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JULY 22 The Product Review & The Hissy Fit

Howdy Journal & Friends,

For my Friday Favorites, I'd like to have some fun with a real, honest to goodness Product Review!! Oh, and a recipe I made up all on very own! I'm not a fancy schmancy cook or anything, but when I got wind of a new natural sweetener, I thought it would be a fun break from all this "serious" weight loss business to dink around with it. :-)

Recently, Lisa at 24/7 Low Carb Diner shared a recipe she created  (now, she IS a good cook!) using this new natural sweetener, called Z Sweet. It's made from stevia and erythritol, neither of which messes with blood sugar levels. Lisa gave a link to a sample. I wrote. I received said sample... yay!!

By the way, Lisa has been posting some wonderful summer recipes, all sugar free and low Orange Mint Iced Tea, Sparkling Lemonade, and Salad Sundae. 

In fact, I liked it so much, I bought MORE Z Sweet for myself, from Netrition (they have a great low carb section, and usually the best prices on the interwebs).  

First the low down on Z Sweet (Disclaimer: they sent me some samples for free, but this is MY honest opinion):

  •  I liked it! Straight erythritol has a sort of cooling effect in the mouth, kinda like mint. I don't like mint.  But combined with the stevia, Z Sweet didn't affect me that way. Thumbs up.
  •  It dissolved just fine in my batter. I used the granular, and it wasn't gritty or anything like that.
  •  It's not cheap, but since I don't eat a LOT of baked desserts anymore, that's not a problem. I spend less NOW than I did before when buying junk food. And Netrition has good prices. Don't know if you can find it locally or not. I didn't try.
  •  They offer Z Sweet in bulk granular, in little travel packets, and powdered. I really LIKE having the powdered... I have several recipes where that's the best version.
  •  You can use it just like sugar, measure for measure, so no annoying converting. And we all know Loretta doesn't like to be "annoyed". Okay, that's an inside joke... you have read my last post to get it...sorry 'bout dat.
  •  Did I mention zero calories, zero glycemic effect, and it doesn't promote tooth decay like sugar does?? Yep. All true. Oh, and for us low carbers... the package says less than 4 grams carbs per 1 teaspoon. But remember, erythritol isn't metabolized in our system like other sugar alcohols. AND... at least for me, doesn't have those dreaded rooty tooty gastrointestinal side-effects like maltitol and sorbitol does. :-D

Bottomline: Good stuff in my opinion. I'll be buying it again. :-)

And of course, I drafted MyGuy as the guinea, make that Test Pilot, to taste my creation, LoCarb HiProtein Pancakes. First, I'll show you the photos... gotta have photos, right? 

The verdict: MyGuy liked it!! 
It is now officially Husband Tested.

Okay, the recipe for Rettakat's LoCarb HiProtein Pancakes was SUPPOSED to be given here. Uh huh... remember that famous novel that refers to the "best laid plans of mice and men"?? 

I spent over 2 HOURS searching all over for my recipe!! Gone. Disappeared. Poof! I was sooo frustrated, I was tempted to throw a hissy fit!!! 

But, today I sound all mature and calm, ha ha ha... can't change it. I worked hard to perfect my little pancakes, and am soooo annoyed that if I want the recipe, I have to do it all over again. Well, sorry, not in the mood! 

So if anyone out there wants to get creative... I DO remember it had: eggs, ricotta cheese, whey protein powder, almond flour, oat bran, baking powder, sugar free daVinci syrup, chia seeds, the Z Sweet... and I used coconut oil in the pan. :-}

This must be proof I am NOT destined to be a fancy schmancy cook. Better go visit Lisa for that. :-) 

From Dr Phil's book: "Your food plan sustains your commitment in the absence of emotional energy."

My verse for today: "Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."

My quote for today: "Life is short and there will always be dirty dishes, so let's dance."  --James Howe

Enjoy the Journey and avoid hissy fits,


DAY 705


Lisa, motyok said...

It has been so quiet over on my blog I was wondering if anyone was still out there. Thanks for the shout out. I am glad you liked the sweetener too. I do think it is a great deal and it doesn't do all the cooling effect for me either. I love the powdered the most. It really dissolves, which is a problem I had before. Other powdered versions sometimes add other starchy fillers, but not this one. Keep doing product reviews, yours was great. So logical and informative. I bet if you ask, they would send some more freebies for such a glowing endorsement!

Anonymous said...

Haha. too funny. From top to bottom. Maybe someone is trying to tell you something about eating those pancakes! Hmmm.

Or maybe I'M just not supposed to eat them!!! I was drooling just seeing them in the pan! :o

And--although I didn't look it up--I'm pretty sure the Scripture is "pleasant WORDS" not "works".

Although pleasant works are good, too, they just may not attain to the honey level of life. I could use me some honey... lol.

Keep cruisin'


M Pax said...

Sorry for laughing ... your statement about getting mature made me chuckle. I can relate to a hissy fit.

Glad you found something you like and are experimenting. I always find experimenting fun, especially when it scares the husband. lol

Rettakat said...

DEB: Oops, typo. You're right, supposed to be Words. :-D

Actually, I have some of the the little pancakes in the freezer, ready to pop into the toaster oven. They are tasty and convenient, but don't "call my name", ya know? They "look" like a normal pancake, but don't have the usual culprits in them that set off my cravings.

But I suspect the message is: don't spend inordinate amounts of time in the kitchen around food!! Ha ha ha. I don't think my calling is to be a cook. ;-)

MARY: That's okay, I was laughing at myself, too. :-D

Anonymous said...

Great review and YourGuy approved it!!!

mamajuliana said...

I love Lisa's site and I use her Low Carb Dinner Cookbook/Meal Planner that Downloaded a while back. I have to get a bit better at the 'planning' part though. I have been going through the book again during may recuperation and have some well made just to do them!

I am going to try some Z Sweet, too!

Think it's pancakes round here for lunch today....

Christina said...

Loretta! These babies are husband approved, and they look totally delicious? I was starting to drool, and then I read that you lost the recipe. Haha, thanks for leading me on! I hope you find that recipe. :)

Thanks for what you wrote on my sweets post. That's pretty much what I neede to hear. I am intrigued by your "delicious substitutes for almost everything." Are these all your own creations?

Well, I'm off to check out the recipe blog!

carla said...

or my palate is anyway :)


Christine said...

Those pancakes look good, but it sound slike what I did the other day with a blueberry muffin recipe that was absolutely flawless....I found it, but it took some time. Good luck on your lo carb stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the review. I usually stay clear of sugar substitutes but this looks interesting.

thanks for the pictures makes the recipe more enjoyable - hmmm - nonrecipe LOL I do that all the time - It is always when I end up making something yummy that I lose it too.

Rettakat said...

No aftertaste that I can detect, Sara. And I've used it in several things since then.

Since I stopped eating white sugar, it's easier to taste sweetness, so I don't need to use a whole lot. Maybe that helps. It's definitely a keeper for me. :-)

Anonymous said...

I want that recipe!!! I miss pancakes

Rettakat said...

Hi Nancy! Ya know... I've hunted high and low for that dumb recipe. I must've throw it out accidentally. Just not inspired to repeat it.

But just today I found a simple one I might modify. It uses eggs and coconut flour, and looks easy. Yeah, I'm in the mood for some low carb pancakes soon... for dinner, LOL! I'll let you know if they turn out good. :-)

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