Saturday, April 10, 2010

DAY 244 Spring Challenge Week 3 Update

SAT Day 244  Spring Challenge Week 3 Update 

Happy Caturday,  Journal & Friends!

Time for our Challenge Update!

 Here is a Summary of the Spring Challenge,   and while it's too late to be eligible for the prize drawing at the end, anyone is welcome to join anytime, if you would like a boost to your journey. The challenge helps me focus, to have clearly defined mini-goals,  offers accountability that gives me that extra oomph needed at times to DO what I need to do, even when I don't wanna!

Spring Challenge Warriors: go ahead and put the link to your weekly update, whatever day you chose, here in Saturday's comment section, so we can be together and find one another.

Overall goal of the Challenge: here is a great reminder from Mary, at Wistful Nebulae:
"The goal of this challenge is to teach yourself to look at your new behaviors positively, to learn to be nicer to yourself and believe in yourself, to learn to enjoy healthy behaviors and learn some moderation. A little balance. It's important. More important to learn than the extremes - too much and deprivation."

Okay... on to my own  weekly check-in...

My Spring Challenge goals:

1. Every day for the next 13 weeks, do some kind of Exercise.
2. Every day for the next 13 weeks, drink a Greenie.
3. Check in every Saturday.
4. Tell one thing each week that I like about myself.
5. Save up to buy myself a fun Reward at the end.

My Exercise:
Yes, I did something each day. But am still struggling to keep up with the increased schedule I chose. I actually FORGOT a couple of times to do the second thing, til it was so late I talked myself out of it. That was a Time Management glitch... so I'm working on that. And I have to remind myself NOT to compare my level of ability with others are doing, or it's just too demoralizing. I like to write down what I do, and see progress... like competing with myself.

My Greenies: 
Still lovin em! My new favorite: frozen green grapes, kale leaves, chia seeds, vanilla extract or vanilla bean sugarfree daVinci syrup, and sweetener of your choice. Mmmmm.

I's not "pure" clean eating. But this is a process, and my choices are improving. And they are definitely a thousand times better than they were a couple of years ago. I still struggle to use my chosen number of calories in the most nutritious way each day... but I'm heading in the right direction.  :-)

One thing I like about myself: 
I like having blue eyes... they remind me of my Mom, who had blue eyes. I used to like my pug nose... because it was like my Mom's nose. But 2 years ago I fell and broke it, and now it has changed shape slightly. I was heavier then, and didn't have the balance or strength to catch myself from falling. I cried, not for the sake of vanity, but because I no longer had Momma's nose. So, I'll settle for the blue eyes. :-)

For my Reward: 
I haven't settled on what reward I want to buy for myself... it's a toss-up between a flexibility routine DVD, and a Wacom Bamboo Fun, an artist tablet to connect to my computer. This one is supposed to work with a Mac... but it costs 3 times the exercise DVD. So.... not sure if I can save up enough in time. We shall see. Guess I'll wait to find the answer to that burning question.

I hope you all had a fantastic Week 3... I look forward to reading how you did.

Remember, we want progress, not perfection. :-D

From Dr Phil's book: "When you kill time, remember you can't resurrect it."

My verse for today: "Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge."

My quote for today: "Nothing tastes as good as Self-Respect feels." --Chris, A Deliberate Life

Enjoy the Journey,



Anonymous said...

Hey. Loretta! Here's my update in brief. For details, excuses, sighs and whines--hit the link. Now there's a tempting offer for you. chukcle.

My goals to follow the Plateau Busting Plan, eat 5 servings of veggies a day, control fat content & exercise every day all fell victim to the combination of Easter and colonoscopy.

I did accomplish some of them AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, I have maintained the spirit of the challenge in that I AM appreciating the healthy choices I am making rather than begrudging them.

