Thursday, August 11, 2011

AUG 11th See Ya Later Alligator

Hello Journal & Friends,

I've had something on my mind for several weeks now.

Finally, I have made a decision. One that is best for ME. I'm "unplugging" for the rest of the month of August. A Blogcation, if you will. 

"After 'while, crocodile"

I've been feeling more and more pressured lately, but couldn't put my finger on why. I finally figured it out. Simple really...

 I am so far behind with necessary projects, that I was feeling overwhelmed, and ended up doing NOTHING. Paralyzed by the sheer size of the list... classic procrastination behavior!! And naturally, as the stress built up, I started reverting to old deeply ingrained habits... of trying to relieve it with eating. Too many calories, whether on plan food or not, will STILL throw a monkey wrench in the works!! I remembered doing a post on "instinctual drift",  and looked it up. Wow... just what I needed to read! Obviously, I still haven't mastered that one yet. :-}

Ever see a duck gliding along on the water, and it looks so peaceful? Yet underneath that water, it's little webbed feet are paddling for all it's worth! That's how I felt... paddling like crazy, but never catching up.

I made my decision this morning, and already feel soooo much more relaxed and optimistic. I plan to take a day or two for strategizing, and am even feeling like it will be a fun goal to see just how much I can get done by the end of August. 

An example of one of the projects?? Okay... I hardly have anything to wear for the summer that isn't falling off my shoulders due to being too big!! I can sew, I have a machine, and I plan to go through everything that still has life in them, and sew them smaller. Buying all new stuff at this point is not in the budget, and I think tackling this project will help me feel spiffier, rather than sloppy.

Another example?? I have all the material and hardware, yet haven't finished curtains for two windows yet. And we've lived here 2 years! 

There are several more projects, including the fabric side walls for a "sun cabana" I'm making for my backyard. Fun, wild Hawaiin flower material. I'll post pics when it's done. Now, do NOT picture this in your imagination, LOL, but I want a little sun room so I can go outside and show a lot of skin, and soak up some liquid Vitamin D and RELAX. Can't do that if I am on edge wondering if or when my neighbors are walking up to the fence for a chat!! :-O   Hence, my idea for a Sun Cabana... a frame with cheerful fabric sides and no roof, so I can sit inside and soak up some rays.

Stay cool, friends. I'll see ya in a few weeks.

From Dr Phil's book: "Ultimately, only you--and you alone--are responsible for getting your weight under control."

My verse for today: "The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever..."

My quote for today: "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." --Edward Everett Hale

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 725


M Pax said...

The Gif of the kitty sewing made me laugh. :)

Enjoy your blogcation, Loretta. Hope to see you back and hear how you're doing.

Anonymous said...

:o Obviously, I get it. But, :o

I already miss youl :{


Sharon said...

Good for you, Loretta although I, too will miss your posts. Glad it's only temporary. I found your blog early on and admired the length of time you'd been blogging. I suspect there will come a time when a break will be something I need as well. Congrats on figuring out that's what you needed and following through. We'll be here when you return!!!

Anonymous said...

I already miss you too! Have a great time taking on your tasks Loretta.

The sun cabana sounds like a lot of fun!

Take care and I will look forward to a new post in a few weeks.


debby said...

Loretta, wonderful decision! And LOVE the quote by Hale--gotta keep that one. Love the sun cabana idea. And just an idea, if you get tired of sewing--they have plenty of 3X clothes (I think you said that's your size) in the thrift stores now, many times gently used.

Anyway, I know how you feel, I kinda felt that way yesterday. Go, and enjoy yourself!

debby said...

Loretta! I was wondering if you have an opinion on the best colored pencils. I tried some when I was working with the art quilter and loved them. Rembrant Lyra, something like that. If you have an opinion could you email me, Thanks!

Joy said...

I can hear your excitement through you post. You have some great plans and I am really excited to see that cabana. I want one!!!

Keep focused!!

Diana said...

Have a fun unplugged rest of the month. I'll miss you.

spunkysuzi said...

Enjoy the rest of August but I can't wait for you to come back!

Anne H said...

I miss you already, too!
Have a great month!

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