Friday, July 8, 2011

JULY 8th Don't Give the Elephant Free Reign!

Happy Saturday to Journal & Friends!

So... I had started a whiney post about how I was about to deep six this current experiment I started last Monday. See, I did a sneak peek weigh in this morning. Yeah, I know, those are never a good idea! Anyway, since last Monday I had GAINED 6 POUNDS. Say what???!!!

I was sad.
I was mad.
I was scared.

I was about to say this is stupid, and go back to what I was doing before... even though IT wasn't working. At least I didn't suddenly start gaining like that.

Then... I did some blog surfing this morning, and stumbled on a post by Dr Michael Eades. Most people in the low carb community know of Dr Eades' credibility and stature. He is highly respected. So I started reading with mild interest... then sat bolt up right when I read the following:

"The surest road to failure in the first few days of low-carb dieting is to listen to your body.  The whole notion of listening to your body is one of my major pet peeves.... Listening to your body is giving the elephant free reinIf you’re three days into your stop-smoking program, and you listen to your body, you’re screwed.  If you’re in drug rehab, and you listen to your body, you’re screwed.  If you’re trying to give up booze, and you listen to your body, you’re screwed.  And if you’re a week into your low-carb diet, and you listen to your body, you’re screwed.  Actually, it’s okay to listen to it, I suppose, just don’t do what it’s telling you to do because if you do, you’re screwed."

(This is a short excerpt; for the whole spunky article, read HERE). 

Where is that delete button?? I ditched what I was originally going to say. Instead, I will suck it up and continue. I will at least wait for my two week experiment to reach the two weeks before I hit the panic button. 

This isn't my first experience with low carb. I've been essentially doing it since March of  2009. But I'm just now learning to count the carbs accurately, and experimenting with a protein rich breakfast. So... I'll keep working on getting the right mix of fats, proteins and carbs.

Continuing with determination on the 
Carb Conquest Cruise. 

No detours here!!

From Dr Phil's book:  "Your thoughts powerfully program you."

My verse for today:  "But you are a shield around me, O Lord."

My quote for today: "Virtually all the happiness-producing processes in our lives take time, usually a long time: learning new things, changing old behaviors, building satisfying relationships, raising children. This is why patience and determination are among life's primary virtues." --Gordon Livingston

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 693


gracies tough journey said...

I cant listen to my body either. It always lies to me. :) Dont give up. Gracie

M Pax said...

This might sound loony, but I'd thought I'd give you a blip of hope.

I accidentally bought some 2 percent milk instead of my usual nonfat. I'm not one to waste money, so I just used it.

I actually noticed I had more energy when using the 2% and less hungry. I use milk in my coffee. But I really noticed a difference in my workouts.

So, I'd say there's something to that low carb thing and higher proteins and the like. I've also noticed a difference when I eat more protein.

Anonymous said...

Great turnaround Loretta! I am always impressed by how your mind works!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! :o

I know how careful you've been counting your carb grams. What a terrible shock that number on the scale must have been!

I give you much, much, much credit for pushing on.

I wonder if, with the addition of the protein, you have added some sodium. Perhpas unaware-you may want to check some lables.

There's an answer. Ack!


Anne H said...

My body lies to me, too.
What a Biotch!
Don't listen - you are right!

I started doing one of those on line food charting programs - at the behest of my trainer.....
MY GOODNESS - was I ever shocked to see that I eat over 100 grams of fat a day!
(Not anymore, eh?)

PeacefulBird said...

The real enemy here is the siren song of the scale. To me, it seems sensible to stick with the low carbs and counting for two weeks. Then, and only then, weigh yourself. How 'bout that? Can I get you to make a commitment?

Thanks so much for your recent comment on my blog. I always look forward to reading whatever you write, because it always makes perfect sense to me.

Six pounds always feels so devastating... wish I could give you a big hug right now, especially for your research and following determination to continue the cruise, give it a good shot!

Rettakat said...

Thanks Robin. Since I already have a prior commitment with some friends where we weigh in each Monday, I'll do this: I won't take ANY more sneak peeks... only the "official" time on Monday mornings.

Thanks for the nudge!

Dawn said...

I have had an adult lifetime of dieting-failing-trying again- failing and truthfully my biggest enemy was the scales. I could be so discouraged I would give up at the FACTS of no loss or a gain when I felt I didnt deserve it. I'm 6 months into a never ever not ever weigh diet and have thrown away the scales forever. I don't have a clue how much I've lost....but I couldn't care less. The scale DOES lie but the camera isn't. Go look at my before/now photos on my blog and tell me the scales were necessary! I do know its a bit of a whacky thing to do and really not for everyone, but its working for me

PeacefulBird said...

Good, Loretta! No sneak peeks, then... I'm holding you to it!

By the way, I forgot to ask about the adorable cat picture on this post. Is this an image you grabbed of the web somewhere? Our cat shows her belly like that too... it's so funny!

Rettakat said...

That's not my kitty, Robin. It's from a funny site I enjoy visiting for a giggle, I Can Haz Cheezeburger.

I go there every day, on purpose, just to make myself smile. Gotta get my endorphin fix, ya know?! :-D

Sandy said...

Way to go Loretta! This whole weight loss thing is a pain in the rear ... but totally worth it. There's so much conflicting information out there ... what we're supposed to expect ... the fluctuations in our bodyweight.
My question is ... how are you feeling?? This isn't for everyone but since you've been more or less doing it since 2009, I'm assuming you feel pretty good on it.
I'm a firm believer in higher protein ... did the Atkins diet in 1997 ... never felt better.
Congrats for fighting back and not giving up. Keep it up girl! you can do this :)

Millie said...

Hugs, Loretta! I would say give it THREE weeks. That might rule out some crazy hormone thing messing with you. Way to go on the perseverance!

M Pax said...

Hope your'e feeling better about things after the weekend. :)

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