Sunday, December 4, 2011

DEC 4th Day of Rest & Fav Photos

Hello Journal & Friends,

Pics of where the kitties lounge and sleep all day... but wait... look who invites herself to the party, all scruffy and in need of a combing! 

I find myself often thinking about enthusiasm... and that if only I could bottle Joey's, I would be a billionaire. ;-)  

Oh, then I remember a lot of that is choice. So, I try to copy her cheerful attitude. So how come she never runs out of steam like I do, LOL!!

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 839


Anonymous said...

Love those pictures! Vevie seems to be patiently enduring, but I bet she had no intention of being Joey's pillow for long! chuckle.

As far as running out of enthusiasm--if someone met all of your needs,including providing appropriate food, and you were able to plop down and have a nap anytime you pleased, I bet you wouldn't run out of enthusiasm, either! (I especially like the nap part.)

Sleep-deprived Deb :}

Anne H said...

The enthusiasm of JOY!
I think you've got it!
And Joey, of course.

E. Jane said...

Adorable pictures! What a sweet bundle of joy, including your energetic Joey.

Christine said...

People always act as if cats have no patience. From what I can tell they are very patient, especially with high spirited dogs. lol.

M Pax said...

Too adorable!

I had to train myself to be more cheerful & positive, less gloomy. It takes a lot of practice. lol

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Christina @ Just Running said...

I LOVE the pictures of Joey snuggling with Vevie! What a sweet little trio you have, Loretta.

MargieAnne said...

Hi. love your art and etc. You have a wonderful eye.

I'm trying to come out of the woodwork and left a comment a few back, Nov 19th I think.

We are winners a and we are going to be victorious in this very personal battle with weight.


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