Sunday, January 24, 2010

DAY 168 Day of Rest & Favorite Photo

 Hello Journal & Friends,

I've been thinking about some things lately, like determination, commitment, importance level. So, along those lines I made this poster from a pic I found, for today's Favorite Photo. 

I love this little guy...he is doing what others told him was impossible. Against all odds, he is flying!

I know how he feels... having been overweight all my life...failed so many times before... been told it's too late... the "statistics" are stacked against me. 

But against all odds, I am flying!

I hope you like him!

Enjoy the Journey,



Dayne Gingrich said...

It's NEVER EVER EVER too late... unless YOU say it is, period! "They" don't have a clue, or simply want you to quit trying, in fear of witnessing someone accomplish when they're too afraid.

It's all about the pressure you put on yourself... remember to love that pressure, as it's the one thing that makes us the success we wish to be.

Thank you for such a thoughtful comment at my place. I'm so happy you saw Pressure in a different light.


dailyseeking said...

I love that quote and picture. I'm entering my 3rd of week of being consistent on the treadmill in the morning. Big step for me--I keep a log and for some reason that is the catalyst for this.

CinciMom11 said...

You certainly are flying! Love the poster!! Nice choice for the quote.

P.S. - Flying pigs are huge in Cincinnati. We even have a race named for them :
We used to have a ton of flying pig sculptures scattered downtown:

Nancy said...

when pigs fly! I love this picture! (Isabel said, "is that real?" ha ha

Rettakat said...

DAYNE: Thank you, I appreciated so much your blog post about the positive benefits of Pressure!

DAILYSEEKING: That's wonderful... 3 weeks of consistency, pretty soon it will feel weird NOT to do it. :-)

CINCIMOM: I looked at some of those pig sculptures... too funny!!

NANCY: Aww, that was cute. And of course you explained it was a new hybrid species... LOL!


Amazon Runner said...

I LOVE the flying pig! Thanks for sharing t!

antgirl said...

It is never too late, my friend. :) I hope you are learning that and believing it.

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