Friday, June 3, 2011

JUNE 3rd Just Being Me

Hi Journal & Friends,

"That's me! That's exactly me!"

That is what I said the second I opened the package with my new tea mug in it. Last Friday I posted about my new favorite pretties (HERE) and explained that I was starting a tea cup collection, just for me. I was spending the money on something for myself, and not feeling guilty about it! Sure, I had planned to get most of them at used places, for little one of a kind tea cups.

But occasionally I "window shop" on, and last week I spotted a hand-built one-of-a-kind expresso mug. I was in love! It was soooo "me"! It was created by Alesa at Star Light Clay. 

If you think this post is all about a "thing", about materialism and buying stuff... then you will miss my point. I wanted... needed... to do something just for me. Something that was symbolic and special. This little mug set has meaning to me.

I've always loved cobalt blue, and this celadon blue is mighty close to that, and beautiful. 

And I love quirky "not made in a factory by a machine" stuff. You know... hand crafted by an artist stuff! And Alesa makes the most unusual and quirky pieces! Did you notice those little feet??

The stamped design was significant to me, too. I've always thought of the people in my life as having left their "mark" on me, their stamp upon my heart. I thought of Momma when I saw this, and my Dad, and other people I love, both living and gone. I love texture, and the stamp embellishments on this set are just up my alley... I adore them!

It is not perfect... neither am I. 
It has character... so do I.
It is unique... so am I.
It is quirky and whimsical... and I enjoy that, too!

I've been using this little mug all week, and it makes me think of the New Me that I am becoming. It makes me smile, and anticipate MORE changes, more new stuff... more adventures to come. Did I mention I really really like it??!! Thank you, Alesa, it's just perfect.

(Hey Mama, I needz a haircut!)

From Dr Phil's book: "What I want you to focus on is requiring more of yourself, starting right now."

My verse for today: "You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your decrees."

My quote for today: "I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth." Morpheus, from The Matrix

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 658


dailyseeking said...

I love the little tea pot at the top that is pouring!

Amber said...

Beautiful! I love you new mug. I just found your blog and am now following. I just started my own new healthy living blog.

mamajuliana said...

I just love it when I find something that is just 'me' Looks like you made a really cute find! ...just a bit jealous!

Remember...quirky is good! That is what I keep telling my husband!

Anonymous said...

Awww, look how nice Joey poses for you! :D

Love that you love the mug--and went ahead and bought it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Lovely new mug! I really enjoyed the story about it. You deserve to have things just for you.

Have a great weekend!

Christine said...

I love that mug. You are unique..and we all deserve to have somethng beautiful just for ourselves. Enjoy.

MizFit said...

checking in on you, Loretta.

here's hoping we both have a fab week---even though mine hath started too too early :)

M Pax said...

What a fabulous mug. Very cute with Joey. :D

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