Sunday, April 4, 2010

DAY 238 Day of Rest & Favorite Photos

Good Afternoon, Journal & Friends,

As I picked out the photos for today, I kept thinking that they reminded me of my weight loss journey. They are pictures of our home. 

After too many years living in a cramped, older mobile home, and almost giving up hope of having our own house, we were blessed with this home. It's a long story (for another time), but it really was a miracle. 

It was in rough, neglected shape when we bought it... like my life had been. So much to fix up, so much needed changing. We had to view it honestly, take inventory, then make a plan and be willing to do the hard work to get it "healthy" again. (can click on any of the pics to enlarge)

First, there was the foundational stuff to get done. My journey to health needed that, too... new routines and habits had to be established. The inner work, the mental stuff had to be dealt with, to lay a healthy foundation so that the weight loss would be permanent this time.

People walking by for months would shake their heads, wondering what in the world were we doing?? It's wasn't a pretty site... the results from all the hard work didn't show up for a long time. But we pecked away at it, consistently, month after month. We had to hold to our vision, to our dream, and just keep working towards it, never quitting.

Finally, we could see some progress. People started to make nice, encouraging comments. They could see that we were trying... but we didn't want to stop halfway there. We didn't want to stop with it "good enough". We had a dream!

It's taken 17 months to get this far. It's not finished, but starting to look nicer now. It's cost a lot... taken hard work... but it's been worth it.

Jim took a large whiskey barrel and cut it in half vertically to make two planters. In this one is Lithodora and Candytuft. The other one is growing strawberries.

There are still things we need to do, on our goal list. One is to plant yellow poppies around in clusters, as an accent color. 

Just like turning this neglected house into a home, our weight loss journey takes time, hard work, sacrifice and determination.  But it's worth it.

Enjoy the Journey,



that TOPS lady said...

You are SO right. I am not happy with my house (literally) but I'm not sure what to do with it. It is older and it sure looks dated. It needs something (I don't know what!) done to look "pulled together" and coordinated. I have been thinking about this for quite a while, actually. Then when you posted your comparison, I thought "OH MAN...I am just like the outside of my house!" Let's hope I can pull things together in both senses :)
Btw, I like what you did with your porch most of all. I am a porch person and my porch is so tiny I can't even hang a porch swing there.

cmoursler said...

I love that you made your house a we are making our bodies temples. great post...Happy Easter loretta.

Ice Queen said...

I like the parallel. :D And your home is lovely. Your guy is so handy. I love the planters he made for you. Cute and so creative. :D

M said...

Love the planters :)

snoconegirl said...

i love the true..i had never thought about it like this but your right..i hope you had a nice easter..have a great week..kelli

Kat said...

Love this post - the comparison is wonderful!

Sean Anderson said...

What an amazing post! I loved it! Beautiful home...and your creativity is just awe inspiring!

You're the best Loretta,


Leslie said...

I love your pictures - it's obvious you've done a lot of work on your home and it looks great! I wish your husband could make me one of those barrel planters - very ingenious. I love it! Thanks for sharing with us.

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