially went Zero Wheat. And my pain levels went down some, and I can usually take less pain pills. And I now have more energy. So I'm thinking some or all of that plays into it, since I can't figure anything else that changed. So.... all you have to do to duplicate it is... uh huh, Zero Wheat! ;-)

Yellow Rose Jasmine: Thanks, I feel that way, too. It really does feel like a turning point. :-D

The soon-to-be Energizer Bunny

Judy W said...

I have such a long way to go but I know exactly what you mean. I am so grateful, thankful and humble that I can go all day some days. I too was someone who had no energy, drive, or even desire to get up but now I am busy all day creating beautiful things or baking for others. I couldn't even stand for five minutes without excruciating pain before...THANK YOU GOD for helping me get better! Bless you my dear. Bless all of us who are fighting this disease...this problem...this self destructive process and may we all get free from it's grip and live! ♥

Sharon said...

Hey Loretta, Even before reading the comments, I was already thinking to myself, first of all, YIPPEE!! And then secondly, I bet it had as much, if not more, to do with changes made in WHAT you were eating than with actual pounds lost. Now make no mistake, more energy will come with carrying less weight, but at least for me, WHAT I'm eating has as much bearing and how much I'm eating. And yes, sugar and wheat are huge factors in that. Even those super athletes who enjoy sugar/flour in appropriate amounts are always doing it in moderation. (There's that dreaded word again - I just had to use it, didn't I??? LOL!) Congratualations - this is BIG!

~Oct said...

I keep coming back to gaze at your little hand-painted book. Has it been published? I must add it to my wish list if so. And yes, having energy is wonderful. Congrats on getting to a point were you have it every week!

M Pax said...

I love your illustrated book. It's beautiful. Yay for energy. See, if you take stock, there's something to make your efforts worthwhile. Energy is a great thing. I often wish I had more in the afternoons.

Anonymous said...

I suffered from a real lack of energy before too...but now that I am off the gluten, off the grains, and off most of my meds...I can FLY! :D

What a beautiful book! You are so talented Loretta.

Regarding the coconut oil in my shakes, I always melt the oil, get the shake mostly blended, add the oil, then blend some more. If you drink it right away there is no problem...if you let it sit, it can get a bit chunky, but that doesn't bother me...I just let the oil bits melt in my mouth. So tasty!!!

Retta said...

@OCT: Thank you, I do appreciate that.

The book was a private commission done for a gentleman wanting something special for his wife, for a significant wedding anniversary. It was done on nice watercolor paper and bound in a leather cover. At the end of the book, I had painted several pages of decorative borders, matching the feel of the rest of the book, and left it blank in the middle. And there he wrote the most amazing love letter to his wife. Yes, very romantic! I think it was one of the most emotionally fulfilling commissions I've ever done. :-)

debby said...

That is fantastic to have more energy. I have many days where I don't have the energy level I would wish for. I do think our food choices have a LOT to do with that!

And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your illustrated book. Love the story behind it too. Have you ever done anything like that for commercial sales?

Retta said...

Thank you, Debby!

No, that was a one time commission. I thought about doing one for print, but didn't follow through. A lot of that self-doubt had to do with the weight, and not having the courage to "be seen" by agents, publishers and others. Yes, it's so sad how we allow morbid obesity to rob us! That's why I decided not to wait now, but to pursue my art interests. I almost waited too long... and that's one message I hope to share with those younger who are struggling with weight... don't wait to pursue your dreams! :-)

Joy said...

Oh Loretta, that book is amazing! I am so glad you are focusing on your art. You really need to get it out in the world!! It's amazing!!

So happy you have energy. I've suffered with the same problem. Finally I too have at least 3-5 days of energy a week and it seems to be increasing. What a Blessing!!!

Keep focused!!

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