Sunday, December 25, 2011

DEC 26th I DID it!

Hello Journal & Friends, 

I know, I know. I said I was on a blogging mini-vacation. I am... but I didn't say anything about VLOGGING!

As a Christmas gift to myself, I spent all day Sunday learning how to do The Vlog Thing. It took me 13 hours to get it right and able to upload, but my stubbornness paid off, LOL!

So now I'm sharing the results with you! :-O

Enjoy the Journey,


Day 861


Cinner said...

Loretta I watched it but could not hear it,,,,you are beautiful, I so wish I could have heard it, wishing you all the best, you look like your doing wonderful hug, have a happy holiday season.

MargieAnne said...

You are so beautiful and gracious. I really appreciate you for doing this Vlog.

As far as what I want to accomplish 2012 ...Survival is at the top of my list. I should say, my goal is to be able to smile my way through the year. Managing our finances so we can have at least 2 trips to Christchurch to visit our sons during the year. Living as well as I can through the year. Simple but not at all easy.

I know you will have a great year. I see you coming out of a hidden place and feeling increasingly secure, assured, ...less vulnerable, not only in public but within yourself.

What a great year this will be.


Rettakat said...

Hi Cinner! When I previewed it, the little sound icon was all the way off, so you might have to turn it up???
Sorry, I don't know what I don't know. :-}

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday time, too.

Rettakat said...

Thank you for the kind words, Anne. And those sound like wonderful goals for the new year. I pray God will bless you with strength, peace, wisdom and joy to help you accomplish them!

I see you not only surviving... but BLOSSOMING.

Anonymous said...

Hey its you!!! Cool!! I never imagined your voice, but I guess I never even THINk about voices! You're every bit as pretty as your pictures! Well, now you have inspired me to also do some vlogs. :-)

Anonymous said...

:o Loretta! You are beautiful! I mean it.

You have the whole package. Hair, eyes, skin, cheek bones, even! :D

And your voice is lighter than I expected. That may not make sense, but I don't know how else to put it. Just a bubbling, infectious, delightful voice.

Okay. I am now thoroughly intimidated. And you could easily, I mean easily, pass for 40 years old.

Girlfriend, your posts do not do you justice. The engaging quality of your personality that shines thru in the vlog is missing in the print. From now on, edit less!

It's about 4AM. I'll be rewatching this vlog tomorrow when I can turn the volume up.

Ok. I need to lose 100 pounds, get a face lift, and some hair extensions. And elocution lessons. Just to keep up!

Your friend, the ugly duckling,


P.S. I am awed by your courage. (Of course, you are showing off a beautiful package. That had to make it easier.)

Rettakat said...

Oh dear! You guys are makin me blush! You'd be suprised what makeup and dim lighting can do for a gal, LOL!

Seriously, thank you all for such kind and supportive comments.

And Deb: you are right, it took some courage. I was skeered! :-D
I have about 3 major reasons that kept me from doing vlogs, but decided to stop allowing them to limit me! Yay for being bold, huh?!

Sheilagh said...

Loretta you a Beautiful Woman:) Your voice is exactly as I imagined it when reading your words. You are inspriational, courageous and you have definatley got me thinking.

Thank you for an unexpected Christmas gift.

love and hugs



D.Reeve said...

Loretta - Thanks for the vlog! I always enjoy watching and listening to people. You're right that it makes the maker more vulnerable, but I also makes you more real to me. I just need to learn to take a lesson from you and learn to keep my vlogs under 10 minutes :)

Good luck on your new adventures in 2012!

BEE said...

131 pounds lost!!!!!

that is soooooooooooooo

dont even ask me how i found your blog but i am definatly a new follower

keep up your great work

and have a great holiday

Anonymous said...

Loretta! This is a fabulous vlog! You are so a previous commenter look so young...I am not sure how old you are, but I am positive you are older than you definitely look 40 or less.

Thanks so much for doing this vlog! It is a real inspiration.

I will definitely join you in making 2012 MY YEAR!


Judy W said...

I am so glad you have done this! I truly love and appreciate it and YOU for your courage and wisdom! BLESS YOU!! ♥

Rettakat said...

Thank you, Judy, I appreciate that. :-)
And it's cool to hear from a fellow artist here in Oregon!

carla said...


Anne H said...

You look and sound just like I thought you would - WONDERFUL!!

Anne H said...

P.S. Try singing silly songs sometime.... that is WAY out of my comfort zone... and it's all good!

Katie J ♥ said...

You are lovely Loretta! I really enjoyed listening and seeing your smiling face.

I love your idea of living BOLD this year! I have spent years holding back and now it is time to break those barriers!

One of my goals for 2012 will be to do a VLOG like you :)

Rettakat said...

Oh, that's exciting, Katie J! I'll be looking for it. :-)

Christine said...

dude, you sound just like I thought you would. That's cool when that happens. Go Loretta! 2012 is your year..and mine too. I'm in, of course...I am getting to my goal this year.Your spirit shines, and you have a young one.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Wow, you are really breaking out here! I can tell you are on to something big. So glad to see (literally) you coming out of your shell more and more. I can feel how strong your resolve is.
And yes, you are much like I expected just as it was when I met Robin of YOUR DAILY DOSE about 10 days ago while visiting Georgia. It's fun to be meeting some of my blogger friends in a new and different way.
I don't even post pictures of myself for very good reason and truthfully also by choice. I am plenty bold in real life though... We are not too far from one another. Maybe I should shoot for a meeting with you sometime, IRL???

pinkvision said...

Lovely to hear your voice! Yep, 2012 is THE year to do those things that have always hovered tantalizingly in the oh-one-day-I'll-do horizon... :) Better go find my list and polish it up ;) so many things which to choose first?

Jennifer said...

You are a natural at vlogging. Never heard that word before! You do look pretty, I agree.

Shelli Belly said...

You're so beautiful! Like in your writing your kindness is revealed in your Vlog.

I'm so excited to continue this journey with you. I've visited often but now I'm coming back to blogging to regain a focus that I had before. You are an inspiration because your writings reveal your truth. I lost focus with my blog because I was writing for others. I was caught up in what others would think. This in turn actually stops me cold at times. I'm going to document what I'm going through and what the Lord is revealing to me through this journey. I'm so thankful that you stay true and support so many without loosing sight. Thank you for your friendship from afar. I'll be posting soon.

Christina said...

Oh, my goodness! You are even more fantastic on video! You have such a great personality. You are such a beautiful, sweet person, Loretta. Will 2012 bring more vlogs?

I've gained back 25 pounds since my first marathon in September, so I'm ready to make 2012 my year, too. Ready, set, go!

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