Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JAN 10th Butterflies & ReWriting the Dictionary

Hello Journal & Friends,

I've been listening to a podcast over and over by Eric Thomas (ET the HipHopPreacher).   This was the first video of 2012... he does this every Monday. Wow... I'm looking forward to Mondays! I converted it to audio only, so I could listen on my iPod. Gotta love technology. :-)

ET is a high energy motivational speaker, and I'm finding what he says to be a challenge.  A challenge to my preconcieved mindset. A challenge to make this the year of DOING. A challenge to up my game, and take my efforts to the next level. He says to accept the challenge!

The challenge to change my thinking about emotional pain... to redefine my how I interpret it. To give it a positive definition, rather than to look at it as something to run away from... and in my case, my lifelong habit was to run away from pain and dive into the food for escape.

Snippets from the video:

  • ET says to redefine "pain"! 
  • Change our mindset, how we think about emotional pain.
  • To see it as the doorway thru which you must go through to reach success. 
  • That without struggle, there is no progress.
  • To remember that on the other side of pain is success.
  • All roads to success go through pain.
  • And there are no shortcuts to that success.
  • If you can outlast that discomfort, I guarantee you that on the other side of it is success.
  • Change how you see pain... I want you to welcome it.
  • How comfortable can you be with being uncomfortable.
  • Take your weakness and turn it into a strength, and you will take it to the next level.
  • Start doing things that you've never done before... start giving stuff a try.
  • You've got to embody excellence.
  • Every single day you wake up, you've got to give it all you've got!
  • Don't fool yourself into thinking this year will be better than last year if you're still making excuses.
  • You cannot cheat success. You've gotta work for it. You've gotta breathe it, you've gotta sleep it, you've gotta eat it. You've gotta put forth 120%!
  • For the butterfly to fly, it's gotta go through the cocoon process... there's no way around it.

Here's ET's YouTube video,  I highly recommend it if you want a kick in the rear to supercharge your year! The power talk starts about 1:35 minutes in. Do yourself a favor, and invest about 11 minutes of your time now, that will affect the REST of your year! I Subscribed, so each Monday the new video lands in my inbox. My success won't "just happen". I must choose what I put into my mind!

Speaking of choosing... I chose the butterfly image for my new header at the top of this blog BEFORE I listened to this talk. This butterfly is from a series I painted that I called my Transformation Series. It's very meaningful to me... so now you know why this talk grabbed my attention. :-) I want 2012 to be my year to bust out of the cocoon and fly!

(can click to enlarge)

From Dr Phil's book:  "When you are on the right track, there is an enormous energy that uplifts you."

My verse for today: "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power."

My quote for today: "Right thinking begins with the words we say to ourselves." --James Allen

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 876


Jules said...

Been going through a similar process. you take the emotional thinking, then same situation from a rational perspective and THEN you can see the truth...

the emotions gives us a myth of truth....

Oh and the butterfly is one of my symbols too... xoxo

Bring Pretty Back said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I am going to listen to it tonight!
Have a pretty day!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Loretta - I love your blog and how insightful you are! I've been thinking about pain lately too. I have a friend point out to me recently that she was doing all these things (prayer, reading scriptures, etc.) to eliviate her pain but what she realized was that is was doing those things that allowed HIM (Jesus Christ) to heal her pain. That really hit home with me. Pain is needed, and after all, He suffered more than all of us!

I'm so glad you liked that 4:8 Principle book! Thanks so much for all your words of wisdom and support.

I LOVE LOVE your latest picture on the sidebar. You are so beautiful!! Very striking. :)

God bless...

Christine said...

That butterfly is beautiful loretta...I am going through a kind of final reckoning of my childhood with a friend...a kind of scraping away of the final vestiges of chicken crap as it were. My final mental hurdle...actually TOO private to be discussed openly...that is how painful it is. And I have learned that I cannot intellectualize it, I have to feel it. It's taking a lot out of me. But I know it's worth it.
Love this post loretta, and I really respect and like you too.

Anonymous said...

Your new header is beautiful.

Your painting of the butterfly, in and of itself, would be wonderful, but the fact that you often "frame up" your work as part of the piece adds a special quality. Love it.


Anonymous said...

The butterfly is gorgeous! Be free and fly Loretta!

Bluezy said...

Love the new blog image. Your blog could be on a blank white screen and be great, but thankful you share your art AND your wisdom!

Pockets said...

Love the new look. Lots of luck on all your new year goals

karen@fitnessjourney said...

This post makes me think of all the stories I've heard over the years from people who did something that really scared them and ended up feeling energized and thrilled afterward. You never know what kind of life you can really be leading unless you go out on a limb and do those things that make you a little uncomfortable. (Makes me wonder what a few of those things are for you Loretta!)

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