Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DEC 28th I Stuck to my Plan & The Birthday Girl!

Hi Journal & Friends,

Joey went with us on Christmas Eve to see the Christmas lights... what fun! 

We made our "imitation blizzards" to take, and they turned out delicious. I didn't miss the Dairy Queen version in the least! And we knew what we were drinking was actually good for us, too. Well, "most" of it. Jim wanted a "butterfinger" flavor, like the one DQ makes. I came kinda close, but to get his requested flavor had to use some of his little Russel Stover butter crunch candies whizzed up in them. Oh well, it was still better than going off plan and hitting the local DQ!  :-D

I went into the holidays with a plan, and stuck to it. I can't tell you how encouraging and energizing that feels. By the way, if anyone reading this did NOT stay on their plan, please don't wait til the new year. Start NOW. You'll feel that same encouragement and energy just from making the choice to make your health a priority. Or, as Anne at Carb Tripper calls it, your Fitness Goals. You've gotta see her latest VLOG, it's so good.

Anyway, grab ahold NOW, don't wait, you'll be glad you did. :-)

So... off we went to see the pretty lights. And Joey was sooo funny. She spends most days at home with me, so she is always jazzed when she gets to go on an adventure. This was her first Christmas... she will turn one year old on Dec 28th... oh, wait, that's today! 

Happy Birthday Joey!

Here are a few of the pretty houses we saw (can click to enlarge).

First stop was at the
Elf Training Center:

 Joey and Jim looking
at the lights:

 Joey was excited by 
people walking around...
lots of parents brought 
their children and that
got Joey all jazzed. Not 
that it takes much to get a
mini-schnauzer jazzed!

 She caught me aiming the
camera at her:

 Can you see what the
neighbor did for his 

 The neighbors lights:

 Next we were off to the 
"fancy" neighborhood. Every 
year they do a food drive, 
since they get thousands
of drive by lookers.

It was a residential street, with lots of pedestrians. Joey was so excited by all the people walking around... and actually tried to sort of sing/howl when she heard the carolers... too funny!

And I want to thank all of you that left such great comments after my first VLOG attempt. You were soooo kind and encouraging! Why... I think I'll even do another one some time, ha ha ha!

From Dr Phil's book: "You must hold yourself to a higher standard now. You cannot be wishy washy."

My verse for today: Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the Lord delivers him in times of trouble."

My quote for today: "Age is something that just doesn't matter, unless  you're a cheese." --Billie Burke

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 863


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Big CONGRATS for staying on plan! You go girl! I agree that you don't need to wait until the new year. It feels invigorating and wonderful to decide NOW to eat better and not give in to the high sugar, high fat foods!

Love all those pretty lighted houses too!
God bless!!


Anne H said...

Happy Bark Day, Joey!
And Hey - I was just copying you -
and your great vlog example - thanks!
Gearing up for to be a great year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Joey! :D

Congratulations to LORETTA for sticking to plan!!!!!!!!!

Loved those photos of the lights. Seems like Joey did, too.

Re: the singing. chuckle. Yes. As you've no doubt discovered, schnauzers think they can talk...and sing. lol


Jules said...

Great job on staying with the plan..feels great doesn;t it!

Christine said...

wow loretta, those are some awesome lights. I don't think we have seen a house like that around here and we drive around a lot looking! Great job on sticking to your you can probably tell I am back in kick butt and take names mode. We can make this year our year!

Anonymous said...

Aww Joey is so adorable! And she shares her birthday with my husband!! haha

carla said...

we love JOEY! :-)

Jennifer said...

I just discovered your blog. Great post! I also loved the lights. I miss those. They don't do that here. I think I saw one house this year (the people must be from Canada or America) LOL ... and the DITTO house! Haha - too funny!

Your doggie sounds so adorable. They are like little angels aren't they? They have a different purpose than we do I know, but to me they are like little angels.

Have a happy New Year and all the best with the weight loss journey. I'm so impressed!

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