Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DAY 303 I'm Here!

Hi Journal & Friends,

Well, finally! I had no phones or internet all day today, til just a little while ago (about 8:30 pm, Oregon time). I think I went through B.W.S... Blog Withdrawal Syndrome!

Turns out that Vevie, our new kitty, had played amongst the cords and powerstrip behind the computer, and tripped a toggle that switched it all off... aack! 

Jim had the cell phone, so when he got home, I was all set to call the company that supplies both our internet and phone service and chew off some ears. Umm... that would've have been embarrassing. Good thing Jim crawled around and discovered what really happened. Talk about sheepish!

I also learned something about myself today... I was REALLY irritated that I didn't get my way.. I didn't get to come online and fulfill my commitment to post everyday, and especially to visit Bloggy friends. I hadn't realized how much that connection with you all meant to me. I felt so cut off, so isolated! I supposed it was made worse because I was also phoneless. And oh yeah, I was sooo tempted to eat over it. I felt such pressure to ease the feeling of being cut-off with food. Do we ever out-grow that??!!!

So the one good take-away from this experience (besides passing another I-wanna-eat test) was to remind me not to take all my Bloggy friends for granted!! Sometimes I like to think I am oh-so-little-miss-independent, and don't "need" anybody. Well, that was exposed today for what it was...a bunch of hooey! 

Let me say it loud and clear today: 

I appreciate all of you VERY much. 

I appreciate the way I have been welcomed into the blogosphere world all these 11 months. I appreciate it whenever anyone takes time from their busy day to leave a comment. I know how busy we all are, and that says alot. And I appreciate that people actually come here and read something that I've written. It does amaze me... at times I just shake my head.

So THANK YOU all. Truly. You mean more to me than you could ever know.

From Dr Phil's book: "There is strength and power in support."

My verse for today: "As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forevermore."

My quote for today: 

"On a makeshift bridge
we make friends
croaking frog"
--Kobayashi Issa, 
Haiku master 
(1763 - 1828)

Enjoy the Journey,



Ms. PJ Geek said...

My husband repairs computers and has gotten calls to come out to fix a printer that isn't working to find it's out of paper or ink or a computer because it's not plugged in. it happens. It does make you appreciate things when everything is working right,

Patsy said...

When I first started blogging, our telephone/internet went down for several days at a time (at one point, they were off for continually for 7 days!) It was an absolute nightmare to try to sort out as they wouldn't admit for AGES that it was a problem at their end - they kept asking me to test our equipment and tried to blame that!

I was so committed to my new blog that I wrote a post every day in Word and when I finally got online, I copied and pasted them into my blogger!

Hope your connection issues are all sorted now!

M @ The Woes and Throes said...

aha! I knew you loved me! I am addicted to my email and blog...would be kinda feeling lost without it all, even here at work. Glad you got that taken care of! Tell Vevie to BACK OFF the toggle switch.....or ELSE!!! lol

M Pax said...

Well, thankees. :D I appreciate you and miss when you're not around.

LOL Vevie. I kicked the connection off one day. You should have seen me spaz out over it. Life without e-mail?! I'll melt. LOL And now I'm all into the Twitter thing.

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