Monday, August 27, 2012

AUG 27th Quotes & Chris Has Struck Again!

I love quotes. I can't remember a time when I did NOT enjoy them. They are like distilled wisdom. So naturally I have little scraps of paper around my studio with some of my favorites scrawled on them. Some are so old, they are faded and hard to read. (click on any pics to enlarge)

One favorite place I stick them on is a kitchen tool caddy that I use in my studio for my colored pencil collection, plus other assorted junk.

You know how when you have something up so long, that you eventually don't even "see" it?? Well, yesterday morning I glanced at my tool twirlie, and two words caught my eye: the amateur

The paper this quote was on had faded so badly--it's probably been taped up there 15 years!--that I had inked over those two words to see them better. I had to get up close to read the REST of that quote:

"The artistic temperament
is the indulgence
of the amateur."
--G K Chesterton

Huh! It struck me that the truth of that quote is not only for the "artist". But for all endeavors. Like... oh let me think...hmmm... weight loss endeavors!! 

No, not a deep or new thought. But it just struck me yesterday, and reminded me that it doesn't matter in the slightest how I FEEL. Strong, determined, optimistic, spiritual, hopeful... or discouraged, weak, frustrated, annoyed or skeered. 

Doesn't matter. 

Doesn't matter in the sense that I don't have to be sitting around waiting for the right feeling to come along, for me to be working on making the right choices in the meantime. If I want to be successful at this thing, then even while I'm still trying to get my ducks all in a row, I can't indulge in the "temperament of the amateur".

Even while I iron out the wrinkles, I need to be working on making healthy choices. Chris at A Deliberate Life  recently had a post that really affected me. So much so, that I didn't leave a comment for days!! Some things you just have to chew longer before you can swallow them, ya know?!  :-}  

Does she have all the answers? All her bugs worked out perfectly?? I doubt it. But Chris decided she wasn't satisfied with "mediocrity" any longer. She is ready to make a hard push. She said she will work out the rest of the details later. She said that for NOW, "I am capable of more."

Sometimes we need a kick in the tush to shake up our point of view! I had always said that whatever I do, it has to be for life. I've gone on and off hundreds of "diets" over the years, and I was done with that. Well... Chris offered a different point of view about that. And it made me at least stop and think, and consider that sometimes it's okay to shake things up! 

I mean... if a guy was out in the ocean drowning, you wouldn't sit in your little boat and lecture him on how to swim, because after all, it's a skill he'd need for life. You throw him a life ring! And worry about swimming lessons later. Right or wrong in my interpretation, that's how what Chris wrote struck me.

So! Hard as it is to stick my neck out there and once again declare a "goal"... I am joining Chris in her determination at making a HARD PUSH. It's time. I need it. I don't plan to stop my other lines of focus, since the REAL change is on the inside. But I'm drowning here!! I need to swim NOW!!

It's Hard Push time. It's hit me hard that as of today, it's been 1100 days since I started this blog. And I'm still not to my goal. I can let that kick me DOWN, or I can choose to let it kick me UP.  I'm choosing UP.

Want a kick in your tush?? Go read Chris' post. Pretty good stuff. :-)

My book quote for today: "With  high levels of mental discipline, you'll reach your goals faster, upgrade your potential for joy, and become a lot more fun to be around. When you keep your thoughts fixed on God, the things of God will naturally permeate your life, and thus your goals will be in line with his will..." --Tommy Newberry, The 4:8 Principle

My verse for today: "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

My quote for today: "Becoming realistic is the most common path to mediocrity." --Will Smith

Enjoy the Journey,


Day 1100


Carla Birnberg said...

you love quotes.
I love YOU.
I love quotes?!
nah :-)


Rettakat said...

Now, that's quotable, LOL!

M Pax said...

Great quote. I made permanent changes. They've held. A little bouncing, but not much. The trick was figuring out how to work with myself and around myself.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Loretta! You DO have quotes everywhere! That is so cool!!! :D Thanks for showing us that. I, for one, would never have picture so many bits of paper in so many places. Again--> :D

Re: the amateur quote. I actually had to read it over and over to figure out what I thought it meant.

After the third time that I read, ""The artistic temperament is the indulgence of the amateur," I remembered what was often said about movie stars back in the old days. (You know, when we were kids.) The star would act up, demand ridiculous things or refuse to work, and someone would say, "Oh, we overlook all that. It's just her artistic temperament."

And then it struck me. It was the amateur who had those self-indulgent fits. The old pro, who had already developed their r skill set, just calmly did his job and gained respect along with his continued success.

And then I thought of other instances. When drama was in full swing and someone who actually knew what they were doing showed up, that person could calmly and with assurance say a few words and take the situation in hand. And everyone would go from drama to a sigh of relief. The temperamental ones were simply revealing that they lacked skill! :o

I thought of times when I was all overwrought...and times when I was the calm, skilled one. And I realized that, yes, the "artistic temperament" IS the indulgence of the amateur. The experienced dogs just keep trudging along, getting the thing done. Without the need for drama--because they know what they're doing. Skill is not lacking so fits are not utilized to fill the gap.

Haha. See what a big story I got from your little quote?

When it comes to weight loss, I think it's time for me to "Stay calm and carry on." Temperamental fits don't seem to be working...


Rettakat said...

"The trick was figuring out how to work with myself and around myself."
Oh so true, Mary! I'm still figuring that out. :-)

Rettakat said...

And I didn't show all the ones around my computer desk! I have one there I rarely heed: "Communicate, don't pontificate." LOL!

I loved your take on that little quote. So true... the more skill and maturity, the less drama.

Ha ha ha, I just counted... I have 16 little quote-notes stuck around my computer area! I'm addicted... where's Quotes Anonymous when you need them! ;-)

Honeybee said...

You just quote my favorite verses :) I love quotes, and like you I place them everywhere around the house.

Rettakat said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them, Honeybee. :-)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Yup, I saw Chris's post and really had to digest it as well. Then I decided that it would be fun to see if I can literally work a little more of my butt (and gut) off, even while away on vacation. Now that was a new idea for me!

Rettakat said...

Sometimes it helps to shake up our point of view! I hope you have a great vacation. :-)

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