Saturday, January 14, 2012

JAN 14th An Early Birthday Present

Good morning Journal & Friends,

Got up earlier than usual this morning because Jim left for the morning shift at work. No sleeping in with a super charged mini-schnauzer around!

So... I peeked early at my blog, and discovered an early birthday present: someone I care about is back! She had disappeared a few months ago... and now she's ready to keep going on this journey to health.

I can't tell you how good that makes me feel, to read her comment that I actually had a little influence in helping her choose to come back to blogging. 

But you know what? SHE chose, not me. SHE had the courage and determination, not me. SHE decided to get serious again, and focus her efforts and give it her best. She's finding her power and her voice again!

Ever since I started this blog, one thing I had in the back of my mind was: if I could only somehow help others do this thing SOONER than I did... to grab hold of their life, their potential, their future... and do it younger than I did....

And she is... Ruby is back! 

If you have a free moment, would you kindly stop in and tell Ruby (here) what a good choice she is making?

From Dr Phil's book: "There are no victims, only volunteers. You must embrace the fact that you own your problems and take action to solve them."

My verse for today: "The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call to him in truth."

My quote for today: "Every action and feeling is preceded by a thought." --James Allen

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 880


Carbie Girl said...

aww how awesome to know when someone is moved by your changes to take back their own life. I'll have to check out her blog :0)

Anonymous said...

LOVE that butterfly print quote. LOVE it! It came at a perfect time for me since today was my last day to do counseling at church.

When I explained to my pastor why I was quitting, part of what I said is held in that quote.

Thanks, Loretta. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow. I'm counting the minutes until I'm the younger one. :D


P.S. When I saw Ruby's comment, I decided to pop over to her blog when I had a chance. This is a rough road and it takes great courage to step back onto it once we have fallen off.

Jules said...

Love your quote today

"Every action and feeling is preceded by a thought." --James Allen

Anne H said...

Love your cow girl!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

You are such a caring person. :)
I just tagged you girl!


Anonymous said...

Have a super duper deluxe birthday Loretta!!!

Went to check out Ruby! She is doing a wonderful thing for herself!

Christina said...

WONDERFUL! I started reading your blog and Ruby's at the same time a few years ago when I started blogging. It's nice to see someone return to the healthy-blogging community.

It's almost 2 a.m. here, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Here's to another beautiful year of life filled with happiness and health.

You know, I think another vlog would be a great birthday present for yourself. :)

Scarlet Simple said...

Retta, you seem to have the easiest way seeing right to the heart of certain things. Thanks so much for the encouragement as I take steps to begin again. I was so surprised and invigorated to see all of the comments!

And I guess what goes around comes around because knowing that it made you feel good made me feel good and stuck the determination right to me. :)

Happy Birthday!

Coach said...

Happy birthday. You have a nice blog.

M Pax said...

Happy, happy Birthday! It does feel great to help someone else. Yea, for Ruby. Will happily do as you ask.

Joy said...

You're making a difference!!! Hey I just looked at your info. (Some times I get so busy I forget to stop to really look at this stuff) Anyway, You have lost 133 pounds!! My goodness, you have so inspired me!! I just want to congratulate you on this amazing accomplishment! Keep up the great work! You have a lot of lives to influence!!

Keep focused!

Joy said...

Just met Ruby, what a doll. This girl has what it takes to get this weight off. I look forward to following her.

Have a successful day and stay focused!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

What a nice surprise for you. I'll stop by to give Ruby my support.

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