Monday, February 7, 2011

FEB 7 Thanks & Catching Up

Good Afternoon Journal & Friends,

Having MyGuy sick and off work all last week caused some serious consequences: it cut into my blog reading/writing time!

Which reminds me of a cartoon Darla  posted that tickled my funny bone.

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been around too much last week, and haven't been too supportive of ya'll. I truly appreciate your comments, and wanted to say thank you so very much! 

I'm all over my "mad", and appreciate all your ideas, comments, suggestions and support. And MargieAnne was right: it was not worth the energy getting angry. :-)

From Dr Phil's book: "There is strength and power in support."

My verse for today: "I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds."

My quote for today: "Many people have arthritis and rheumatism; they get bum knees, a bum back. A lot of guys get a little pain in the toe or knee and then they won't exercise. Well gee, you have 640 muscles in your body. There may be a few exercises you can't do, but there are hundreds you can do!" --Jack LaLanne

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 542


pinkvision said...

Love that 640 muscles LaLanne quote!

M Pax said...

No, it's not worth the energy. :)

Anonymous said...

Right on, Jack. And when you really look at life, Loretta, not much is worth that kind of energy, right? Le Gasp - I love it. I also love the bunny picture, being the owner of 3, I see that bunny yawn a lot and that makes me feel warm all over.

Anonymous said...

Dare I go against the tide? I think some things are worth the energy of getting angry. And I think that post was one of those things.

When anger is on behalf of others who have been wronged or wounded, it's worth it. Now, what you DO with that anger may not be worth it, but anger channeled rightly on behalf of others is an excellent use of energy. Our energy is not a finite quantity, after all.

You didn't do anything foolish, so it's all good.


Hmmm. It occurs to me that my response is pretty typical of a social worker's mindset--righting wrongs, defending the defenseless, championing the lost cause and all of that jazz. chuckle. So, consider the source. It's true what they say--social workers never retire, they just quit getting paid for tipping at windmills. :}

Anonymous said...

Yay to being over the mad. Glad YourGuy is better!

Have a wonderful week!

PeacefulBird said...

Welcome back... You're always missed when the posts are thin. Hope Your Man gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

it never is. I got really mad this weekend and now I am thinking, wow, what a waste of time. I should have just said oh well and moved on. Hopefully I can do that next time. :-)

Retta said...

DEB: I appreciate that, and realized I didn't explain very well. I totally agree there are times when it's an appropriate response to feel anger, for a worthy cause... absolutely.

I guess what I didn't make clear was what you referred to... channeling it in the wrong way. AS in... eating over it. I didn't handle my anger very well! And yes, that was good to find out, where my weaknesses still are... what I need to work on. Sigh... live and hopefully learn. :-}


Weighing Well said...

I came to delete my comment but I think you may have beat me to it. Sorry about that, it was just a moment of wondering if I am being perceived wrong. Good luck on your journey.

Michele said...

So good you are back. I am also catching up. And I agree, your blog, do it your way. Michele

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