Monday, January 25, 2010

DAY 169 Weekly Update & Choosing Joy

Hi there Journal & Friends,

Another Monday, another weigh in. Did you ever just want it to be over? To be done with it? To be at goal and get ON with life?? I feel that way sometimes. I'm not sure the root of that feeling... Impatience?? Boredom?? Frustration that it's taking so long??

All I can do is one day at a time. Actually, one choice at a time. To keep going, keep believing, keep dreaming

Some days the connection to my dreams seems so... delicate. So... just out of reach. Like if I am not careful, it will evaporate.

On those days, like today, I choose to re-connect. To make the effort to bust out of the doldrums. To partake of positive platitudes... ha ha ha

And to remember that "feelings" are not in the drivers seat on this journey. Belief is... and Will, and Determination. 

They lead, the feelings follow.  

And when the feelings get out of line and get stubborn and childish, and refuse to follow, then I need to just choose to continue, to be consistent, regardless. 

Feelings are great "indicators"... they offer information, and I appreciate that. But in my experience they are not always dependable.  I can ask "what am I feeling?" when I want to chow down, and it helps me understand... to deal with it instead of eating it. But I don't give feelings a license to drive my car on this journey to health, because too often they steer me off into the ditch!!

I had another very good calorie week. I only went over my limit once, by 12 calories, because I am crummy at adding numbers in my head. So I am pleased with that part of it. I still need to improve on how I spend that calorie budget... choosing even more veggies and fruits.

My weigh in this morning was 355, for a gain of 2 pounds. I know I ate great and exercised, so I know this is temporary. But still... I have to CHOOSE not to let it bug me. 

You see? I don't just write a bunch of theory and spout off stuff I have plagiarized off the internet. LOL! This is stuff I have to LIVE, every day. It really is stuff I believe in, and have to put to good use all the time. 

One of the things I did this morning was listen to some nice music while I made MyGuys meals to take to work. This one song in particular, "Good to Me", lifted me up, and reminded me to stop grumbling. In light of all others are going through, I have nothing to complain about! It talks about God being my Rock, and my strength. I really liked it. 

From Dr Phil's book: "No matter what happens, I'll stay the course. If I do what is required, I will succeed."

My verse for today: "Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise."

My quote for today: "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing--tha's why we recommend it daily." --Zig Ziglar

Enjoy the Journey,



Shelli Belly said...

Oh thank you for the song. It was a perfect midday pick me up.

Love your atitude. It's ok to be diappointed remember how it use to tank the rest of the day, week and month? We've come so far. Just think how much you'll be down next week.

Attack it Girl!

antgirl said...

I am sorry the scale is not cooperating with your efforts. Us women have hormones to contend with, you switched workouts your muscles may be holding onto fluid. Two pounds is not much. We usually have a wieght range and not a solid number.

As to struggling - patience, frustration, etc ... I relate. Even now I often have bouts of it related to being healthier. Now I just tell myself it's a mood and temporary. That it will pass. It usually does. Sometimes there's a reason for it - I'm mega unhappy with something I am doing. Usually a tweak on what I don't like appeases me.

My husband used to say "It's coming off faster than you put it on." I don't know why I found that comforting, but I did. Now I remind myself how much worse off I'd be if I don't do it. Then I search for the good feelings - of something accomplished, of the rebalancing of stress, of feeling stronger ... I meditate on those feelings until they fill me and motivate me.

I hope some of that helps. Envision your dream. How do you see yourself in that dream? What do you have to do to get there? How will getting healthier help you? [it will help and you probably can't see all the ways it will, but you will eventually see and it will then help motivate you all the more.]

You always inspire me and keep me motivated. I just went through a 'moody' bout myself. Seeking new inspiration and reaffirmation is exactly what I do, too.

Anonymous said...

Humph! It is certainly okay to be "bugged" about that gain. Your new scale needs a good talking to, that's what it needs!

Good for you that you are not letting a piece of plastic and metal defeat you! You just keep on truckin on, girlfriend. I'm rooting for you!


dawne said...

I feel impatient today too! I feel like I'm never going to make it to goal. You encouraged me...thanks Loretta.

Anonymous said...

Hi, again. I've been waiting for the right time to give you something, and I just realized that THIS is that time.

On the sidebar of my blog, you will see a green square with a pink flower and the words "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength" on it. Under it is the caption, "Strength in the Storm Award"

This reward requires no work other than pasting it on your blog. :) Recipients qualify by depending on God during difficult times. You certainly qualify.

Please stop by my blog and copy that badge for your own blog.

If you want to pass it on to someone, you may award it to UP TO 3 people. There is no time limit. The award is to be given privately on their blog as I am doing here, not publically from your own blog.

Remember, you are not required to pass it on.
Or do anything other than post it to your blog.
It is up to you whether or not you add the caption, too, by the way.

Congratulations. In my mind, it's one affirming and joyful award. :)


cmoursler said...

This is exactly why I may weigh in daily, but record monthly.
there is no real blip...up and down days maybe bt the trend is always down after a month if I am op.
I loathe the recorded weekly weigh in, weigh in tomorrow. No rule says you cant

Rettakat said...

Thank you everyone, I appreciate the encouraging words so much. :-)

CHRIS: I had started recording weights monthly in my sidebar, and just reporting my Monday weigh days in a post. But you are right, in the long run, I have a loss each month, but bounce around during the month. I think I will take your suggestion
and just report once a month. I'll try it and see how I like it. Thanks!

DEB: Thank you for the badge. I really appreciate that. That verse is very meaningful to me... another story behind that..LOL!


Kat said...

"All I can do is one day at a time. Actually, one choice at a time. To keep going, keep believing, keep dreaming" I love this quote Loretta! And your attitude is inspiring to me.

I am moving towards monthly weigh ins right now too. I found myself getting too focused on the number on the scale.

{ALL} for a Better Life said...

Oh that darn scale - I have a love hate relationship with that thing. You know what though? You have made progress, you have been within your calorie range and you have worked out. You have made progress!

I know exactly what you mean about getting frustrated and already wanting to be at goal - that is everyday for me. I can't beat myself up over it though because then it just stalls the progress we are making RIGHT now!

Debbie said...

Loretta, you have a great attitude! You know you've done what your supposed to be doing, but the scales just aren't cooperating with your efforts this week. I agree with Antgirl...there are so many factors that may be affecting you. Just hang in there!

You remain a wonderful inspiration to so many of us! Thank you!!

Patsy said...

Keep up the good work and you'll see an impressive loss next week! :o)

CinciMom11 said...

Ugh, stupid scale!! Could be be water weight?? I'm frustrated for you. I love your attitude: choosing not to let it bug you.

I just read the other comments, and I think antgirl made some great points.

I have trouble taking this advice myself, but I still want to share it: Remember that you're doing right by your body - you're eating well and exercising. That's what counts. The scale is just being stubborn.

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