Friday, March 4, 2011

MAR 4 The "I'll Never Quit" Club

Hi Journal & Friends,

Hello, my name is Loretta, and I'm a member of the "I'll Never Quit" Club.

Well, since so many of you feel like I do right now... that we are declaring:

regardless of how we feel
regardless of circumstances
regardless of ANYTHING

We. Will. Never. Quit.

We are drawing a line in the sand, and not taking no for answer. So listen up, "feelings"... you ain't the boss of us! This journey is not feelings dependent. 

Oh sure, it's fun when they play along... but they are not necessary for our success. We are Weight Loss Warriors, not just for the fun of saying it... but in reality. Because we CHOOSE TO BE.

So for the fun of it, I made the club badge up in different colors for anyone who might like one for a little reminder. I know it's hard to fathom... but not everyone has an affinity for hot pink... imagine that!!

Here they are, help yourselves. :-)

Enjoy the journey when you can; the rest of the time just KEEP GOING!


DAY 567

PS: Daddy made it through the surgery to insert the feeding tube, and is holding his own. Thank you to all who prayed and offered your good thoughts. :-)


Anonymous said...

haha. I plucked up the fuschia. I'll see how that works. It's as intense as the hot pink. You know I like intense. :D

You are one great club leader for doing this!


WWSuzi said...

Thank you!! I've just put one of my blog :)

The Merry said...

Hey, we made it to Friday! That qualifies as success in my eyes :)

Anonymous said...

Look what you started here, Loretta. Fantastic. Glad to hear about your dad's progress.

mamajuliana said...

I'm takin' mine! Thanks!!!!!

Cindy said...

Right on Loretta, so glad to hear about your Dad. I will keep praying. also I think it is fabulous you made. I am going to take two one for each blog. have a great weekend. Hugs to you.,

MargieAnne said...

Praying for your Dad's health to improve.

It's not God's plan for us to end our lives dying painfully slowly by degrees. I know it happens but let's pray for God's best for your father.

Mum's health has been gradually improving ever since I prayed this way. Which is weird because she continues to age and shrink grow more frail.

I've added myself to the No Quit Club

Thanks for the variety of buttons.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear about your Dad. That is great news. Continued wishes for his full recovery.

Thanks for the badge...I picked orange!

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

I snagged the chocolate brown one. It looks great on my blog, even if it's about writing. The feelings are the same everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I checked back to see how many had joined the Club! This is soooo cool. Several people who have not commented here have commented on my blog that they had taken a badge. I'll have to couint them so we can get a tally. :D Just too cool.


Unknown said...

I was led here from "Deb will be FREE" and was so excited to hear about this idea. How inspiring!! I would love to be a part of this for this is the time I plan to never quit working towards my goal!!

Thanks for doing this!! I'm definitely picking up the pink one :-)

Missy said...

I also journeyed over from "Deb will be FREE". I've been reading random blogs and getting motivation by seeing the weight loss that others have achieved. I started my journey on January 1 of this year, lost 16 lbs that month. February was a mess! I lost and I gained all back but 2 lbs. I never stopped eating breakfast just when dinner came I wanted what the family was having. I never quit just gave in. But I'm back and I'm feeling strong. I want to be 40 lbs thinner by my birthday in July. So I'm picking up the Green one..thanks!

Joy said...

Inspiring my friend!!

Keep focused on your journey. You can do it!!

MizFit said...

checking back in
Hows your dad?

M Pax said...

Seriously? Not everyone loves hot pink?

Whether the goal is weight loss or something else, we can't quit on our goals. They take work and determination even when we'd like to crawl into a hole. We have to stand up and scream, "I WILL DO THIS."

Pockets said...

Thank you so much for the inspiration to never quit.

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