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MAR 6th Sabotage, Strength & Surveys

Hi Journal & Friends,

If you've been blogging for any time at all, then you're probably just like me: you get emails asking you to endorse, promote, join, or otherwise become involved in all kinds of stuff. 99.9% of the time, I can't hit the DELETE button fast enough.

But today I received one that I feel passionate about! Surprise, surprise. So I'm going to promote it, and ask YOU to care, too. :-)

What's it about? 


Specifically, sabotage of our weight loss efforts by our significant others.

Why do I feel so strongly about it? Because when I finally discovered the nutritional path that was healthy and doable for ME, my hubby (bless his pea-pickin heart) dug in his heels and--without meaning to--tried to sabotage me. For my health, I needed to stop eating sugar and flour. Period. That was March of 2009.

I was committed, determined and wholehearted in my decision to DO this.

He was equally committed, determined and wholehearted in his refusal to join me!!

So much so, that he'd bring home huge trays of giant muffins. Or a large flat of a favorite dessert of mine, baklava. 
Or several gallons of premium Dreyers ice cream. 
You get the idea.

At first I was such a martyr!! 
Then I was mad. 
Then I was full of self pity. 
Then... as I was bellyaching to God one day, I realized I had a choice. I could just keep on suffering and go down in flames, OR,  I could see this as an OPPORTUNITY TO GET STRONGER.

I chose the opportunity to get stronger.
 Every time he gave me resistance, it was akin to lifting weights. At the gym, resistance training builds muscles. And THIS resistance was strengthening my commitment muscle. Nothing, no one, was going to take this from me! 

Yes, I stumble now and then as far as the quantity that I eat. I've never hidden that fact. I'm working to get consistent with that. But the commitment to not eat sugar and flour has STUCK from day one, in spite of attempts at sabotage. 

That's the message I feel so strongly about: YOU CAN DO THIS regardless of your home situation. 

Regardless of who is criticizing you, or giving you resistance. Regardless of lack of support in your "real life". I didn't have it either. But I had all you great bloggy friends, and that helped tremendously! Heck, I even have my very own troll, who helps me to examine what I really believe, thus making me stronger! :-D

So what's this email thing I was talking about??

There is a lady named Amanda Harp, a PhD candidate at Clark University, who is asking for volunteers to participate in her survey on sabotage from significant others. She is close to collecting enough data, and just needs a few more volunteers to finish her research. 

I'm going to do it, and thought some of you might want to, also. 

If you can answer yes to these 4 questions, then you qualify to participate:

1)  Are you at least 18 years of age?
2)  Have you been participating in a weight loss program for the last 5 consecutive weeks?
3)  Have you been in a committed, cohabitating relationship for the last two years?
4)  Do you ever feel like your partner/spouse gets in the way of your weight loss?  

Here's the pertinent info and links:

--It is an anonymous survey, and cannot be traced back to you

--After you finish the survey, she will donate $1 to a charity you choose from the following:

Susan G Komen for the Cure  
MAP International (the one I'm choosing) 

--She is also offering participants to opt in for a drawing for one of 10 gift cards, or you may choose to also donate that amount to your charity. I think that's a nice thing. :-)

I wish Amanda well in her studies!

Again, here is the main link to participate. 

PS: Just so you know, my sweetie is now very supportive and even tries to enjoy some of the yummy "alternative" things I cook.

My book quote for today: "I extend to you in invitation to meet your true self... and explore the adventure that is your life. There are challenges... but for the warrior, they are opportunities to see how far you can go and what you are absolutely capable of being." --Richard Machowicz, Unleash The Warrior Within

My verse for today: "My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare."

My quote for today: "The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do." --Bill Phillips

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 932

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