Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 13th I Finally Did It!

I did it! I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and joined a Tai Chi class. And I LOVE it! I started yesterday, and am already hooked.

"Take care of yourself." 

This is something my Tai Chi instructor said in class yesterday. There were new people in the back rows who could not see her. She saw this, and tried to move back and forth; then suggested they move until they had a clear view. 

Then she STOPPED trying to do this for everyone, paused, and just said to everyone: “Take CARE of yourself.”

We need to not be victims. To wait for someone else to take care of us. To be pro-active and make healthy choices. 

To say NO when needed. 
To say YES when needed. 
To stand up for ourselves when needed. 
To let it go when needed.

To take care of ourselves.

My book quote for today: "So how do we keep ourselves from decaying? By changing the signals we send to our bodies. The keys to overriding the decay code are daily exercise, emotional commitment, reasonable nutrition and a real engagement with living. But it starts with exercise." -- Younger Next Year for Women, by Crowley and Lodge

My verse for today: "A cheerful heart is good medicine."

My quote for today: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." --Neale Walsh

Enjoy the journey,



PS: for anyone interested in Tai Chi, here is a very nice demo on youtube.


debby said...

Hi Loretta, I see your comments are back on. I'm always glad to hear from you. And I admire you signing up for a class! I am always nervous doing exercise in a group situation.

Retta said...

Hi Debby! The teacher was wonderful, and made me feel welcome. I LOVE Tai Chi!

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