Friday, March 23, 2012

MAR 23rd Just Doing It

Hello to Journal & Friends,

I've been under the weather for a few days, but finally feeling good again. Even exercised today already. During my "down" time, I kept up with only a few blogs, spent less time on the computer, and did some thinking.

The majority of the time I spent online was reading art related stuff. And a funny thing happened... I thought less about food. It's as though my mind is like a newspaper... it can only have one major headline at a time. And if the banner headline reads "This Just In: Art Making A Comeback!" then there is no room on the front page for the "Let's Moan & Groan About Weight Loss" articles. They are relegated to the inside pages as if of lessor importance.

I'm not saying I think getting healthy is not important any longer. It absolutely is. 

But... at THIS point in my journey, I've done the research, and have found a way of eating that works for me. I'm happy with it, it's sustainable and healthy. It's low carb, sugar-free, gluten-free, with a bent to real and healthy ingredients (with some exceptions for now). My only thing left in this area where I need work is to stop eating too much of on-plan food. 
Stop making excuses. Just do it.

And I know I need to get consistent with exercise. I'm convinced. Don't need any more reading, don't need to yammer on and on about it. 
Stop making excuses. Just do it.

I don't need any more new recipe sites to follow. In fact, I've now stopped reading all but a couple of my most favorite. My all time fav is Lisa at 24-7 Low Carb Diner.  I am looking to decrease my time on the computer, so something's gotta go. And I won't be reading any blogs that post photos of daily foods eaten. I am NOT criticizing anyone who does that... it's just not for me. I keep saying I want to spend less time thinking about food... and this is one way to help achieve that goal. Now I need to DO it. 
Stop making excuses. Just do it.

I might be wrong... I might come back here in a month and have to admit my grand experiment went bust. But I've started reading a book that Deb at Satisfied With Good Things   recommended, and it's given me stuff to think about. It's called "Who Switched Off My Brain, Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions", by Dr Caroline Leaf. I'm only in the second chapter, but so far it's terrific. Yes, familiar ideas to me, but explained in a different way, with lots of references to the research and science behind it all. 

So... I've been taking a hard look at what influences my thinking. And that includes the internet. I hope no one is offended that I've cut you from my regular reading list... that is not my intention. But I need to make choices about time, and where I invest it. And I've been shifting my reading to more of my favorite art blogs and forums. I still plan to be around... just not as much. :-)

I'm done making excuses. Now I'm doing it.

My book quote for today: "To make wise decisions let your goals not your emotions guide." --Tommy Newberry, The 4:8 Principle

My verse for today: "The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made."

My quote for today: "Two things happen under pressure: things get crushed... diamonds are formed. Just do it!" --from an old Nike ad

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 949


Nanette said...

It's all good! I'm glad you're getting to the JUST DO IT point! :) Nike would be happy. heh. But do let us know how things are going every once in a while. What kind of work outs do you do?

MargieAnne said...

You know how we all make complaints about not having enough time!

I wonder what our day would look like if we logged our activities by the hour, in much the same way some of us log food and exercise. I'm not going to do it!!!! Shock/Horror.

Right now I've got my regular walk to get started on again, my afternoon resting time listening to suitable Christian music and now I'm going to add in a creative time called doodle art. I was looking at a web-site a few days ago and realised that this is missing. I'm no flash artist, I have no handle on perspective but I love to doodle. A few years ago I practised my form of art by keeping a kind of diary but it was structured and I hated the daily instructions. Doodle Art is far more satisfying and I'm sure what the original course really meant to inspire. I just didn't really get it at the time.

Time to be stirring up the gift within.

Thank-you so much for being open to the prayer nudges. Some times I am such a mess. Last night though .... I woke up wanting to laugh ..... laugh therapy, in fact. My mouth and eye are really bothering me. I think laughter would be good exercise too. I did giggle a bit and almost went out of control when I realised how much the bed was shaking. Unbeknowns to him, John experienced a vibrator bed for a while. *Haha*


Rettakat said...

Thanks Nanette, for understanding.

I dusted off my rebounder, and am doing the gentle "health bounce". That's where your feet don't leave the mat, but I sure felt it in all my leg muscles, which are weak right now. I hold on to a bar, and am going to do it several times a day. I can only do it for 30 seconds right now, but I know that will increase in time.

The other thing I'm doing is called T-Tapp. They make a DVD with sitting exercises, for people in wheelchairs. It's quite the upper body workout! And I have a set of resistance bands that I enjoyed, but kept re-injuring my shoulder. So they are on hold for now. But between the rebounder and the T-Tapp, I'm thinking I'll make good progress. :-)

Rettakat said...

I've enjoyed watching a young man named Peter on Youtube doing doodles. Here's a fav:

Anonymous said...


This post made me think of "Brain over Binge" book. That was the main point I got from that book, anyway. Just let it go. Decide that bingeing is just so much neurological junk and quit focusing on good/eating/all things diet..and move on.

Beyond that, your musings and conclusions in this post have been drifting around in my head, too. I just haven't quite decided how to post it. :} I've cut my reading list down to about a dozen blogs...and don't read all of them!

It's so funny, I just thought today that I was probably not going to post much, but would still keep on reading my favorites. lol as I read this post and realized that I may be reading less than i thought!

