Thursday, August 18, 2011

AUG 18th Blogcation Ups n Downs

Howdy Journal & Friends,

Thought I'd peek in and give a short update. I am thoroughly enjoying my Blogcation! I've had ups and downs, and even some overeating days. Grrrr...

But even that has been an eye-opener, which can be useful. Because I was surprised to find an attitude well up that said "Oh goodie, no one will know, so I can eat whatever I want"! Aarrgh... Yeah, I did some of that. On plan food, for sure, but just way too much of it!!

But... I will never quit. I am still determined to continue with the Carb Conquest Cruise.

I decided to shake things up, and sent for some high quality whey protein powder. Just temporarily, I am experimenting with 2 protein shakes a day, 1 meal and 1 snack. When my supply is gone, I'll continue controlled carbs as normal. 

It's been an embarrassing experiment! Why?? Because it clearly brought out the I WANT TO EAT side of me! The side that pouts and whines when it doesn't get it's way. Wow, such habits we get into, without even realizing it. So, this experiment has been a good thing, forcing me to face myself, and the areas that still need work.

And just for fun, I thought I'd post pics of my first finished project. See... Joey, my dear sweet mischievous 7 1/2 month old Miniature Schnauzer, chewed on my favorite genuine Ugg slippers... Oh Nooooooo!!! I luv me my Ugg slippers. :-( 

(Joey on July 15, 2011)

So... I decided to rescue them. I hand sewed up the gashes with colored thread, then painted a design around the stitching. They turned out cute, and I actually like them better now than before, LOL!

There's a little more to talk about... like I think I need to go back to my roots, and do what I did in the beginning... but I'll save that for another post. For now I'm off to work on more projects.

From Dr Phil's book: "Become the captain of your own behavior."

My verse for today: "Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit."

My quote for today: "Happiness isn't something that depends on our surroundings. It's something we make inside ourselves." --Corrie Ten Boom, survivor of Ravensbrook Concentration Camp during WWII, author of The Hiding Place.

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 732


colenic said...

Yay...those are so much fun and what a wonderfully creative way to save a pair of slippers...hope you are enjoyng your blogacation....

Anonymous said...

The slipper repair reminds me of a story I heard once. Probably one that everyone has heard. But it was about a master craftsman who had apprentices working under him. (Can't remember now what was being crafted--rugs, I think, but not sure)

Anyway, wehn one of his students would make an error, the master would just come over and with a few deft strokes, adapt the design to hide the error. Just like you did with the Uggs.

And, just like your Uggs, the correction made the product more attractive than it would have been if the pattern had been followed perfectly. The touch of the Master's hand and all that...

Love the Ugg renovation and, of course, that pup!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the Uggs repair! Joey is really, really cute!

Don't ever quit Loretta!

Kim said...

great job on the uggs. Nice you are enjoying the blogcation.

debby said...

Good to hear from you! Joey is getting so grownup! And I love the Ugg slippers of course!

carla said...



Anonymous said...

HI Loretta! I'm back! I finally spent some time trying to figure out why I couldnt post comments!!! (Blogger glitch) For anyone who reads this and is having trouble, untick the "stay signed in" box when you sign in, this will let you comment again. Its a glitch blogger is working on but its causing people to leave blogger!!!! Anyway, I love your slippers. I wish paint and thread and art ability could have saved my slippers....the cat peed on them. Yep had to trash them!

My problem with dieting is eating too much. I watched my daughter shrink eating the same things I do, and guess why. She would eat a serving and no more. I would eat till I was full. For some reason I thought I could because it was low carb but apparently not. Blah. I like to eat.

Princess Dieter said...

That's some nice creative problem-solving! Looks really good.

I always tell folks who ask me how to start losing (which I get a lot lately in real life and online) is: Be prepared to suffer. Be prepared to give up stuff you love. Be prepared to say no to yourself al ot. gets easier. But at first, it's hell, pure hell.

And I know. I will occasionally use protein (Paleo Meal or Whey to Go) lower carb shakes, but I still want to chew real food. ; ) I find I'm not a good liquid diet candidate, as texture and chewing matters. Ah,w's still a useful tool, the whey shakes. (Avoid the soy ones, they're crap, and research for the less toxic ones.)


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