Saturday, September 3, 2011

SEPT 3rd And the Winner Is....

Hi, my name is Joey. 

I'm a girl, in case you didn't know. When I came to live with Mom and Dad, I was so teensy that I rode around in their front apron pocket, like a baby kangeroo (a joey). And... I have a happy, joyful personality. AND, Daddy didn't want to be calling me by a frou-frou girly name. So that's how I got my name, Joey. :-)

Mama said I got to "pick the winner" of the giveaway for that cookbook for people food... whatever that means. 

So, here's me... I was supposed to be "sitting" while Mom aimed her little flashy box at me. But I started to creep up on those cute white toys, to steal one. 

Mom said "okay", so I pounced on them, and picked one to play with.

Daddy let me chew on my prize sitting in his favorite place to be.

I LUV making confetti!

And the winner is: MARY!

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 748


affectionforfitness said...

Hi Loretta! I *love* this post! What a wonderful way to use your sweet little dog to pick a winner! My little dog Keebler would love being friends with Joey.

:-) Marion

Anonymous said...

:D Love that pup! :D


Anne H said...

Good Girl!
You rock, reddy-kat!
And reddy dog!

M Pax said...

Joey is too adorable. :) Thanks, Joey and Loretta :D

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