Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MAR 1 Squirrelly Thinking & Eyes On the Goal

Hi Journal & Friends,

Have you ever reacted weirdly to a compliment?? I did, just recently. Someone found an old photo of me, and wanted to encourage me by noting how far I've come. It was sincere and kind, and with the best of intentions.

Here's the photo, from 1999:

Then my squirrelly thinking kicked in...

And somehow I turned it around and about 3 days later, when I surfaced back to sanity, I realized I had been thinking things like, "Wow, yeah, I HAVE come a long way... I can take a break", and "look how far I've come, I deserve a rest."

And I did. I rested. I slacked off the little exercise I was doing... I didn't count calories. Aaagggghhhh!!!!

Enough. I just can't look BACKward. I need to keep looking forward, and keep my eyes on the goal. Someday I can bask in what I accomplished... AFTER I reach goal. But I just can't open the door to more squirrelly thinking. You'd think I would be past it...  but, there it is. Sometimes I even avoid looking at my weight loss ticker, since occasionally it triggers that same squirrelly response!

So yesterday I stuck to my schedule, with my eyes FORWARD. Did my Chair Boxing... lots of chores... got lots of stuff done. Today... Ditto that is the plan.

Oh, and today was the first of the month weigh day: 337. Only two pounds down. Sigh... that put me back down to where I was... last summer! It is so tempting to feel demoralized... but I am owning it. I did it. Therefore, I can change it. I will continue, and am determined to get this right. 

The reality is, squirrelly thinking comes at a price!

Down with squirrelly thinking and procrastination... up with gettin' stuff done!

From Dr Phil's book: "Your thoughts powerfully program you."

My verse for today: "I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart."

My quote for today: "Never quit. Don't ever, ever quit. Recognize that stopping now, regrouping to try a new approach isn't quitting. If you quit you'll regret it forever." --Rudy Ruettiger

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 564


Tena said...

That cat graphic cracked me up!

You are so right about the squirrelly thinking. I slacked off too much over the holidays and it's taken me till now to really get the "nutty" thinking under control.

Onward - let's keep gettin' it done!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my post, Loretta. You so often know just what to say. :)

This whole weight-loss extravaganza IS hard. And so simple. So, why is it hard?!

This post of yours. I've been thinking kind of the same thing. The squirrely thinking that has just occurred to me--I have it in my mind that I've lost 50 pounds. Well, I did--but I haven't.

When I weighed 170, I had lost 50 pounds since I started my blog--80+ altogether. BUT I'VE GAINED IT BACK! I keep kind of forgetting that. Like it's just a blip on the scale. Well, it's a BIG blip. A 22 pound blip.

Yeah. That 50 pounds I'm feeling so good about? Well, it's only 30 pounds now.

But we lost it once, which means that we CAN lose it again. And I believe--now that we've regrouped--we'll lose it steadily and well.

We're getting that second wind--and God has gotten our attention. For sure.


Anonymous said...

We are so alike - "Wow, yeah, I HAVE come a long way... I can take a break", and "look how far I've come, I deserve a rest."

I have said the same thing - at least the little devil in my head has. We cannot rest on our laurels, but must keep moving. Like Deb says, let's get that second wind going.

M Pax said...

I bet the person trying to encourage you would be sad to know it backfired. You have very real goals that mean a lot to you. Keep that in mind. Always.

Glad you found your way again. 2 pounds gone is 2 gone. Keep it up and it will add up.

Anne H said...

I never take a break....
I'm the dumb ass that will die with a
hammer in each hand. Crawling.
There has got to be balance.
And a sigh of relief for a job well done!
Time to get out thinking caps on, eh?
Well, at least we are all in good company!

PeacefulBird said...

You're so smart, Loretta! I'm really glad to have the notion of squirrelly thinking implanted, thanks to you, because I've done it too, in fact just recently when I gave away some of my Q size clothes and for a week after that was a slacker in both eating and exercise. Forward, ho!

Christine said...

I like to lose...and hold....and hold...and hold. lololol.
It's like I am climbing and find a little divot to camp out on...now, I refuse to rappel...but, I will camp out too long. I did it at 156...and for some reason I am doing it at 146. It's like I have to get used to it, feel fat and then move.
Glad you kicked the nutty thinking to the curb and got botk.
|o/Go you.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I don't really say much about weight loss on my blog. I think I'm afraid that talking about it will make me feel as if I can let up and it will all come back. I grew up with the literal mother of all yo-yo dieters and the minute she got some compliments on how great she looked, etc. she would start the regain, plus some more. I fear this intensely. I am practicing getting used to the new me. (New pictures of myself are so odd to look at these days!) I am letting myself settle into a very slow loss of the last 5 or so pounds. I want to get used to this newly regained self and never, ever look back. You too will find your own way of working this out. I just know it!

Anonymous said...

I have that same squirrely thinking, I get that just when I see I've lost one single poundsthough, so I have it worse than you!!! LOL

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