Thursday, December 30, 2010

DAY 504 A Shift in Attitude

Good morning Journal & Friends,

Normally I've been doing my Hot 100 update on Thursdays. But since tomorrow is the official last day of the challenge, I'm going to wait until then to wrap it all up with a bow.

I've enjoyed reading the different posts on New Years Resolutions, or the continuation of plans and goals. I've been thinking about this year, what I've learned and accomplished... and what I did NOT get finished.

For instance, when I started the Hot 100, I had hoped to whiz on down the 300's, and bust into the 200's by Jan 1st. Not gonna happen! In fact I weigh more now than when I started the challenge.... sigh.

But in spite of that disappointment, I sense a shift for me. A different feeling for this next leg of the journey. I've been working on my goals list for the coming year, and it has a different feel to it.

I plan to post the finished version on January 1st... but the new feel for ME is more of embracing and welcoming the changes, rather than striving and clawing after them. 

I am no longer searching for that "aha" moment, that next big revelation, some deep and mysterious "answer" or missing link. I already know what to do, for me. It's just a matter of continuing the journey. So... the shift is in my attitude, I think. 

  • That feeling of desperation in the beginning that was the raw power to get me going has shifted to more of a certainty, a knowing, a calm determination.
  • It's a more relaxed feeling, yet still putting forth the energy to achieve my goals.
  • I want to joyfully embrace the stuff I'm going to be working on, not fighting with it.
  • To focus on gratitude and living NOW, even while focusing on this journey... that balance thing.
  • A sense of celebrating who I AM,  not who I am not.
  • I would like to see the scheduled routines transform into genuine habits that are smooth and automatic. 
  • I'm not focusing on a number, but rather on the sense of joy, peace and accomplishment. The numbers will follow as a result.
  • Bottomline, I'm feeling like it's a done deal... it's already out there, just waiting for me to get on down the road and arrive! 

Over the holidays, there have been several times of garden variety overeating. Yet there was no drama and browbeating... just a swift course correction. Not like in the past, when I would make it a huge deal, get all upset and full of drama and sometimes take days, weeks, months or even years to get my head back in the game.

It was different this time. More peaceful. And I was excited to hear a weight loss coach talking about how "normal" people overeat all the time... little bits here, a special occasion there. Yet they are conscious of their actions, and make immediate course corrections. They balance it out. It's natural and normal for them. 

Hearing that gave me hope I was heading in the right direction! I am trying to let go of the idea of always being so rigid and exact about it, and instead learn to balance it out, like regular "normal-sized" people do. It's on my agenda for 2011 to practice this... we'll see how it goes!

From Dr Phil's book: "You succeed because you make the right choices, you choose the right attitude, and you enact the right behavior to generate the right results."

My verse for today: "Come let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation."

My quote for today: "There is success floating between all or nothing." --Mary Pax, Wistful Nebulae 

Enjoy the Journey,



Jules - Big Girl Bombshell said...

Here is to arriving in 2011!

Lanie said...

Wouldn't it be great if reading quotes burned calories? I just adore the quotes at the end of each post.

Ok, let's get our heads on straight and find our inner peace. We have established that it's not at the bottom of a half gallon of ice cream. Shall we look in some Reeboks? Not as yummy . . .

Anonymous said...

This post spoke to me too. I want to joyfully embrace life's challenge - not fight them. A knowing and calm determination will be what I strive for in 2011. Loretta, thank you, thank you. Forgive me if I borrow some of your goals. I gotta new attitude.

I love the quotes too. I may add my favourites to my posts - share the joy.

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations said...

This post is truly powerful. I've learned that it's a shift in attitude or perspective that makes things possible. I love your statement about appreciating who you are and NOT who you aren't. I look forward to continuing to follow you on your path. Best wishes for 2011 and beyond!!!

Anonymous said...

This post resonated for me, too, Loretta. I'm glad to know a fellow artist is also on the road to better health and well-being. This bullet point *I want to joyfully embrace the stuff I'm going to be working on, not fighting with it.* struck a chord. I'd be happy just to accept what Im working on. I battle and waver and make deals with myself. Ha!
You go girl!

M Pax said...

Yes. Finding peace and balance will help keep you going - straight and steady. It worked for me. Almost 3 years I've kept it off now. Even starting to move toward taking more off. We'll see. First I have to work through this funk of a mood.

Happy 2011 to you, Retta!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the gain, Loretta. *HUGS* I totally agree that sometimes it takes a change of attitude to get refocused again. I bet you're going to do GREAT in 2011! I'll be right here cheering you on! *Hugs*

pinkvision said...

I like that. Cruising on up gently to the finish line...and stepping out of the limo onto the red carpet. :)

PJ Geek said...

very very uplifting and positive...yeah!

Christine said...

Hey loretta, I like this...of course. I am leaving you a shoutout on my blog tomorrow (the 31rst) To say thanks.
Have a good night.

PeacefulBird said...

Embrace and welcome rather than strive and claw... You bet!!! Your thoughts about this are totally calming to me. Thanks so much!!!

Cindy said...

Hi I am just new to your blog, you have done awesome so far. I saw a comment on Annes blog and It touched me deeply, I t was about the ripple effect. I am a new follower. I wish you continued success in 2011. take care.

Anne H said...

Miss Ready Cat!
Happy Meow Year!

blogger lady said...

Hi Loretta ~ I searched for a photo for a new page on my blog, & your cat pic from this post turned up (on Bing, under a Creative Commons license). Wow -- was I bowled over by your accomplishments!! Thanks for sharing, and for keeping it real -- you are truly an inspiration!!

In any case, I'm new to using other people's pics, and want to follow the rules, but I'm not sure how this works. My blog is, and the new page is The Flub Club. It's funny headlines & other stuff, along the lines of 'Anguished English', by Richard Lederer. If you're not familiar, I wholeheartedly recommend it!! People are always asking me what I'm reading, cuz it's impossible to read without chuckling!! Your cat pic would be perfect for the page, if you're willing to allow me to use it. Either way, thanks for considering it!!

Retta said...

Hi BloggerLady, thanks for visiting. This was written 7 years ago, so I don't have a clue where I got the kitty photo from.. probably googled it. So you are welcome to use it. If I knew the original source, I now know to always give them credit, but alas, I don't know where this came from.

blogger lady said...

Thanks so much for your quick response!! I'll go ahead & use it.

And keep up the great work!!!

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