Friday, January 22, 2010

DAY 166 Challenge Update & Resisting the Nibbles

Hello Journal & Friends,

It's Friday already, and time to file my Perfect 10 Challenge  report. Can't believe it's been 3 weeks already!

I did fairly well on my goal for the challenge this week, which was to exercise 6 days per week. But for some reason, I goofed up, and reversed what I did. I ended up with 4 days doing exercise DVD's, and 3 sessions on the mini-trampoline. I guess I was just having too much fun with Billy Blanks TaeBo! (Sorry Richard Simmons, I've been seeing another man).

One thing I realized, after reading something Olivia said here on her blog, Sassy & Thin in 2010  was that I was getting "comfortable" with my exercise. I was not PUSHING it. To make progress requires effort, not getting comfortable. I appreciate being to read the different blogs... I learn so much from you all, and it sparks ideas and challenges me to do better.

The other thing that bugged me this week was one time I started to nibble on the food I was making for MyGuy's meals to take to work. Yikes! I didn't have the calories to spend, and wasn't even thinking... just took a bite to see if it was okay. Then realized that I had no calories left!! THEN tried to tell myself, well, since you ate one bite and will have to fess up, you might as well fess up for TWO bites...

Good grief, old habits die hard! By the start of the THIRD bite, I actually spit it out into the sink, and had to tell myself to stop it! It's kind of scarey to think that  I can be that close to the edge, and it doesn't take much to shove me right over the cliff! 

This is too important to play around with "bites".

This means too much to me to be listening to stinking thinking that tries to justify it by saying "but you are truly hungry", and know one would know.

This is worth more to me than a bite of krab... it was not even REAL crab, but that fake stuff no less!!

Until I am so changed, and the new healthy habits are so ingrained, I really need to be more careful, to make the effort to stay focused ESPECIALLY in the kitchen around food. My mind was elsewhere, listening to a great book on CD, and not staying aware, just going with what tasted yummy in the moment. I will pay more attention next time!!

The Perfect 10 Challenge has us tell something about ourselves each week you probably don't know... hmmm...

I have a dorky collection of plastic patio lights. Yep, the plastic ones in the silly shapes. Only I hang them in my studio, and turn them on in the evening. I have always had a thing for colored lights. Since I only get to see Christmas lights one month out of the year, I decided to cover the other 11 months with these goofy lights. Oh, such classy decor...

I have pink flamingos, black & white moo cows, red hot chili peppers, American flags, parrots, lighthouses, tropical trees and pineapples, angels, and several others.

Here is a picture of the sunflowers that are up right now:

What can I say... they are cheerful!

From Dr Phil's book: "I'm not powerless over this behavior. I'm in charge of myself."

My verse for today: "Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips."

My quote for today:  "Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent." --Author unknown

Enjoy the Journey,



Olivia said...

The lights sound fun :)

I know that I have had a few times when I decided to spit food into the trash can that had made it all the way to my mouth when I didn't need it. Looking in that trash bag full of garbage 100% of the time I realized the food I was spitting out was just that, garbage, and not worth it. You are doing a great job! You stopped yourself, and you should be so proud.


Ms. PJ Geek said...

I also have lights up to keep things cheery at times....I kept 2 strings of the colored Christmas lights on my fireplace mantle a year ago and just added 2 strings of white this year...I like using the lights when it's cold, or watching a movie in the dark, on off days, or movie night with the husband and whenever I'm just needing that special umph...always on off days from work

I nibbles too..lately on nuts but I've been counting the calories in ..except for peanuts i count every nut (every cashew, pecan, almond etc as 7 calories)..It's not 100% accurate but it's kinda close. This week I think my wt is plateauing and looking back over my food diary..i can see the culprits...
Good post

karen@fitnessjourney said...

It is sooooo easy to nibble while fixing fodo. You've already come along way. Would the old you have spit out the 3rd bite?

Love your light collection. I'm sure the neighbors are glad you keep them inside!

Rettakat said...

OLIVIA: I hadn't thought of it as just garbage, that's good!

MS PJ GEEK: Ha ha, I count nuts, too. Except that day of the Attack of the Nibbles, I was OUT of calories to spend. By the way, ever since I found your blog, I have been noticing all the adorable PJ's in the catalogs I get! They are now on my "someday" list!!

KAREN: You are right, the old me would not only have NOT spit it out, she would have eaten a zillion more nibbles! I didn't think of that, thank you!


{ALL} for a Better Life said...

Love the lights, so fun! What a great idea.

Isn't it crazy how the mindless eating can just take over and add up those calories? I think we are all pretty guilty of it from time to time. I am so glad you were able to control it!

Amy said...

The patio lights are fun! Great job on the exercise!

Joanne said...

Great Post Loretta. Nice feeling when our good habits take over and keep us on the straight and narrow.

I love that you decorate your studio to make you feel good - we don't do enough of that.

CinciMom11 said...

Good job catching yourself! It's so hard when the nibbles sneak up on you after months of success. You caught them and got rid of 'em! You're my hero! I accidentally nibbled an extra 900-1000 calories yesterday. You are strong, Loretta!

Kat said...

Hi Loretta, Glad to have found your blog via The Perfect 10. I have a rebounder that my cat loves to hang out on too. Great job on the exercise this week

Casandra said...

I love the lights! We have horses that we hang on our camper's awning. I love walking the campgrounds to see what kind everyone has hanging. My favorite ever was pigs with wings!

Good for you on spitting that third bite out!

Debbie said...

Great post! It's easy to take a nibble when cooking. It's second nature so I have to really watch it myself. The important thing is the new year realized what she was doing and spit it out! Good for you!

Also, the Richard Simmons comment made me laugh!

I love color and think the lights are a neat idea!

Anonymous said...

Great work on the goals and I love the lights!!!

antgirl said...

Oh, I love your patio lights collection. What a wonderful thing to collect. It is very cheery and fun.

It's a great victory for you that you stopped yourself in your nibbles. Go you! Maybe keep something on the counter you can nibble on if it is a huge temptation. I make Husband eat the same food as me.

Thanks for the great comment on the video. I'm so thrilled with it. I dreamed it last night. Probably because I watched it so many times yesterday. It did inspire the ending of the revised story though and I am finally happy with it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Loretta! So glad you caught yourself before you ran off of the highway! From personal experience, I can tell you that the trip over the edge is not worth the taste that got you there. And I LOVE the lights! What fun! Deb

South Beach Steve said...

Sounds like a good changeup for the week.

My wife and one of my son's have an infatuation with Christmas lights. I am sure they would appreciate your light collection.

Shelli Belly said...

Great catch on the "mindless eating." Habbits die hard. Good job killing it.

Lights are great in the dead of winter. It's all about happiness.

Helen said...

I don't have as many different kinds as you do but I love those lights too! I have a fenced in patio that I decorate. I put them up around May 1 and leave them up until around Halloween. Then we go to Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving. I would leave them up all year round but my husband insists I take them down for a few months.

Anonymous said...

oh i really try to be positive, but occasionally I am told that I am too cheerful and that I am annoying! ha ha
oh well.
Then I find that other too-cheerful people annoy me as well!!! I mean who wants Miss Goodytwo shoes talking aobut "you can have it all if you just believe in yourself and blah blah blah" Then I think, its ok. Be a goodytwoshoes when you feel like it, ignore the other goodytwoshoes when they are annoying to you and just be yourself and all will be well.
Dark humor...its sometimes called for!

I want to see the moo cow lights.

clickmom said...

I do that all the time too. In a panic I think, "What is that taste in my mouth??" and I realize I have nibbled on something I am preparing for my family. It's totally unconscious.

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