Monday, May 24, 2010

DAY 288 Guinea Pigs & Test Pilots

Hello Journal & Friends,

I remember once seeing a comic strip where a wife was serving her husband a new dish for dinner. She told him: "Don't think of yourself as a guinea pig... think of yourself as a Test Pilot!"

(Chuck Yeager, 1950's)

This week I've been experimenting with my calorie budget... I've been a Test Pilot. :-)  

I've paid attention to what works for others, and done some reading on metabolism. Apparently, switching it up instead of doing the exact same thing each day is supposed to have a benefit, similar to switching up an exercise routine. 

I'm not convinced yet, but decided to give it a try. Why? Because, like I mentioned yesterday, I've been taking a good look at myself. And had to admit that I really was fighting my 1500 calorie daily budget. I want something that is doable for life, and either I had to change and conform to IT, or IT had to change and conform to my life.

So, I am a Test Pilot for awhile. I am doing one day at 1300, one day at 1900, and the other 5 days at 1600. This all averages out to yield a weekly loss for me of a solid 2 pounds. Yet, it has the flexibility to conform to my life. Some days, such as MyGuy's day off or if we go out to eat, the 1900 calorie budget fits the day. Other days I can pick from the rest of the calorie choices.

It's a grand experiment, and I think I want to give it at least a month to get used to it, to see if it's doable, and work the bugs out.

Along these lines, Margaret  left a comment yesterday that got me thinking:

"It's amazing that you went over your budget and didn't give into the "I've blown it" mindset and eat everything in sight. That's always the easiet thing in the world for me to do. 

This is why you are meet the challenges head on and fearlessly battle it out until you have it by the root, so you can pluck out, examine it and destroy it!"

This was in reference to my Chocolate Fest, where I blew my calorie budget eating chocolate. And I had mentioned that it wasn't the calories that bothered me, but rather the mindset that allowed me to make excuses and EAT the extra chocolate.

Margarets comment made me think of how much my thinking has changed! It made me feel so grateful that I no longer give in to the all-or-nothing mindset that says "oh well, you've messed up now, so go ahead and eat whatever you want, and just start over tomorrow (or Monday, or next week or next month...)"

Do I still have those thoughts? Sure. And they can be mighty tempting at times! But I finally see how destructive they are and choose NOT to do that to myself. Why not? Why not just start over in the morning... it's only one night of a party in my mouth...won't it make me "feel better"??

NO. No it won't, in the long run. 

Because while my old, immature thinking told me it was only one night of a food fest... the New Me has finally learned that IT ALL COUNTS. It all adds up... plus it sets the precedence to do it again, and again, and again. And all it takes is to blow it once or twice a month to negate all the hard work, and keep me stalled.

I did that for YEARS AND YEARS!!! 

Once DOES matter. One food orgy DOES matter. It DOES kill progress. It DOES chip away at resolve and determination. IT DOES MATTER.

And that is why my Chocolate fest was a danger sign to me, and I needed to get honest and address it.

And that is also why I am experimenting with my calorie budget. I have be honest with myself and admit I am struggling, and find a solution. So, we'll see! I'll let ya know in a month if this was a good idea. :-)

From Dr Phil's book: "Adopt a solution-side approach to your life."

My verse for today: "Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits."

My quote for today: "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." --Jim Rohn

Enjoy the Journey,



CinciMom11 said...

Woohoo! I had two guinea pigs when I was younger, and they were so much fun. :) I hope the new calorie system works better for you! It sounds great! What a FLEXIBLE plan! I'll look forward to hearing about your success. :)

Leslie said...

What really jumped out at me when I read your post is the creativity of your thinking with the calorie variations. What a fantastic idea. Also, the confidence and self awareness in the notion of "either I had to change and conform to it or it had to change and conform to my life", regarding the calorie budget being sustainable over the long haul. Very powerful critical thinking.

I'm starting a period of some fairly rigid eating, but as I move through that and begin to relax a little, I'll be very interested to know how this experiment "fits" for you! Sounds like a plan I could go for.

The Brown Recluse said...

"food orgy" lol
But, Ohhh!! I don't even want to think of how many times I participated in one.
"doable" is the key word, isn't it? I'm real interested to know how the calorie intake variation goes...

that TOPS lady said...

I think the plan of varying your cal limits sounds like it has potential! Go for it! :)

Speaking of comics, my favorite was this woman who goes to the living room to tell her husband something. In the background you can see smoke coming from the kithen. She says "I'm afraid I overheated the pizza we ordered to replace the dinner I ruined." I have days like that!

M Pax said...

Woot on new me thinking! Most of the work we have to do is in our own heads.

Yes, you must find what you can live it. It is essential. As time goes on, what that is for me has changed a lot.

We must think long term and what works for us.

cmoursler said...

sounds like a good plan...keep it up Loretta...great idea.

Deb Willbefree said...

Sounds good, Loretta. As you know, I thought 1500 cals was too low for you, anyway. so, I'm glad you're amping it up a little--and the low/high days sound good, too.

Gotta tell ya, that Chocoperfection HEALTH bar has been calling my name all evening. It is, of course, because of an emotion-laden issue re: my grandchildren and their lack of proper supervision. Since I have good boundaries, I won't take your post to vent... aarrgh.

I think not wanting to miss a day on our challenge because of the fat content is the only thing keeping me from sinking my teeth into that chocolate! Thanks.

Keep at it, WLW!


Kat said...

Sounds like a great plan - I bet the flexibility will be nice.

Nancy said...

sounds good to me!]
(aww guinea pigs are so darn cute!)

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