Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DAY 10 Enjoy The Journey & Gratitude

 Hello Journal!

It's a beautiful summer day...supposed to be 105 outside today, but thankfully my ac is working great! The hummers came early to get their sips from the feeder outside my studio window...they must've have heard the weather report. ;-)

Today the next thing on my "need to be CONSISTENT" list is: Enjoy the journey

Anyone reading this might notice I sign my posts with those remind MYSELF not to wait til "someday" to start living...not to wait until I lose weight, or to get to X number of pounds...but to do what I can NOW find the joy in each day. Some days it's harder than others, sure, but I am finding that just being aware is making a difference.

About 6 months ago, I started the habit--and had to write it down and read it daily for a couple of months until it STUCK--of beginning and ending each day by thinking of things to be grateful for...not a big deal, not a formal religious thing...just a simple thank you for (........) to God as I got up, and as I drifted off to sleep.

At first, I tended to "judge" my offerings...this was too self-centered...that one was too petty...I already said that one last week...etc. But that was not the point, really. I wanted to cultivate the Attitude of Gratitude. And I really think that any time you give someone a genuine Thank you, and it's from the heart, it is okay if it is just as simple as "those flowers are so pretty...thank you for inventing color". I mean, think about it...would you want your world to be just shades of black, white and gray???

A few years ago I read a wonderful article by a "Personal Effectiveness coach" named Broc Edwards. It's kinda long, and I tried to find a link to it, but found zip. If anyone reads this and would like a copy, just email me and I will send the whole article to you.

Anyway, the name of the article was "Destination or Journey?" He talked about the ideas that were floating around at the time. One was the importance of having a plan and focusing on results. The second emphasized the journey rather than the destination.

Mr Edwards felt that the two were not mutually exclusive, and went on to detail the importance of each, and to teach how to integrate them, so you have the best of both. Here are a few quotes:

"The future is coming; the time will pass; and if you don't know where you want to go, chances are you won't get there. And, you've still got to be able to enjoy today."

" is entirely possible to pursue specific results while really enjoying the moment. We can look forward to graduation and have a lot of fun being in college. We can take steps toward getting a promotion to a position we really want and still derive satisfaction from our current job. We can plan to weigh a certain amount by a certain day and have a blast creating a healthy lifestyle by playing with friends and trying new foods or new ways of cooking. We can pursue a successful career in ways that are really fulfilling to us.

In fact, the two go hand in hand. They are complimentary. When we are wringing all the fun and fulfillment we can out of each day we become excited about creating a plan to ensure that we can continue enjoying the moment and it’s easier to stay committed to that plan. When we are excited about where we are going it’s so much easier to enjoy the journey...."

"What are five things that you are unwilling to die having not accomplished?"

"What is one action you can take for each of the five this week that will move me closer to achieving it?"

Enjoying the Journey
"For the next week, write down five things each day worth celebrating, that you are grateful for, or that made the day fulfilling. (Can’t think of anything? Start with what could be worth celebrating? Still can’t think of anything? Start with things that you are grateful didn’t happen (e.g., didn’t spill coffee on myself, didn’t get leprosy, didn’t have a large and angry person remove my fingernails with pliers, etc.) and work up from there.)

It is positively (ha!) amazing how our whole attitude shifts when we start focusing our attention what is great about our lives. Rather than getting hung up on what woulda, shoulda, coulda happened we create tremendous fulfillment by concentrating on the really great things that did happen. Skeptical? Sound a little too touchy-feely? Try it."

Well, that article made me change the way I was looking at this journey. I am not some skinny minnie with only 5 lbs to lose...I have a looonnnggg way to go. 

My goal (which is flexible, I might change it a bit as I get closer and see how I feel) is to lose a total of 261 lbs. Well, that's like shedding a football linebacker!!!

And it's true what he says in the article...once you get into the habit of finding things to say "thank you" for, you start noticing more and more. It colors your world nicely. 

No, the "negatives" do not magically disappear and all is rosey posey. But, it helps me to remember the blessings, to focus on the good and not the try and live my life NOW even while I am on the road to recovery.

A gal named Shirley lost 175 lbs on the Dr Phil plan...and this is what she wrote: "Life is VERY short...VERY precious. Don't put off for even a day doing that one thing that takes you closer to being who you were created to be."

I don't claim to have it all down, but I am trying. And I am so thankful that others along this journey have shared their lessons so the rest of us can learn from them.

From Dr Phil's book: "What I want you to focus on is requiring more of yourself, starting right now."

My verse for today: "For God does speak--now one way, now another."

My quote for today: "When you are weary, be truly thankful for how far you have already come. Let your gratitude transform what is, into the very best of what you know can be. Life's energy is what you make it. Make it purposeful, positive, fulfilling and great." --Ralph Marston

Enjoy the Journey...every step along the way.


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