Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 293 Spring Challenge Week 10 Update

Hi there Journal & Friends,

Time for our TENTH Spring Challenge Update!! Only 3 more weeks to go, and it will officially be summer.

So, Weight Loss Warriors, how are you doing with the 

Overall Goal of the Challenge?
"The goal of this challenge is to teach yourself to look at your new behaviors positively, to learn to be nicer to yourself and believe in yourself, to learn to enjoy healthy behaviors and learn some moderation. A little balance. It's important. More important to learn than the extremes - too much and deprivation."

Okay, on to my weekly check-in...

My Spring Challenge goals:

1. Every day for the next 13 weeks, do some kind of Exercise.
2. Every day for the next 13 weeks, drink a Greenie.
3. Check in every Saturday.
4. Tell one thing each week that I like about myself.
5. Save up to buy myself a fun Reward at the end.

My Exercise: 
Doing better, though disappointed that my walking is still not up to snuff. I'm having a lot of leg pain, and not sure if I should take the painkillers and walk, or if that is backwards, and I should wait til I am lighter until I put that much pressure on knees that are already blown. I just don't know... Anyone have any experience with that kind of thing?? I spent so long weaning off the painkillers, that I just hate to take them again. Yet, without them... no walking. Sigh... I'm open to bright ideas!

My Greenies: 
Getting back into the habit again. I made 5 out of 7 days. Friday night, I just plain forgot! One thing I noticed... the warmer the temperature is, the more I enjoy them. So I think it will be easy to continue all summer, though I think 5 or 6 days a week is more realistic for me.

One thing I like about myself:  
I like that I have good taste in men... mwha ha ha ha!! When I told that to MyGuy, he said that was cheating, it was supposed to be about me. Then he told me to say: "I like that I am a loving and obedient wife"!!!!! Yep, he definitely has a mischievous side. :-) Dream on, honey, dream on!

For my Reward: Don't know if I will be able to save up enough for the goodie that I'd really like... but I keep adding to my glass teddy bear jar each week.

Remember, we are aiming for progress, not perfection.

From Dr Phil's book: "Get real with yourself."

My verse for today: "As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forevermore."

My quote for today: "You can be the hammer, making things happen, or you can be the nail that sits there and gets pummeled over and over. If you're starting to feel like a nail, it's up to you to keep your program moving forward. Gather yourself together, draw a line in the sand and refuse to give in to the doubts and temptation to give in or quit." --from Sparkpeople

Enjoy the Journey,



Deb Willbefree said...

Hi, Loretta! I was trying to think where I had read that final quote, when I got to the source--SparkPeople. hahaha. Yep. :)

Sounds like you're back up and at em with your goals! Great job.

As far as the pain meds go, I'm no expert. I was wondering, tho, if there was a non-perscription pain med you could take that would allow you a teensy bit of walking, but not have the habit effect of the scrip stuff.

I wouldn't think that you'd want to do much on your knees, anyway. No sense making a bad situation worse. I think working on your leg muscles is essential, of course, so whatever you've figured out for that is probably the most important. Uh-hmm. sorry. I pretty much repeated what you already know.

My challegne: I did pretty well. I messed up the fat grams for at least one day, and maybe a second. The Hole In The Wall dinner cannot be calculated. I had breaded, deep-fried shrimp, so who knows? It's the only fat I had for the day except what was in the salad dressing, and I didn't have fries. Shrug. One day I know I went over. I just miscalculated and didn't catch it until after I ate.

Other than that, I did good. :) My one thing? I get happy over Simple things. :D


midlife_swimmer said...

Have you tried walking on your butt??? I knew a woman who was overweight and injured for a time that walked frontwards and backwards on her buttcheeks sitting down on the floor to music and she said it strengthened her glutes her core and her legs but left her injury alone for the 6 weeks she was doin it..... just a thought :) and knee saving.

Kimberley said...

Sorry you are having so much knee pain. Are you able to swim or walk in the pool?

Thanks for the challenge update! You are doing great!

M Pax said...

Listen to your body @ your knees. Only do what you feel is not aggravating it. There were lots of exercises I did not do when I started for fear of blowing a knee. Sometimes they still get squeaky. Keep those joints warm. You can still work on arms, abs, etc ... Lots of pilates type workouts are on a mat leaving the knees alone.

So my progress ...

1. water - no
2. exercise on off days - yes. Now that PMO has started up, I'm busier than ever. I blew the right arm out again, but keep working out. Modifying where I need to. I hike to the summit and keep active.

3. marketing/platform - I keep going. Have 250 tweet followers and growing. Got a few more FB's and blog followers. Made more friends. Networking, networking, networking.

4. life of r - started sending out another round of subs after editing my stories. Feel good about it.

Something I like about me - when I have my eye on something, I don't let obstacles stand in my way. I channeled into that to help me in getting healthier. It worked. Usually my impatience hinders me, but not in this arena - of wanting what I want and figuring out how to get there.

Sometimes it takes longer than I'd like, but I get there. Victory is sweet. What is victory? Living a great life, filling it with love and passion. :D

Nancy said...

i have no idea what my progress is. Its mediocre at best in all areas, though I am maintaining my recent weight loss. As for your walking dilemma I say, just do what you can. I find that I lose more weight when I am actually not being severe with exercise.

CinciMom11 said...

Great job! Haha, I love the thing you love about yourself! Cute answer. :)

How bad are your knees? Is biking an option? I bought a recumbent bike off of Craigslist. With walking, my problem is my feet. I've been doing a ton of reading, and it sounds like taking meds to keep exercising is a bad thing. You push yourself too far and don't realize it because you don't feel it. You think you feel fine, and you think you can keep going, but you shouldn't. Be careful!

Here's mine:

CinciMom11 said...

Oh, just to add more... Pushing through pain is almost always a bad idea. There is a difference between slight discomfort and PAIN. When you keep pushing, you usually hurt yourself. It's better to take one day off exercising than it is to injure yourself and be set back for weeks.

Ms. PJ Geek said...

Ok sorry if this double posts..I'd just finished my post and then I lost it...

Physical therapists have told me in to past to get moving. I know we tell patients after a total knee replacement to premedicate with pain med an hour before exercise, start slow but the movement of exercise helps lubricate the joints, ice afterward. For really bad knees walking in a pool or recumbant bike is better.

I'd highly recommend if you have insurance and the copays are not too high for outpatient physical therapy , to see if you can get a doc to order some outpatient physical theray , so you can get expert advice on what to do and not do as far strengthening your legs, improving range of motion, decreasing pain, pain management without drugs. Also, if a doc order / insurance is not a route you can go, then check in to see how much a private session would cost. It would probably be worth every penny , help you in the long run, and prevent aggravting pain.

Kat said...

Hi Loretta - I think you are doing a great job on the challenge and overall handling everything in general. Your attitude is positive and uplifting.
Here is my challenge update, a day late, but on target...:-)

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