Sunday, April 11, 2010

DAY 245 Day of Rest & Favorite Photo

Hi Journal & Friends,

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Southern Oregon.  As we puttered outside, I watched the bees visiting our new Lithodora plantings. We noticed they repeatedly flew right by the Candytuft, and chose the Lithodora. It must've tasted better!

That's why I chose this little guy for today's Favorite Photo. Enjoy!

(can click pic to enlarge)

Enjoy the Journey,



South Beach Steve said...

I really want to raise bees. I guess I just need to do it.

Anonymous said...

:) My husband LOVES bees. He lets them crawl on his arms. :o Glad to hear you guys had a nice day to play outside. Your fellow Weight-Loss Warrior, Deb

P.S. The low-carb chocolate will be my MOther's Day present from Bill. He thinks Mother's Day is not complete unless I have cake or chocolate. Now we'll both be happy. :)

Debi said...

Beautiful photo Loretta.... =)

Seth said...

I really enjoy taking pictures of bees...that is if they let me :)

cmoursler said...

my husband said he wanted to raise some bees...then I told him our next door neighbor is allergic...seriously allergic. That nixed that idea...I would hate to be the death of somebody.
Nice pic...have a good night.

M Pax said...

Must be bee pastries or something. :D

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