God seems to have us on thet same page.


Judy W said...

Excellent deductions my dear! It's been a long, slow journey for me and I too had to stop watching all the cooking shows, depressing news, commercials all day long containing food ...and for me...getting rid of my tv was a real breakthrough in my journey. BIG. I mean, it literally changed my life. I am an artist too so I spent long hours painting when I turned that thing off. My focus was always food prior....always what's for the next meal...or WOW...that looks soooo good. I had to chop it off. I used to cruise the internet for hours daily looking for recipes....even tho I was looking for healthier focus was still food. I am so thankful that I got past that phase.

How much more do I need to learn about weight loss, eating right and motivation before I get up off my rotund butt and do it?? Well just helped me see the light!! Thank you. Going to walk on the tread mill now. Learning is essential...doing is even more so.

Rettakat said...

Me too, the exact same take-away from the Brain Over Binge book. I didn't even finish it. I think I got what I needed from that book, and then let "it" go. ;-)

You know, the hardest part of writing this post was knowing, without a doubt, that some would misunderstand. They would miss the part where I explained that this was where *I* was on a long journey. It was time to make a shift, for ME. At the beginning, all those things I did were necessary, and I really benefited. But now I need to shift focus.

It almost seems counterintuitive, and that's exactly why I fought it for the last several weeks. I still have a boatload of pounds to lose, so why focus LESS on weight loss?? Yet, it seems that I have the "how" finally figured out, and I just need Action. Consistently. And when I've experimented and shifted my focus to my "why", and less on "weight loss", well... it goes better. :-)

We'll see soon enough. The scale won't lie. :-}

Rettakat said...

Thank you for sharing your "tv" experience, Judy, that's so encouraging to me!

I've made a rule that I'm finding to be working great: I do NOT turn it on during the day. I do NOT just sit and watch it in the evening, without doing my paperwork, bills, that kind of thing. Evenings I can't have uninterrupted studio time anyway, so I save that kind of work for then.

I never just sit and watch, unless it's a special day when we've rented a movie to watch together (even then, I find that hard to do). And I've cut my favorite shows down to the bone, and rarely add any new ones. And I usually record what I do watch, and ALWAYS fast forward thru the commercials. Yes, those food commercials were poison to me, too! All in all, I'm watching way less and don't miss it. :-)

Oh, and I STOPPED watching any cooking shows, and even stopped watching all the weight loss shows, including Biggest Loser. There are so many wt loss shows, and I used to watch them, I think I was looking for "the" answer. And looking to be motivated or inspired. And sometimes it did help. But... I've finally reached that stage where I MUST get my motivation from within, for it to be permanent. Also, for whatever weird psychological reason, those weight loss shows made me want to EAT EAT EAT! So, I'm much better without them now.

I with you.. I have the knowledge I need now. So it's DOING time. :-)

Leila Hill said...

I love Dr. Caroline Leaf- a quote from hers, probably from the book, 'Be on guard against the pit of self-pity – this is a trap and a great danger to your mental, physical and spiritual health.' I will look into the book-
Well done to you and your determination!
><> Leila

Sharon said...

You've been blogging much longer than I have and I've already had to do just this more than once. I read as many travel/hiking blogs as I do healthy eating blogs and I was simply overwhelmed. I've so enjoyed your more settled state of mind lately. It's evident through your words and across the miles. Just don't go away completely - I'd surely miss you!

Rettakat said...

I'm only into chapter 2 so far, so haven't come across that quote yet, Leila. But wow, it's a fascinating read! It's been decades (literally) since my medical studies, so this is great refresher course, plus all the latest brain research included. I'm appalled at what I've been doing to myself by allowing myself to be overwhelmed with feelings of impatience or frustration... yikes! There's LOTS of incentives to changing that response to an ongoing situation!!

Unless the book takes a sudden nose-dive, I tend to think I'll be highly recommending it in the future. :-D

Rettakat said...

Thanks, Sharon. I don't plan to disappear, just cut back. Maybe once a week for sure, and after that only if I have something "worth" saying. :-D

Christine said...

well, we have to create priorities so we are doing what God created us to do...I get this post because I am in the same this!

Rettakat said...

Your recent posts helped me to make the decision to push forward with this, Chris. So thanks for that. :-)

Jules said...

You amaze me sometimes...its like your inside my head or at least a fly on the wall. I de-activated my blog related facebook just tonight and my postings have been cut back. My current book is the Power of Now...and older book recommended for me to read while I work on mindfulness and getting connected. All of this has lead to healthier eating, walked three times this week, reading a book rather than surfing and playing on the Wii with my daughter on a rainy day of spring break...

and I am if I could find someone to grocery shop and cook for me...


Rettakat said...


I'd love to have a cook and a housekeeper, Jules!

debby said...


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Sounds good. Do what you need to do and it will all work out for the best.

Anne H said...

I know you will do what you need to do! God Speed doing it!

M Pax said...

I know what you mean. When you're mind is on other things, it's all the easier. Are you launching your art soon? I'm looking forward to that.

Scarlet Simple said...

It's all good, I am glad your are doing something for you, but I will miss your frequent posts! Do what you need to do, I will definitely be thinking about you. :)

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