Sunday, May 23, 2010

DAY 287 Day of Rest & Reflections

Hi Journal & Friends,

Today I picked out some of my favorite photos that Jim took of reflections. I guess it's because I have been having a hard look at myself lately. I want to stay honest with myself, and sometimes that's hard. You don't always realize that you've drifted slightly away from dead center.

Just to clarify about my Chocolate fest (that post is here) , where I went over my calorie budget by 200 and some calories eating chocolate... it wasn't the  amount of calories that bothered me. It was that I had drifted into a mindset that ALLOWED me to go over my chosen calorie budget. 

Why did I tell myself it was okay? What justifications did I use to give myself permission to lower my guard and let the excuses begin?

I had to ask and answer those kinds of questions. I still don't have all the answers. It's a long journey for me, and I was just kind of tired and wanted to pamper myself a little... take a break from being so strict... relax a little.

I can't do that! My life is at risk. Really. I started at 460 pounds, yes. But I am STILL in the morbid obesity range at 338, and still at risk! I can't "relax" and "take a break", regardless of how I feel. 

I will "fall forward" here... learn from it and go on towards my goal. If you missed Debs post about Falling Forward, I highly recommend it! 

So here are my favorite Reflection photos... you can click on any to enlarge:

Enjoy the Journey,



Deb Willbefree said...

Oh. Love the photos. A Couple of them (remember my vision is poor) looked to me at first as though they had a cross imprinted on the water (instead of a dock). Loved them--and for some reason they brought tears to my eyes. Not sure WHAT that is about!

Thanks for the shout out. :) I've been thinking of that post this moring--someone gave a little ehortation at church this morning saying that no matter what happens in our life, we must MOVE FORWARD. Learn what we can, but then move forward. :)

I paused here on my way to copy and edit that post for my church's newsletter. so glad I paused along the way.

Ahhh, the wonders and wildness of life, huh?

Thanks, WLW,


Deb Willbefree said...

Ohhh! I went back and clicked on the phots to enlarge them for one more look before I got to work--and it's NOT a dock. chuckle. Poor vision can make life interesting. It is fallen trees. Like them even better--the melancholy feeling they aroused makes so much more sense now. ...I guess the mind and spirit still sees well. Deb

Kimberley said...

Sometimes it is so hard to figure out why we do things to ourselves that we know won't make us feel good.

Looking at those beautiful pics makes me feel good though, thanks for posting them.

Hugs to you Loretta.

midlife_swimmer said...

Laurie Anderson once said...with each step we fall forward slightly and then catch ourselves from falling. over and over falling and then catching ourselves from falling :)

Then I Got Fat said...

You're doing great so far, keep up the great work. You are very inspiring to a lot of people. :)

Kat said...

Oh Loretta, those photos are absolutely beautiful!I think one of the most challenging things about this journey is looking into the mirror and being honest with ourselves. I agree that you are doing great on your journey. I am looking forward to celebrating with you as you pasa the milestones on your journey. xoxo

Leslie said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.

You've made amazing progress Loretta. I really respect you and your willingness to hold yourself accountable for the subtle change in your path that your chocolate fest respresented. That kind of vigilance will help you stay the course and not get complacent.

Patsy said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love your photos!

Well done for learning from your chocolate experience and moving forward! :o)

The Brown Recluse said...

LOVE the photos!
It's very hard for me to be honest with myself. I normally end up shutting my brain off for any thoughts that are "real" and go into a "world of my own" and daydream.

It's amazing that you went over your budget and didn't give into the "I've blown it" mindset and eat everything in sight. That's always the easiet thing in the world for me to do.

This is why you are meet the challenges head on and fearlessly battle it out until you have it by the root, so you can pluck out, examine it and destroy it!

You go, Girl!

Nancy said...

you are right and I need to do that too. My mother died of diabetes complication at age 55 and I dont want to go there, my life is at risk too and I need to shake off the doldrums and get with it already.

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