Thursday, July 7, 2011

JULY 7th On the Carb Conquest Cruise!

Good Afternoon

 Journal & Friends!

I've joined Deb on her Carb Conquest Cruise, and wanted to give an update. Bottomline: it's going great and I am excited!

I'm not saying it's all been perfect. Far from it. But I am learning so much, and each day seems to get better n better. 

What are you learning, you ask? Why, thank you for asking. I shall tell you. ;-)

I am learning:

... that once my barrier to change was broken down on one topic, it became a smidge easier to be WILLING to look at other areas that could benefit from change.

... that once I changed my attitude and decided that I WAS going to learn to count those dang carbs... it wasn't as hard as I had anticipated.

... that it really helps to be accountable to someone who is doing the same type, or similar plan, because they understand, they get it.

... that I needed to get real honest with myself that what I was doing had stopped working (guesstimating the carbs) and I needed to change, and learn to do it properly and accurately.

... that I still had a lot to learn about balancing the calories with the carbs. I tend to run out of calories before I hit my target of 40 carbs per day, and then my calories have been climing too high. EeeK! So, I'm learning to balance that out.

... that going to bed a little earlier and getting up... gasp... a little earlier in order to eat a proper protein rich breakfast won't kill me, LOL!

... that my main downfall can be summed up by the description "random unplanned eating". When I make a menu out and stick to it, allowing for flexibility but only at the PLANNED TIME, and not at unplanned random Munchfests, then I do so much better. Way better. Hugely better. Can we say: I succeed!

... that I should pay attention after I pray. It came as a pleasant surprise to realize that all this information and change came only a day or so AFTER I had prayed a simple "HELP!!"  God is gracious and loving, and I believe He WANTS to help us. I'm reminded of an old song that is sung to the tune of Dannyboy. One line goes: "He looked beyond our faults and saw our need."

... that there are wonderful and generous people out there that aren't out to "get you" and take your money. That they really do just want to share their knowledge to help people help themselves. One such person that I've been learning from is a neurosurgeon named Dr Jack Kruse.   He shares his protocol about regaining Leptin Sensitivity (leptin is the "master hormone" that regulates all the rest he says). It's a lot of reading--but worth it, so for anyone interested, here is his Blog.

... And lastly, that we CAN change. *I* can change. All I need is to be willing, and find the right information. God will meet me where I am at. I am no longer going to "claim" and label myself as one who overeats at night... that nighttime eating is my downfall. It USED to be. No more. I am saying I am changing, and learning, and no longer a slave to that. I am willing to change, and choosing it. Because what I get in exchange for it is worth it. :-)

From Dr Phil's book: "Change your thinking to change your weight."

My verse for today: "The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out."

My quote for today: "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."  --Albert Einstein

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 692



Anne H said...

Once we can get ourselves to stop the carbs,
that raving, raging, lunatic feeding frenzy
is mostly under control.
Even now, the only time I have cravings, or hunger
is when I "color out side the lines'..... with my diet -
and eat too many carbs.
Not that stepping out is bad... but carb control is tried and true - no need to re-invent the wheel....
Just use the wheels to get to where we want to go!

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

:D! LOL!! I needed to see that cruise picutre!!! :D May I lift it for my blog? :D It is exactly what I had in mind when I thought of our Carb Conquest Cruise. chuckle. Just love it.

Yeah. That random eating thing is going to be a post on my blog, I think. It made some old info fit into place in a way that turned on a light for me.

(Which may require some change on my part... You know, now that I can no longer claim ingnorance.)

Great post for me to read. And I love the lightness of heart I heard in it--but then, driving down the highway with a convertible fuul of balloons, what else would I expect? :D



Rettakat said...

ANNE: Thanks Anne, I agree. Totally tried and true!

DEB: Absotootly lift it! That's you and me in the car... I made it from your description, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Great post Loretta! You are so inspiring!

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Loretta! You look BEAUTIFUL in that new pic on the side. At least, it's new to me. =)

Keep it going great!

Rettakat said...

Awww, thanks Josie.

PeacefulBird said...

random unplanned eating

yep, I know about that

Good for you Loretta!!! You are such an inspiration. Keep at it!

M Pax said...

I've cut down my carbs a lot, too. Today I'm only eating toast though. :-(

Glad you're finding your way and that this is working for you. Whatever works, cling to.

Princess Dieter said...

I reintroduced some starches after not doing them for a few months. Not much. Just now and then. But I did find when I started cutting back, that steps, just taking steps, helps. I didn't do induction, don't plan to, and never did low carb. Just moderate to lower. It worked to restore my insulin and leptin sensitivity. I do believe for many of us, addressing grains/sugars/carbs is helpful, especially us who tend to binge on starch/grains/sugar related foods. Remove the triggers , remove the binge. Then, see if smaller amounts trigger again. If they do, banish them again (maybe forever). If they don't, you learned to handle the food.

Do STEPS. Reduce carbs SOME. Then after a couple of on-target weeks, reduce a bit more. Then hold on and see. Then more. I found it easy to do when I took steps. Now, I stick to one starch serving on starch-allowance days, potato or rice, generally. If it becomes problematic, I go without again.

But instead of reducing to 40, maybe try to just stick to, say, under 100. Like 80. That allows a lot of veggies and some fruit and in summer, fruit is beautiful.

But if you're happy at 40, then why not. Do it.

I go by how I feel and if I'm not binge-ing. If I'm in control, then all's good. Even if weight loss is slow, the point is to gain control while still being nourished and ENJOYING what foods we allow ourselves to have. Food is fuel, but it can be delicious fuel. :)

I wish you the best as you experiment with what your body likes/needs. You'll get there, babe.

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