Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DAY 304 Consistency & A Work In Progress

Hello there, Journal & Friends,

Okay, so now what??

On Monday I spouted all that great sounding, motivational stuff...ideas about living NOW, enthusiastically, boldly, with joy and wholeheartedly. But until it's put into action, it's just that... ideas. 

For so many years that's mainly just what I did... talk. I talked a good game about weight loss, but didn't follow through. At least not for too long, or not CONSISTENTLY enough to show good results. I'm not talking perfection... just consistently enough to make progress. 

This might sound hard, but I don't mean it to be... just truthful. But over the years I have listened to and read so many people who say they try and try to lose weight, but just can't figure out what's wrong. They exercise, they eat right, yet can't seem to make progress. Yet if they talk long enough, or write often enough, you can sometimes see a problem: lack of consistency. This does NOT apply to every situation, but definitely to some.

I know... cuz I did it, too. All it takes to undo days of progress is to indulge one or two days a week. I would try "really hard", then want to take a break, to pamper myself, to "reward" myself for all my hard work. Or just relax on the weekend.

Or... the stresses of life would build, and I just wanted an escape, to use food as my drug. I finally had to stop with all the excuses and self-delusion, and see that "well, duh", of COURSE I wasn't making progress. I was undoing it once or twice a week.. or the occasionally big blowout.  

Or... lastly, the thing I am battling right now... the "little extra bit here and there" syndrome that creeps in.

That's all it takes, to sabotage our progress. It doesn't even have to be a big deal... just the little stuff that creeps in.

We either get this, or we don't. We either get honest with ourselves, or we don't. 

Back to my original question: so now what?? 

I don't want to do now, what I did for years with the weight loss... just talk about it. So here I am, in my messy studio, doing some thinking. I am planning for changes, looking to re-arrange my life, my time, and put into ACTION those things I wrote about Monday (here). 

It's down to where the rubber meets the road... my everyday life. How I spend my Time, which IS my life. I have no idea yet where this will lead, but I don't want to let it go, I don't want to trivialize it. I WANT it. And I'm willing to make some changes to have it.  I'm working on that....

From Dr Phil's book: "When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences."

My verse for today: "You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light."

My quote for today: "It's only on the brink that people find the will to change." --from the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still

Enjoy the Journey,



Deb Willbefree said...

You are very pretty woman! :D

I truly wish I had your skin--my face is starting to drip off the bottom of my jaw and puddle under my chin. sigh. Love the hair, too. I just got mine cut because it looked so scraggly. If I had seen your picture first, I may have stuck it out--I like that whole flippy thing. :) Although, mine would probably have still looked scraggly. Short neck, fine hair. shrug.

Anyway--I hope you get that photo framed up--you look beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.

You know, it's odd, but I've been having a comment on an old post of yours run thru my mind alllll day--and it was a comment you made about the battle may be in your mind and you need to think things out, but if all you do is talk and figure and think--it doesn't amount to anyhing if without action. Just like today's post.

It's odd, because I'm really NOT just talking. I am on track with food and exercise, so every time that idea crossed my mind today, I wondered why. :) I guess the Spirit is just moving on that today. Wahoo for being in tune, huh?



The Brown Recluse said...

It all comes down to choices, yes? I want both to lose weight and to eat "a little more" here and there and "relax" on the weekend, and to lose weight. So I much choose which path to follow based on which is going to be more important to me. I know it will never taste as good as losing 2 or 3 pounds for the week will feel.

PS: Love the picture!

Rettakat said...

DEB: "I truly wish I had your skin.." Hahaha... thank you, but the credit goes to makeup! I use Sheercover mineral powder makeup. It's the best kind I've ever tried, and that's saying a lot since I've worn make-up since I was about 13.

The camera is kind to my hair! In person the gray hairs are rebellious and wiry. I recently have been playing around at Try-a-Hairstyle, free from Ladies Home Journal. Here:

You can upload one picture with your hair pulled back, and then try on different hairstyles (and colors) to see how you look before you actually do it for real. I was amazed at how different they made you look. Some styles I was considering looked awful! I discovered I look awful as a blonde or redhead. But it's fun to play around.


Allie1982 said...

I see a lot of myself in your blog post! "Relaxing on the weekends" and just lack of consistency in general. Thank you for this post. You have inspired me to be more consisent in my daily routine!!

M Pax said...

What I had to do: was see the pampering and indulgence was feeding myself well - not with crap but with beautiful fresh food that did great things for me. I make colorful plates to fill all my senses and I learned to be satisfied.

A change in perspective thing. Relying on old 'crutches' for pampering I think is part of the process. But limit them to moderation. Remember moderation is what we're supposed to learn. :) That's what takes on the road to lifetime change.

Like this healthy gig - approach other changes similarly. Like a friend of mine, sets an egg timer for 50 minutes. For that 50 minutes she does nothing but write.

When I started, I did not work as long as I do now. I'm still prone to procrastination from time to time. It comes down to consistancy and realizing things that make you happy deserve a high priority. They do.

If you are happy, everything else becomes a million times easier. :D

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