Thursday, May 5, 2011

MAY 5th Workin' on the Tude, Part 3

Hi there Journal & Friends,

Well, by now I would HOPE my attitude has improved! I'm working at it... to transform my stinkin thinkin into an Attitude of Gratitude. It may sound all cliche-y, and cause some gritting of teeth out there in bloggyland... yet it's still a truth worth embracing. I had a rough couple of days this week (Tuesday evening and Wednesday), but will go into that in another post. Weird, since Monday was a GREAT day. Yet I am persisting... I am convinced more than ever that MY lousy attitude made a difficult situation much worse than it had to be.

One thing I've noticed this week... I started working on my attitude BEFORE the circumstances got better. Did my improving attitude change/affect circumstances? Or was it the other way around. Or was it coincidence. Or is it mostly my perceptions... how I'm interpreting/processing what's going on... hmmmm...

Anyway, one last time, another Check-up from the Neck-up:

BEFORE:  Whine whine whine... I was focusing on the problem, what I'd lost (my free time) and feeling sorry for myself. My pain levels are up, and doing my art was a way to recharge, renew, fill my life with joy and creativity. I resented losing that, and despaired ever getting it back again. 

AFTER:  Remembering what I have to feel thankful for, and that Joey is still a puppy and will learn manners. We will work out a routine, and I can learn to be more flexible and patient. I'm learning that MY attitude rubs off on to Joey. So I need to be calmer and less uptight over it all, and make learning more fun for her.

Also, Jim is halfway to finishing her Doggie Door. It has an electronic latch, and Joey will wear the "key" on her collar, so it reads her coming, and opens, then closes after her. We can also set it to Lock position, when we don't want her exiting at will. I'm thankful Jim is willing to spend the time and money to make this work... and to help teach her how to use it.  

Have I mentioned I am thankful I am NOT on Poop Scoop Patrol??

I left off in Part 2  with just having gotten Joey all calmed down on the front porch, only to have Butterfly (my 6 year old kitty) come strolling out to see what's going on. And Joey was starting to get jazzed again... So, I scooped her up and we went indoors, to see if she would take a nap in her new kennel.

I enticed her with her favorite chew bone, 
and her green cuddle frog...

Okay, I think I like this...

Slowing down and gettin' droopy eyed...

Yes! The baby is asleep! Tippy toeing away now...

Dream on! The minute she heard my powerchair leave, 
she was up like a shot. So... here is where she ended up.

Rock-a-bye baby...

Asleep at last... I gently put her down into her bed, 
and she was out for a couple hours. Ahhhhhhh...

Sometimes we really can NOT change the thing that is bugging us, causing stress. But I am in charge of my attitude. It's annoying sometimes, I'll admit, to be reminded of it... but it's still true. I don't know why I keep forgetting it, and seem to need repeated reminders. So... I made up this little poster:

From Dr Phil's book: "One of the most critical ways to stop this behavior is to change the way you think and how you interpret events in your life. What you think determines how you feel."

My verse for today"Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go."

My quote for today: "The beginning is exciting, the end glorious... the middle is messy." --Christine Oursler, A Deliberate Life

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 629


Anne H said...

"You look great, Mom!
We make a happy family !!
Be strong for both of us!"

Love, Joey (Joy)
*woof woof*

Sheilagh said...

I think I am in love;)

M Pax said...

You do look great. :)

Joey and you will find a new norm. Soon. Soon. You'll find a way to get what you need back.

Attitude is like 9/10's of succes, I think. It's attitude that lets us see things in a way which allows us to persevere and get through.

Anonymous said...

Loretta! What HAVE you been doing?!? Really. You look 20 years younger than you are, at least!

Now, you listen to me----> I will fly to Oregon and help you finish training Joey if you bottle up some of the water from that fountain of youth you have obviously found! I will.

Or if you'd rather, I'll come on over and clean, cook and wash clothes to free YOU up to finish training Joey. However you want it, I'm at your cough up the juice.


Rettakat said...

Oh that's too funny, Deb! I almost didn't post those pics of Joey sleeping in my arms, cuz I didn't have a stitch of make up on, and felt washed out. Then I thought, what the heck, this is reality, real life... it's me. So there ya go, LOL!

Christina said...

Hey!!! I just caught up on the Joey stuff. Puppies really are a lot of work! Even though Joey has been more than you signed on for, I can tell you're a really good mama to her. I love the pictures of you holding her! There's nothing quite like cuddling a little ball of energy as she falls asleep. Joey may require a lot of time and energy, but she brings a lot of love and happines, too. I hope as she gets out of the puppy stage you'll have more time to yourself to keep finding yourself, to work on your art, and to just relfect. Losing that has got to be frustrating! Also, the electronic latch sounds neat. Hang tough!!!

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Great post! I needed to read something like that today. I think you look totally cute in those pics!!

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