Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MAY 1st I'm Baaack!

Hello Journal & Friends,

I had a wonderful bloggy vacation! I even restrained myself from spouting off in a post when the urge hit... once. ;-)

As I started to write this, I stumbled upon the "pray for wisdom list" I made back on April 13th. It was for me and 6 others. I have been praying daily, sometimes more than once, for wisdom for us all. But... I had forgotten what I wrote next to MY name. :-O

Here it is:

April 13th, starting to see that I can choose which "restriction" I use as a tool. And if I want to stop counting calories, all I need to do is use "hunger/fullness" signals as prompts and ACCEPT them as my tool to control amounts. That would be all I need to do, just one thing, since I already make my choices from low carb, and don't eat sugar/flour now. Just one thing! How simple. :-)

Yeah right... how simple!! 

Well, on my "blogcation" I didn't count calories... not a one. I really did want to test this "theory". Was I ready for it? Was it too soon? Was I fooling myself? Was I making excuses cuz I was just plain tired of the hassle of counting?

How did I do?

April 1 weigh in: 332
May 1 weigh in:  321

Meaning a loss for April of 11 pounds. 
Pretty good for this ol' dog!

Hey, I think I'm on to sumpthin!! Perhaps I've finally turned the corner. I've done this whole deal long enough to know how, what, why, etc etc, ad nauseam. 

I had to ACCEPT the restriction, and stop fighting it. 

So all during my "time off" from blogging about it, I shifted my focus to my WHY. 

Yes, I did blog a little, but it was at my art blog (here).  I focused on my true passion, my reason for wanting to get healthy and lose this weight. I plan to continue this pattern for the most part, and see if it truly is where I need to be now, where this leg of the journey is leading me. I'm excited!

And this is for anyone who did NOT have a stellar April... hang in there, your time is a-coming. 

My book quote for today: "Find what works best for you. Always remember that you are trying to master yourself, not find a master for you." --Richard Machowicz, Unleash The Warrior Within

My verse for today: "Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy."

My quote for today: "I am still far from being what I want to be, but with God's help I shall succeed." --Vincent Van Gogh

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 988


Leslie said...

Nice going Loretta! That's a great month of, dareisay...intuitive eating! The corner is behind you!

Willow said...

Congratulations on the weightloss. I enjoy reading your blog. An inspiration.

Rettakat said...

That phrase... intuitive eating... ack!

I suppose I don't really relate to it. Sounds too nebulous... meandering... wishy washy... willy nilly... ha ha ha, I could go on and on! Yeah, that's just *my* interpretation.

Anyway, I still need "restrictions", just like I need to stay on a monetary budget. But if I'm honest with myself and am willing to accept to STOP eating when I've had enough, I might just get away with not having to count stuff. :-)

Rettakat said...

Thank you, Willow, that's nice of you to say. :-)

Anonymous said...


Way to go, Loretta the LionHearted!!! :D

And thanks for your comment on my blog. :} That's the balance for sure--not dwelling on the past, but not denying reality either. Learning from it and moving on.

We be moving now! :D (Practicing my songs of joy.)


Rettakat said...

Thanks, Deb the Determined!
You're next in line for some happy dancin'. :-D

MargieAnne said...

I love this. I hate calorie counting .... partly because all our food labels are in kilojoules. Imagine having to cope with these kind of numbers everyday. 350 calories =
1,46503 kJ. Madness! 2000 calories per day is supposed to be a healthy amount for a woman. That converts to 8,33716 kJ. Since my arithmetic is exceedingly erratic I will never count calories. Haha!

What a successful month you've had. That's a great change in weight. Proof that what you are doing works for you.

Lovely to see you back here too. All the best for a May being equally rewarding.


Nanette said...

Oh man!!! That's wonderful! That's so great! the month loss, that is! I'm just so proud of you. You've done so well listening to your body!

Christine said...

great job chick...whatever works for you!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Holy Moly! That's a great loss for you. I notice I don't see any other losses of 11 pounds on your list and nothing near that much in a long time, so this might be a big turning point for you.
Woohoo! Let me say it again. I just cannot believe how great you are doing. I came on the scene in Sept. 2010 with this blogging stuff and have been just waiting for something amazing like this for you. I know you can do it and you so deserve to feel all the good that comes along with it! You are gonna' figure this thing out and be a wonderful example for so many!

affectionforfitness said...

11 pounds, Yay Loretta! --says cheerleader Marion.

I actually lost 10 pounds during that same time. We're on a roll! Let's not lose momentum! Aren't we cool!

:-) Marion

Princess Dieter said...

That's a fabulous month's loss!!! Let's see what great things May brings ya! WELCOME BACK!

Bluezy said...


Rettakat said...

Kilojoules! Yikes, I would have a hard time with that, too. :-O
I hope May is as good or better, too!

Rettakat said...

Thanks, Nanette, I appreciate that. :-)

Rettakat said...

And sometimes it's trial and error to find out what works!
Thanks, Chris.

Rettakat said...

I looked back at my wt list and it seems that "traditionally" May is a good month for me. Makes me wonder why?! I want to continue the roll all summer and beyond! Thank you for your kind words, Jasmine. :-)

Rettakat said...

That's great, Marion! We're on a roll indeed!

Rettakat said...

Thanks, Mir. I hope May is just as good or better. I'm soooo ready to get this thing done!

Rettakat said...

Thanks, Bluezy!

E. Jane said...

Glad you had a nice break, and your weight loss is fabulous!! Have a great weekend!

Rettakat said...

Thank you, E.Jane, and you too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your big loss Loretta! Seems like a break was just what you needed!

Jules said...

Congratulations! and funny..once again we are on the same page...

I had a revelation similar to yours....that the focus on weight loss sets off triggers and when I let that go....6 lbs in one week....

Looking forward to your posts with your return..

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