Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DAY 324 Things I Love

Hi Journal & Friends,

has given me the I Love your Blog Award. ... thank you PJ!!  (and I LOVE colored pencils!)

Here are  "The Rules":
1. Thank the person that gave it to you. 
2. Write 10 things that you love. 
3. Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers. 

So here goes the first part:

I love...
...the tiny scar near the corner of Jim's mouth, that makes him look like he's always on the verge of a grin
...the purring of a kitty
...the uninhibited bellylaugh of an infant
...a clear, dark, quiet night when you can see all the stars as far as   forever
...the feeling you get when God lets you know He's thinking about you
...beautiful music
...possibility thinking
...good chocolate and good coffee
...art; making it, seeing it, sharing it

Now I'll see about passing it on... here I'm breaking the rule...gasp... and picking these three: 

Ruby, at A 252 Pound Journey to Being Free, because she really has a way of writing that touches me deeply. For an amazing sample, click on her link above.

Kelli,   at My Journey To a New Life, because she has made wonderful progress, overcoming obstacles with honesty and determination. She is a Walkin Machine!

Coach Dayne,  at Coach Your Mind, because I continually learn from him; if he can't get you to thinking, then yur braindead!

This was a lovely award... I enjoyed focusing on the things that make me smile.

From Dr Phil's book: "There are no victims, only volunteers. You must embrace the fact that you own your problems and take action to solve them."

My verse for today: "Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord."

My quote for today: There are four things you cannot recover:
                                  The stone after you throw it,
                                  The word after it's said,
                                  The occasion after the loss,
                                  The time after it's gone.

Enjoy the Journey,



Sheilagh said...

Great award Congratulations:0)

I love your list of things you love.



Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I enjoyed your list of things you love.. like beautiful music and a starry night! Lovely stuff!


Anonymous said...

Great award! Thanks for sharing the things you love.

I really like the new pic of you!!!

Scarlet Simple said...

Wow, that you so much! This was nice to come home to after the day I've had.

I just noticed your new pic! You look amazing!!

Dayne Gingrich said...


Thank you so much for your kind words. I love the "brain dead" quote... made me laugh a little.

I'm glad you enjoy stopping by and "thinking." I always visit your journey and enjoy reading about your progress and the knowledge you're acquiring!

Thanks again.


snoconegirl said...

awwww thank you so much for the award..and i love your new picture too..you are doing great..your going down fast now..i love it! have a great night..loveyou.kelli

Anonymous said...

This post made me smile!

Rettakat said...

Hi Black Kitteh!
I've missed being able to leave comments at your blog... Blogger doesn't like me anymore at your place. :-( And I couldn't find an email for your or Orange Kitteh.

I love the silhouette of the kitties watching the fireworks. I tried to leave a comment:

"Oooooh.... ahhhhhhh.... Pwetty! But no wants lowd boombooms, okays?? Kthanxsbai."


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