Monday, January 30, 2012

JAN 30th Weight Loss & The Dentist

Hello Journal & Friends,


A weight loss journey is like going to the dentist...

...because sometimes it hurts. You don't wanna do it, but you NEED to do it.

...because sometimes it takes longer than you thought it should. But you hang in there, knowing it will soon be over.

...because it doesn't come cheap. But it's a price you pay, cuz the alternative is worse.

...because when the numbness goes, the pain comes. You remind yourself it's temporary, and you deal with it.

...because sometimes it's necessary to dig deep... to drill into your very core, your bone, in order to have a better outcome later. 

...because sometimes you could kick yourself, knowing if you have taken care of issues sooner, you would be in better shape now.

...because no one can do it for you, or take your place. You have to face it, choose to deal with it, and go through the process. 

...because you can't blame the dentist - or anyone else - for your problems. 

...because after the numbness wears off and all you want to do is escape the pain, you can't. You take the pills, but sometimes nothing works. You learn to deal with it... it's a part of life everyone faces at times. 

...because you catch yourself pouting "it's not fair"... why did I get stuck with these genetics? Why didn't someone teach me better, earlier? Boo hoo... life isn't fair. Get over it.

...because you know if you relax and roll with it, eventually you will be glad you did it. Right now, anyone within reach would get shredded... but eventually... some day... in time... you will smile and be happy it's over and done with. But for now... leave. me. alone. 

Yep... you guessed right. I went to The Dentist today. Drilled into the bone on both lower jaws; inserted implants; sewed me back up to go home and heal for 3 months so I can come back to finish. "Might be a little sore..." Uh huh, ya think!?

Stick a sock in it!!

From Dr Phil's book: "Start behaving in ways that make you feel really good about yourself."

My verse for today: "Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer."

My quote for today: "If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them." --Phil Pastoret

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 896


E. Jane said...

Very good post, Loretta. Hope your dental work heals well. Take care.

Nanette said...

:) I love it! Very good analogy for sure! :) I was supposed to go in for an implant but won't be able to afford it for a while yet. You are a BRAVE WOMAN. The procedure terrifies me.

Jules said...

Oh sorry to hear and hope you feel better soon but what an AWESOME comparison!

Rettakat said...

E.Jane: Thank you, I know in time it will feel better.

Nanette: Aww, feel free to email any time with questions. I've had 4 now. And ouch, yes, expensive, even with insurance, since they are stingy on what they will pay. I started saving up last summer when I broke my partial, so I know what you mean.

Jules: Thank you, I think I finally got enough painkillers built up in my system... I might even get a few winks tonite.

Anonymous said...

Nodded thru this whole thing. You are brilliant! What kind of drugs did they give you?! hahahaa Just kidding. You're always brilliant! :D Deb

Rettakat said...

Deb: By early evening I was kicking myself for cavalierly declining the heavy duty painkillers they offered. What was I thinking?!! So I doubled up on what I had on hand, and it took the edge off.

Funny story: Jim drove me, and on the way home, Joey got in my lap, which is her usual position when we all go somewhere. Immediately she got up in my face all concerned, trying to "look" into my mouth! Great, that's all I need, doggie kisses... ewwww! But she had me laughing at her intent concern and curiosity. And I think she was relieved it wasn't HER going to the vet this time. :-D

Anne H said...

WOWOWOWOW! You are right! SPOT on... but my how they shine when the work is done!

Scarlet Simple said...

Oh Retta I am so sorry! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow for surgery and I know just how miserable you must be right now. After having the tooth I need to have removed tomorrow my regular dentist wants to talk about an implant in its place. Also, most of the painkillers offered make me ill!

I just hate going to the dentist! *hug*

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