Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OCT 25th This Is Real Life

Hello Journal & Friends!

Today is my 800th day since starting my blog. Whoodathunkit!

For me, it's brought out a mixed reaction, seeing as how I am still not at my goal.  :-}

I was all set to write about what a roller coaster ride this last week and a half has been. My Sweetie was on vacation from work the whole time... which seriously interrupts computer time and alone time. I'm feeling the stress from being behind on EV-erything.

Let's see... I went Zero Wheat on Oct 1st. Did great, lost 2 pounds, two weeks in a row. 

Then, feeling all jazzed, was "willing" to lower my calories to 1400 and get All Serious. Did fabulous... til the following weeks weigh-in: gained 2 pounds. Say what??!

Then it was our 34th wedding anniversary this last Saturday, and it was a wonderful day all around. 

But... the next day I was tired and not feeling it, and slammed head first into the "I-just-don't-care-what's-the-use-it's-too-late-for-me-anyway" wall. So, I overate a bit... on-plan food, but too much of it. 

It's weird... I knew at the time it wouldn't make me feel better. But instead I chose plain ol' "escapism". In fact, I had a can of Spam sitting on the counter, ready to fry it all up with melted cheese. The only reason it's still in my cupboard is cuz I glanced at the clock, and it was 11 pm. I had to go to bed soon, and figured it wouldn't be worth it. I wish I could say it was for a more Mature reason that I stopped, but there it is. :-}

Then yesterday as I was looking forward to some "me" time when he goes back to work today, and about to post an Oh Poor Me Lament... it struck me that this is NOT some diabolical roller coaster ride designed just to get me sidetracked. 

It's. Just. Life.

Just plain, ordinary ups and downs of my life. I admit, I'd sure LIKE it to be all smooth sailing. I usually stay on track just fine, thank you very much, when things are all hunky dory. But when my routines are jerked out from under me, I flounder. I really really REALLY need to change that. I WANT to change that. 

Because it finally occurred to me that the Routine and Order that I enjoy is not always what Life has planned for me. I am not the center of the universe, and God doesn't check with MY daily planner before He allows stuff to happen. :-}

So, back to the journey. 

Back to the focus on being Consistent, and not using routine disruptions as excuses. 

Back to shifting more focus over to my art, and finishing up my sewing projects from this summer. 

Back to LIFE. 
Living it now, not waiting til I'm skinnier. 

From Dr Phil's book: "Our inner thoughts, beliefs, self-perceptions, and emotions can give us a lift for a positive outcome, or hold us back in complete inertia."

My verse for today: "You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to you."

My quote for today: "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." --Wayne Dyer

Enjoy the Journey,


DAY 800


Anne H said...

Loretta...... Happy 800th!!!

Life is all around us.. all the time forever.
So you (me - we) already have got our life!

Lots of time to get things done....
and off of our checklist!
Glad you are taking some time for the little things!
I'm so glad you are part of Blogland!

Dayne Gingrich said...

You said it... It's just life.

It's not how fast... It's how consistent!

Keep stepping.


Anonymous said...

Haha. I have no idea what I was about to write, because I paused to read comments and Wayne's caused me to totally lose my train of thought. chuckle.

He ended with the encouragement to "keep steppin." Now that probably didn't send anyone else into the chuckles, but it did me.

You see, that's code back here for "Take care, there's cockroaches in the room". lol

When a social worker visits a home that is known to be, ummm, less than clean, she is told to "keep steppin" so that nothing can crawl up her legs.

I know. I know. Makes you cringe and probably not funny...it's one of those gallows humor kind of work things, I suppose.

Anyway...I'm glad you're anniversary went well! I'm glad you survived youir guy's vacation! (I can soo identify.) And, yes, congrats on 800 days. You're not at goal, but you're still pluggin away. (Personally, I'm hanging by a thread.)

You go girl.


Anonymous said...

Ooops. Dayne, not Wayne. :}

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Yes indeed, this is our life whether we enjoy it or not. And believe me I'd rather be enjoying along the way.
There are so many people who have been through so much and yet are not bitter, in fact even are grateful for their life experiences. I strive to be like that.

debby said...

Yep, life. It sure gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it?

carla said...

xo xo xo

and YES

Time to live.
and no waiting.


The Merry said...

I am not the center of the universe...

Well of course not. I am. Didn't you get the memo? For some reason this simple fact has not been universally recognized. Yet.

Congratulations on the anniversary! That is an accomplishment :)

M Pax said...

Happy Anniversary! And happy 800.

Look at what you have accomplished. You have had victories and epiphanies and progress. Concetrate on that.

Those burgers that look like pigs are so cute. I want one ... lol I'm thawing turkey burgers for dinner, now I'm wondering how I can decorate them to look like pigs ...

E. Jane said...

Hi Loretta,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a very thought provoking comment. I think you're right--this blogging thing has been a process and has led me to where I am today. No, it has not been a waste of time. You are very wise. I will keep on reading you.

E. Jane

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