Sunday, June 6, 2010

DAY 301 Day of Rest & Favorite Video

Hi Journal & Friends,

Yesterday started out a kind of blah day... then I visited Stacia's blog at Swimming It Off.  She posted a video that changed my whole day! I absolutely LOVED it!!

Doesn't matter if you like music, or rock n roll, or cheesey gold lame' jackets... that's not the point. The point is... 


Throwing yourself totally into whatever you do with your whole heart. Giving it your all!

I watched this video several times, and will watch it every so often in the future. It reminded me of how I want to live, now! The fun starts at about the one minute mark:

Enjoy the Journey,



Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Hi Loretta,

I saw you over a PJ's place. Had to drop in and check out yours.

I like your 2010 Theme Poster! Perfekshun, LOL. You've had great success already; I admire that.

I'll be back!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I saw this on facebook too... what an awesome way to live and get enthusiasm is whatever you do!! And what a workout for the arms!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! and LOLOLOL!!! That guy gets more cardio sitting down than most of us get at the gym! I loved it!!!! I'll be watching that one again. lololol


midlife_swimmer said...

glad it made you smile too :)

M Pax said...

Wow does that ever look like a fun workout! I want to play the drums!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha!!!!!! I just had to come over and watch this clip again! love it. Deb

M @ The Woes and Throes said...

I had to laugh...and watch it again. Can't help but like him.

Rebecca Stewart said...

This. Is. Awwwwwesome! I'm reposting it on my facebook, too.

Pearlie Catalyst said...

Hey Loretta, was looking for some Linoleum images and found your blog - so cool! Very arty ( I am too). I hope you are doing well and on target with your choices. I just loved seeing that quote from the bible " from where does my help come?" I had a little cry, our self talk is so important and only by reprogramming (Romans 12.1 - renewing our minds) will we ever overcome our damaging behaviour. I just finished reading "Big and TAll Chronicles" by Gary Marino, he had a huge struggle too, but just walking with him through his journey helped me to make some changes too. (I am 35 kilo overweight - Australian measurement). My husband is a drummer and I loved that little video!!! I think that drummer is very bored - blues are obviously not his genre! I think he's actually using the gig as a workout for his shoulders! brahahahhaahh. God bless you, Loretta, see you in Glory! from Margaretha in Aussie.

Rettakat said...

Hi Margaretha! So happy you stopped by.
You are so right, our self-talk is critical, for every area of our lives. And as much as I believe that, I still struggle with it, catching my own stray thoughts every day. I am sooo grateful for God's mercy and encouragement.

Hey, I've read Gary's book, too! Last I read, he is still doing his MillionPound Marches.
I just watched the Drummer video again... and it still makes me smile hugely. LOVE his energy, boldness and enthusiasm!
Glad to "meet" you!

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