Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 309 Overcoming All Obstacles

Hello Journal & Friends,

I must admit, last week was my worst week since I started this blog in August of 2009. I struggled with everything! 

And when it comes right down to it, it was all mental. The battle was raging inside my head, and I didn't make the time to address it. Problems don't go away by ignoring them... duh!

Well, that's over. Yesterday when I posted the Bee photo, I really did relate to that little bee... buzzing around, taking care of business. I feel more determined now, more encouraged, to be like that  little bee. I am identifying the problem, and figuring a solution. Will talk more specifically on it later, when I get the wrinkles ironed out.

I wanted to share with you some pictures that MyGuy emailed to me, and he titled them "Overcoming All Obstacles." I had to laugh... it is sooo like him to think of something like this when he thinks of motivational stuff! It was his "guyish" way of trying to encourage me. 

They made me smile... hope you like them, too (can click pics to enlarge).

From Dr Phil's book: "Weight loss doesn't just happen; it happens one step at a time."

My verse for today: "...put your hope in the Lord both now and forevermore."

My quote for today: "Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is! --Anne Frank

Enjoy the Journey,



Debbie said...

So much of this journey is mental. I used to always eat for comfort instead of dealing with my problems, but like you said ignoring them doesn't make them go away!! I still find myself craving something unhealthy when stressed, etc., but now I try to stop and figure out what's causing these triggers for me!!

Loretta, you have remained a major source of encouragement to me during my journey and I wanted to thank you for that!!! I'm going to take you up on your offer to grab the Century Club badge you offered to me!! I will be proud to display it on my blog!! I will post it tomorrow with credit to you!!

BTW, I LOVE the pics your "MyGuy" sent to you!! Don't you feel like we have to climb mountains ALL the time to overcome our obstacles???

M @ The Woes and Throes said...

This is why you'll be successful forever more. I just love how you refuse to give up! If (when?) I reach that place were the weight loss slows and I'm feeling discouraged, I hope to be as determined as you!
Thanks for sharing your journey.

M Pax said...

I agree with Debbie - most of the journey to complete ourselves is mental. I think getting healthier and learning to take good care of oursevles is part of making ourselves complete. :) I think sometimes we believe we don't deserve happiness. I think I once believed that for myself.

I don't any more. Being happy makes making healthy choices all the easier for me. Part of being happier is being healthier. It's miserable to get there, but when I think about it, I was miserable when I got so unhealthy.

I think it's like inertia. Misery breeds more misery. Light attracts light. That's why I thought it important to say something you like about yourself in the challenge. Overcoming that belief, that you don't deserve a great life & happiness, was one of the hardest things to do. For me, anyway.

Anonymous said...

YourGuy seems like a really nice man! Yay for moving past the obstacles Loretta. Wonderful things are waiting on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Guys are so cute. chuckle. I could probably think of a number of things to call the event represented by those pictures; I'm not sure "overcoming all obstacles" would be on that list. lol Like I said, guys are so cute. hahaha I'll be showing Bill these--he'll like them. He broke his hip a couple of years ago 4-wheeling. sigh.

Sounds like you're falling forward, WLW! Good job!


Patsy said...

If we could all overcome the mental obstacles, the weight loss industry would cease to exist! Great photos - thanks for sharing. :o)

Christina said...

Haha, those pictures are great! I'm glad to hear you're winning the mental battle. Keep it up!

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