Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 255 Intergalactic Travel on a Budget

Hi there, Journal & Friends, 

I must admit this, and be honest before all my friends... I am a member of IO.  There, I said it.

Sometimes I am invited to be the guest speaker. So I wanted to share with you my last speech, given just yesterday. 

Here it is, word for word:

Hello, my name is Loretta, and I am an Incurable Optimist.  As fellow I.O.members, you know we just can't help ourselves from looking for that blessin' or lesson in each of life's circumstances. But, we cope one day at a time.

I had a recent experience that was both terrifying and exhilarating. 

This last Sunday, I was taking my shower and due to some current medical issues it was just too much exertion. I started gasping for breath, but just couldn't get enough air. I quickly sat on a stool, and called out to my husband, who was waiting nearby just in case. I am so thankful he was right there!!

I slumped onto him and he didn't let me fall, as I started seeing spots and winking in and out. Finally, I was gone. Out. Phhtt!  How long, I can't say. It seemed like a long time to me. This was the terrifying part.

Now for the exhilarating part.

I took a trip to Outer Space! Honestly, it was sooo vivid and real. I saw galaxies, nebulae, stellar clusters and constellations. Here are some examples that used to look stunning to me, before I visited it "in person" .

What I saw was gorgeous and stunning. Luminous! It felt sooo real! It pulsed and was alive and somehow I knew it was "good". It was sooo beautiful.

The favorite place I "visited" had an oval-ish shaped creamy whitish/pinky/peachy swirly mass, glowing and transluscent... pulsing in the center of black space, which itself was teeming with twinkling stars and bodies of all colors and sizes. I even "knew" there were twinkling black stars. 

I loved it, and longed to see more. I had no sense of time, I don't know how long I was there, though it seemed like a long time, and didn't want to leave... but drifted in and out of consciousness, finally coming back home, to find my dear husband holding me, praying for me.

Yes, not being able to get enough air and passing out was terrifying... but I'd almost (almost, I said) pay that price again if I could go back into Outer Space!

This experience is what caused me to present my little self bright and early Monday morning at the doctors office. Which unleashed another astounding (well, to me anyway) chain of events. Another roller coaster day was about to begin!! 

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of this spine-chilling, hair-raising tale of adventure... or... for more self-indulgent blogging... ha ha ha ha 

PS: The story is true... my membership in IO is fiction.... Or is it??

From Dr Phil's book: That's your priority. You must hold yourself to a higher standard now. You cannot be wishy washy."

My verse for today: "I will sing of the Lord's great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations."

My quote for today: "The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead." --Robert Brault

Enjoy the Journey,



CinciMom11 said...

You are the cutest writer! This was fun to read. Your passing out sounds scary, but the space trip sounds amazing! Are you fascinated by space? I hope everything went well with the doc. Keep hanging tough, Loretta! You really are a burst of sunshine.

cmoursler said...

I don't know what to say other than, take care of yourself.

Nancy said...

maybe you had an out of body experience!! I have had those, but in mine I just traispse around my house doing ridiculous things like sticking my hand through the carpet or the wall....I demand a better out of body exp! Ha ha (I have a "strange dreams" blog where I do sometimes also write of my out of body stuff, which is different from a dream)

Uh, warning though, some people will think this is slightly nutty. I have had my share of people looking at me sideways going "alrighty then..."

I cant wait to see what happened at the dr's!!!

Deb Willbefree said...

For goodness sakes, Loretta!!! :0

Going to the doctor's the NEXT morning?! You should have called an ambulance and gone to the hospital the the minute your intergalactic trip ended!!!!!

Yes, it worked out well for you-- It's certainly a good thing that God hears our prayers!!!! But don't you dare ignore a medical crisis like that again--or I'll just have to come to Oregon and take care of you!


Awww. But ain't heaven gonna be grand?

M Pax said...

Oh, you are an OI. Be proud. It's something I got back and clutch to dearly. One of my rewards for a life reconstructed. :D

I love this story [except for your ill-health part]. Been thinking about it since you told me.

Shelli Belly said...

I agree with Deb.

You're leave me hanging....

Smile to you now get some rest and dream of the stars. Oh and only dream of them you still have work to do here. :-)

Scarlet Simple said...

As wonderful as that sounds like it was, PLEASE REST NOW.

Let us know what else happens!

Ms. PJ Geek said...

tripping without drugs..."cool man". No seriously, I could say all kinds of nursey things right now. I'm guessing your doc said a few doc things. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF..we would miss you if you got "lost in space"..har har har. seriously careful.

that TOPS lady said...

wow...........I am *SO* curious about the doctor's appointment and I look forward to reading about it. I'm glad your hubby was there and I am glad you are okay.

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