Tuesday, February 17, 2015

But What if I WANT to give up??

Been sick.
Not sleeping well.
Ready to give up.
DID give up... stopped trying... what's the use?
Went to doctor.
Got medicine.
Finally SLEPT well.
Feeling better.

Gee... maybe this giving up thing is not such a good idea.
Ya think?!

Reminder to self (and anyone else who happens to read this):
Good Sleep is our friend! 
Good Sleep is a good thing.
Good Sleep is to be protected, planned for, prioritized, FOUGHT for.

A good night's sleep, done over and over, will change how our brains function!

Like, giving us the energy to try once again. 
To hope once again. 
To believe once again.

I was making up answers in my head to my doctors usual question he always asks: "How are you today?" 
I was all set to answer honestly with: I just feel like giving up.

The day before my appointment I saw a little sketch by a fellow artist, done of her bestie in the kitchen cutting up onions. The smiling lady was wearing a cheerful apron and funny "onion goggles".... and was on oxygen, connected to a tank. The caption read:

No matter how you feel:
Get up
Dress up
Show up
Never Give Up

I cried when I read that. 
I wanted to agree. 
I wanted to WANT to agree. 
But I was so exhausted, so wiped out, I just "wished" I could agree.

Now, after a 9 solid hours of sleep, I can smile and agree.
I think sometimes it's not just all "mental", but physical too.

Get yer ZZZZZZZZZ's! :-)

Happy Sleeping,



TBR/Committed Thoughts said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I haven't had a full night's sleep in so many years I lost count at 10...I only wish.

Retta said...

10 years??!! Yikes, and I thought I had it bad the last few months. Well, all we can do is try. I hope you can find something that works for you, it sure makes a HUGE difference.

mamajuliana said...

Ever since my hysterectomy five years ago I have not had a full night's sleep. Hormone therapy or no hormone therapy. You have my comiseration...lately I have been feeling depressed...and your Get UP...list is helpful! Thanks!

Retta said...

So nice to hear from you, Juliana! I'm sorry, though, that you are having a problem with the sleep thing, too. It seems like so very many people are affected by this! Hormones... yeah. I'm 64 and have a little desk fan on a tray table right next to my bed. Every single night, sometime in the night, I wake up HOT HOT HOT. That fan has been my best friend. :-}
Sleep truly does affect our brain, our hormones and chemicals. I hope you can find a way to improve yours. Please don't get discouraged and give up on that... I've found even little things add up. In fact, there's an interesting guy I've been reading lately that I like, Shawn Stevenson. He's really BIG on getting enough sleep as the number one thing, THEN working on other stuff. He did a podcast recently on the importance of sleep, and building what he calls a "sleep sanctuary". It's here if you'd like to listen: http://theshawnstevensonmodel.com/sleep-sanctuary/
Maybe you can find a tip or two to help?? Sleepy hugs to you!

Retta said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, Juliana, that in the podcast he does talk about the evolution of the brain. But you can ignore that, he still has a lot of good useful info. :-)

Sean Anderson said...

Retta, this post is something I can relate to in a powerful way. I'm so glad you made getting help a priority. A well rested Retta is a clearer thinking Retta!! Giving up only looks like a good option when we're too exhausted to do anything else. You're addressing the sleep issues. I applaud you loudly, for this.
I'm not sure if you've read the posts from back then--but if you did, you'll remember back in January 2014--when I "came out" so to speak, about my struggles---The first thing I addressed was the exhaustion and sleep issues. I just instinctively knew that if I didn't address those first--I wouldn't be able to do anything else positive.
I still don't get enough sleep. It's a scheduling/time management thing--instead of a physical/medical thing. The sleep I do get is quality and restful--and it has made a world of difference.
I am so happy you're not giving up. I'm glad you paused long enough to answer the question of "why do I feel like this?" And then acted on getting help for the conclusion.

Marion Shaw said...

Hi Retta, Oh, I'm so sorry you had this flu too! I totally agree about sleep and it's importance. I had years where I slept quite poorly and my health suffered for that. I was draggy all day. I had to learn ways to get better sleep. I have a sound machine for when the house is too noisy. I listen to a boring documentary if I am too agitated to sleep because the rhythm of the words helps, and I find Keebler to be very friendly and cozy curled up at the bottom of the bed too. Things like this...Loooove your recent art, by the way. :-)

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