Saturday, December 4, 2010

DAY 478 Short & Sweet News


I got the pathology report back on that suspicious mole that was taken off my thigh. Good news! 

It was not cancerous. It was Pre-cancerous, meaning if I had left it there to perk, there was a 25% chance it would have "converted" to deadly skin cancer. So it was a good call to take it off, just in case. Yay!

Take away lesson for us all: don't let this Obesity Monster rob us of even more, by making us procrastinate going to the doctor due to embarrassement about our bodies.

I almost waited too long, because I didn't want to have a man-not-my-husband looking and touching my big squishy fat thigh. It brought up feelings of embarrassment, shame, and humiliation. 

I kept waiting, thinking "as soon as I lose some more and am smaller" I'll have it looked at.

By then it might have been too late.

So don't procrastinate like I did... we are worth taking care of ourselves NOW!

From Dr Phil's book: "Start behaving in ways that make you feel really good about yourself."

My verse for today: "You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you."

My quote for today: "You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down." --Mary Pickford

Enjoy the Journey,



Christine said...

So glad you caught it in time.
I am guilty of the same things.
Good job on getting in there and doing it.

Anne H said...

That black kitteh should watch out for "Cat-a-racks!"
Good you're ok!

Kat said...

Thank goodness you caught it and removed it. Love the kitty photo!

M Pax said...

Glad you got good new. :D It is a good lesson.

pinkvision said...

Excellent news! And yes, we're worth being good to ourselves now. :)

Anonymous said...

Great news!!!! I need to go get my moles checked, ugh. I just hate going to the doctor. But I hate dying more! LOL so I'd better go...

bbubblyb said...

So glad to hear everything was ok. I have been that way too with doctors, a reason I've searched out women doctors at times.

MargieAnne said...

Relief. Another thing sorted out.

I'm glad you like the article. Her book sounds interesting but I doubt if I could afford it. *smile*


Joy said...

AWESOME news!!!

Keep focused my friend!!!

E. Jane said...

So glad that your biopsy was negative. Now it's gone, and you won't have to worry about it. I also completely understand why you didn't do the questions right now. There's a time for everything, and we have to know how to take care of ourselves. Good for you! I'm enjoying your blog, and I also am a Dr. Phil fan.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I'm SO GLAD you got a good pathology report. Since my husband had skin cancer earlier this year, I can tell you from experience that you don't want to have to deal with that kind of heartache and stress. Stay on top of it, and screen yourself every month for suspicious bumps and moles. Like my husband's oncologist says, "Look for that ugly duckling. If it doesn't look like it should be there, then chances are it SHOULD not be there."

PeacefulBird said...

I certainly know the procrastination thing because of not wanting a male Dr. to look at my unclothed body. Yep, been there. Thanks for the reminder about priorities and glad to hear you overcame your nature before the mole became an issue!

dailyseeking said...

Glad it's good news!

Buttercup said...

So glad you had good news. I just got two negative biopsies from "pre-cancerous" spots, and know the great feeling of relief and gratitude. Wishes for a great week.

Retta said...

Thank you so much everyone, for your well wishes. I appreciate that.

Yes, I think Relief and Gratitude are the right words!!

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

Just something to think about:
I'm proud of you... you've lost a lot of weight. I know you've heard the saying "You are a beautiful person" more times than you can count, BUT thinking beautiful is important too. I've always admired the way you are careful about your hair, makeup and clothes and how much you care about treating others kindly. Please take time to treat yourself with the same kindness and start looking at yourself through a different mirror than the one that always told you that you are not pretty. So you have some flab left on your leg... when you can start exercising, it will firm up. Rejoice with your sucesses and see youself the way I see you. Because we are the same size now and I want to look as nice as you do.

Unknown said...

Glad to read you caught it in time and everything is good!

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