Thursday, June 3, 2010

DAY 298 And Now For Some Self-Honesty

Hello to my Journal & Friends,

Yesterday I took off from being all serious and just had some fun. Today, it's time for some self-honesty. So, I'm going to just dive right in!

I feel like I've been getting lazy and sloppy on my journey... getting too comfortable. A little bite here, a little less exercise there. Not requiring enough of myself. Not holding to a higher standard. 

It all came home to roost last night, when I stayed up too late, got hungry and wanted to eat. And I did... knowing full well it put me over my calorie budget by 400 calories.

That's when it hit me hard, that if I didn't put a stop to this now, I was opening the door for all my old habits to take over... to start growing up like weeds and choking out my new life. 

Since getting over all the illnesses from the winter season, I have not stepped up to the plate, giving it 100%. I have allowed excuses to creep in. I need to go back to the basics and get with the program again! 

I recently read a post from Sean Anderson that stirred me up and made me face myself (HERE).  In it he said: 

"If it's ever going to change, 
we have to accept the challenge 
and rise above our circumstance."

I remember once hearing a sermon on Going Back to the Basics. The preacher guy had been a baseball player in the minor leagues. He explained that whenever coaches saw a player in a slump and struggling, the first thing they did was go back to the basics. 

They checked his form, his grip, his swing, his stance, his throw... all the basics. Many times the problem was simply that sloppy or lazy habits had crept in!

I feel that's me. So, back to the basics for me. Simple, plain, nothing exciting or new.

-1600 calories per day. Non-negotiable. Period.

-Do my planned exercise for the day. Non-negotiable. Period.

-Do my spiritual/mental/emotional input for the day. Non-negotiable. Period.

That's it. Back to the basics. Not skating by or phoning it in... but doing it with all my heart.

Half-hearted efforts will yield half-hearted results. And that is not what I want. 

I want to live fully, boldly and with joy each day. I want to rise above my circumstance and live NOW. 

From Dr Phil's book: "Get real with yourself."

My verse for today: "Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song."

My quote for today: "From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached."  --Franz Kafka


4athomej said...

Nicely put...self-honesty is always a hard pill to swallow but be swallowed it must...So all my best and I'm behind you:)

Leslie said...

Good summation, Loretta. I'm with you on this. A lot of us in the blogosphere seem to be where you are...desiring to get back on track and back to the basics. I liked your quotes, as always. In a section from the Big Book that's read at many AA meetings, there is a line that says, "Half measures availed us nothing. We stood at the turning point." And how great is it that we're not alone! I'm rooting for you and know you can do this!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Thanks for that post Loretta! I have written a couple of those quotes down and have them at my desk... GOOD STUFF to remember. I really need to rise above some thing in my life and I appreciated reading your post today! :)

Anonymous said...

Getting sloppy is ease; tightening up is hard--You've got what it takes to tackle the hard stuff, no doubt! Deb

Ice Queen said...

Thank you for the 2X4 upside my head. Back to No Nonsense!


Anonymous said...

GO LORETTA!!! I can feel your determination coming at me right off the page. You have got this!

cmoursler said...

yep...they work. It's easy to do the basics when you start cause you are so afraid to fail.
YOu get a year under your belt you think you can start tinkering.So, you tinker...then you realize that you haven't accomplished much and it's back to basics.
Can't wait to see you own this month.

South Beach Steve said...

Wow, how similar are our mindsets right now. It is time for us to both move forward!

PeacefulBird said...

Self honesty > journal > commitment = full hearted results!!! Thanks for this reminder. I'm fudging and slipping a bit too. This really helps!

Nancy B. Kennedy said...

I know where you're coming from! I pulled a hamstring this winter (not even while exercising!) and am struggling to lose the few pounds that crept up because I didn't adjust my calorie intake to reflect my forced inactivity. So easy to gain, so hard to lose. (Love the baseball analogy... we're in playoff season here!) Let's keep our resolve!

M @ The Woes and Throes said...

Love the quote!
I also love how you just keep on keeping on! It encourages me to watch you, when you hit a wall, back up and find another route...and keep going and going and going.
I have a sneaking feeling that you're going to see a nice weight loss at the next weigh in. I'm excited for you. You are so strong, and I am impressed by your tenacity.

{ALL} for a Better Life said...

I want to live fully, boldly and with joy each day. I want to rise above my circumstance and live NOW - that right there is beautiful and made me take a deep breath in and 'feel' it.

You have this, you are doing this, keep going!

CinciMom11 said...

Great idea! That's great that you recognize you need to get back to the basics. It's so easy to not be as strict as time goes one. Weight loss is all about the details, and you're focusing on them again. Yay, Retta!! :)

Shelli Belly said...

Its so easy to get comfortable and just do this much and no more.

I'm doing what I'm suposed to but I need some intensity to keep the Might Mo going

Kat said...

Great post Loretta. I admire and respect you for consistently addressing your stuff. You are doing great. Let's kick it in June...:-)

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