:) How about that for some spin, huh? hahaha

I'm swithcihg the goal of following the entire PBP to just following one element of it--I explain why in my post. My new goal #1 is to drink at lest 64oz of water a day. :)

okay, something I like about myself. I like that I have a good sense of humor. :) I explain that in my post, too.

Later Gator, I have to run.


Anonymous said...

I think competing with yourself is the best thing to do, and the kindest. This is part of why I like my kids to be in swimming, because at every swim meet, they are in a race, but really the race is with yourself. If they beat their time by 3 seconds, they win, and it doesnt matter who wins the whole race because everyone is at a different level. They get thrown into a race by age, but the person who comes in last always has the whole stadium cheering for them.

Good luck on your challenge!! I'm not joining because I dont like greenies!!! I do like Kale though, cooked with garlic, yummy! I need to get some (my guinea pigs like it too, ha ha)
The rest of my family just sighs when I start cooking things like Kale. But I dont care. Cause today I put on a pair of old pants that used to be too small and they are snug but they pulled on very easily. So yay for Kale, and me! Ha ha
My daughter Caitlin got for Christmas 2 yrs ago that little Wacom Bamboo tablet, and she LOVES it, it is constantly being used. And now she takes it to school for her digital design class, so I recommend the tablet. However, it will be somewhat more expensive than the flexibility DVD! I am pretty sure we paid something like 100 bucks for it.

maranda said...

I did my first challenge update on Thursday and here is the link

Rettakat said...

Hi Maranda,

I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but the Comment option is still not working for me. You might want to check your settings to see if it's turned off or on.

This is a learning process, so don't be too hard on yourself. By keeping a list and tracking, we know where we need to work on. That's great that you will be the co-leader at your TOPS meetings. That will be a good kind of pressure, helping to spur you on.

I'd love to hear what you think about the book by Ali Vincent. Maybe a mini-book review on your blog??


midlife_swimmer said...

I thought you looked like your momma the day you showed us some pictures of her and one was when she was younger.... eyes...a lil in the smile it was all there.

cmoursler said... artists tablet hooked to your computer, tooo coool.
I would totally go for that.
I don't know what your mom looked like,but nobody pops into the world with your good attitude...I suspect you got it from her.
hugs to you.

CinciMom11 said...

You're doing great, Loretta! I love my blue eyes, too. Your greenies sound pretty nutritious to me! Do you like stevia? Truvia is my favorite brand because it's crystal-like and tastes good by itself. Natural + zero calories = awesome!! You're allowed to have a little fun with your diet, so don't feel bad about that syrup!

CinciMom11 said...

P.S. - Thanks for the motivation/kick-in-the-butt you left on my post a few days ago. I really, really needed to hear exactly what you wrote. Thank you so much!! <3

Sandra said...

Good day Loretta! I think you are doing great, especially coming up with such good sounding greenies :) I like CinciMom11's idea of trying out the Truvia brand stevia - it's a very natural product and would be a good sweetener.

I've did a quick update on Saturday:

M Pax said...

I missed checking in. It was a busy weekend.

I did terrible on water. Terrible on all exercise as I was still nursing my aching back. It's starting to do better. I started light aerobics to get back into it.

I keep working at marketing. I'm doing all right. My other writing goals are currently on track. I'm going into 'get really bored mode'. It's good for when I need to get something done - like editing the first novel.

What I like about me ... I forget what I said already. I like my love of learning & curiosity. I love learning something new.

Wish I was doing as well as you. :D This week. This week I will do better.

Anonymous said...

Hi L~
Love those baby blues. Congrats!
You had a great week.

Here's my post:

Opps I forgot to post my ... One thing I like about myself: I'll continu with your theme for this week ... I like my hands at times they remind me of my father's hands. He past in 1998 so I miss him a ton. I love the times when I catch a glance of my hand and I think of my father.

that TOPS lady said...

My challenge update for this week is here:

I guess we are still supposed to post are updates here, right? If not, I apologize for cluttering your comment board! :)

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