Thursday, May 20, 2010

DAY 284 What's in a Name??

Hi Journal & Friends,

Have you ever read the name of a weight loss blog and cringed? Had your heart go out to the person that chose that name? Been worried about the mindset that would pick a name that sounded insulting to themself?? Need examples to know what I mean?

Big Bertha's Blobby Blog
Tubby Terry's Travails
Fat, Forty and Funny Francis
Gigantic Gerry's Gyrating Girth

Well, you get the picture (these are mythical... I'm not thinking of anyone in particular). Yes, they can be clever and entertaining... but I worry. Is the goal to be clever and entertaining, or to change our lives and get healthy?

I must admit, there are sooo many clever and entertaining writers, and I totally enjoy those blogs. I admire people that can write like that! But these kinds of blog names are disturbing.

This is not meant as criticism... only as concern.

Our mindset on this journey is crucial. And how we view ourself is of upmost importance. Words have meaning. Words have power. And how we describe ourselves reveals a lot about where our head is at.

"What is true about you in your mind, 
you will live." 

"Describe yourself in a manner 
that reflects a winning identity."

I totally believe these statements from Dr Phil's book, The Ultimate Weight Solution.

I had to learn to be my own best friend. To stop labeling myself with derogatory terms, such as fat, lazy, a loser, hopeless, slob, old and useless, etc etc. And that includes my blog or anywhere else I describe myself. Because it will influence my thinking. And the battle IS won or lost between the ears.

On a lighter note...since I believe names have meaning, we have waited to give our new kitty her "real" name. This is obviously on a less important level than our journey to health, but we still wanted the right name.

Baby Sister (her nickname for now) is small, and has big V shaped ears. Her little face has a sharp pointed chin, making her whole face look like a big V. And under her chin peeks out white fur in a V shape. 

So naturally I wanted a name starting with V! But her Daddy resisted the "girly" names. I liked Victoria, which means Victory in Latin. Or Vannessa, which means Butterfly in Greek. He insisted he was  going to call her Vee for short, no matter which froo-froo name I picked... aagghhh!! Men!

Okay. So Baby Sister has officially been christened Vevie (rhymes with Stevie). In Welsh, it means White Wave. Under her little black chin, there is a white line in the shape of a little wave! And her Daddy gets his way... her nickname is officially Vee. 
(can click pics to enlarge)

Oh noes, make it go away!

The Paw, getting ready to strike...

Hey Butterfly, wanna play? wanna play? huh? huh? 

From Dr Phil's book: "Change your thinking to change your weight."

My verse for today: "Great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies."

My quote for today: "My cat speaks sign language with her tail."  Robert A Stern

Enjoy the Journey,



dailyseeking said...

You are right with what you say about yourself. I never point out things, physically, that I don't like about myself to other people. If you do, that is what they focus on.

Anonymous said...

You are so right about the blog names. I sometimes feel so badly about them...

My own blog name changed if you remember. The little by-line stayed "Ready to lose weight & walk in the freedom Jeses gave me--& rediscover joy on the journey!' But, the title was originally, "Deb Will Be Thin" before I changed it to what it was always meant to be: "Deb Will Be FREE!"

Loved this post, Loretta. As always. Enjoyed the kitty pics, too! So much better than food porn. hahaha.

We shall both be free--in fact, we're enjoying feedom right now.


cmoursler said...

I obviously agree. lol.
I think HOW you define yourself daily is very telling in how you view yourself when you are alone.
I can't stand to see people portray themselves in derogatory manner like inserting a pig where they should be, or calling themselves a 'fat slob'.
As you think, so you are.
It's destructive.
I know, I did it for years.
It became ingrained....the longer you do it, the harder it is to stop.
Great post loretta.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Little Vevie is so cat was a black and white one, too. (I let my husband name him...big mistake...his name was Goober!)

I know what you mean about cringing when you see the names people call themselves. I guess I'm a straight-shooter like you when it comes to stuff like that.

Have a nice weekend!

CinciMom11 said...

Love the name! The meaning is perfect. What a thoughtful choice! Vevie looks like such a sweet little girl. :)

Yea, there are def some weird blog names out there. I think we overweight people are too used to poking fun at ourselves before someone else beats us to it. What a strange defense technique.

Loretta, you are the last person who should connected to any negative adjectives! Fat, lazy, a loser, hopeless, slob, old, useless? Excuse me? Heck, no! You are a winner. You're wise. Not only do you have a ton of hope yourself, but you inspire it in others. Look at how much weight you've lost, how healthy you've become, how aware of yourself you are! You have an enormous about of strength and insight. You're beating the odds, and you're doing so in a spectacular way. You're a real ray of sunshine. When I think of Loretta, I think of a long list of happy adjectives. I'm glad you're finally starting to do the same! :)

Anonymous said...

I think being positive in what you call yourself on a blog is more important than being funny. Also i believe if you write it down, it will become true so i'd never call myself fat in my title!

You have new kitties!!! I think Vevie is perfect...and apparently you have one named Butterfly too? i need to back track and catch up on your blogs!!!

M Pax said...

Awww. I lurves kitties. Vevie is a great name.

Makayla's was originally Sasha. I usually call her Kayla B.

Nini was originally Karyn. I changed it to Karenina. Nini is short for that. She likes being called Little Nini best.

Labels are important. I think you're right about that. So what label do I dub me with to stop the panic? You may not all believe this, but I draw from the lessons I learned while losing the weight to get me through this next phase in my life. Doesn't stop my clammy palms, but I handle the rejection much better than I would have. My confidence pretty much remains in tact. I feel like I get stronger and stronger. Not just because I keep working out and attending to my diet [but it does help], but because I keep working to improve and be better. Sometimes I over reach [lately] and have to pull back to myself and trust myself. I learned to trust myself while losing weight. I need to trust myself now. Don't panic, M, just do. :D

Sorry to ramble. Rambling often helps me pull it back together.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I think so many people who struggle with their weight are so tired of being hurt by other people's comments that their coping mechanism is to say negative things about their self before someone else can say it first. It does sadden me when people label themselves in such a negative way. I love that you always keep such a positive attitude. That's why people flock to your blog. Sadly, sometimes I think people don't realize that they have it in them to change their own attitude.

The Black Family said...


I have only been reading your blog for about a week. You are very inspiring! Thank you for your statement "What is true about you in your mind, you will live." This has been so true for me in my life! Finally after years of abusing myself with food, I can see that most of the battle was/is fought in the mind!

Thanking the Lord for sending me to your blog!

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