Friday, January 15, 2010

DAY 159 Perfect 10 Update & Birthday Girl

Hi there Journal & Friends,

Another week has flown by and it's time for the Week 2 report on The Perfect 10 Challenge, started by South Beach Steve (here). 

My goals for the challenge were:

To exercise 6 days per week. 
1. Exercise with my Richard Simmons DVD's 3 days out of each week. Done, except I switched out two days with Billy Blanks Tae Bo. Even modifying it for my level, it was a blast!

2. Exercise on my mini-trampoline 4 days out of each week. Done.

3. As I get stronger, lengthen the time spent on each mini-tramp session. Did that last week, but not this week... though my sessions were done with better posture and more awareness of working the muscles. So, overall I feel good about them.

Whenever I exercise with Richard Simmons DVD's, it's like a signal to the cats: play time! They get all jazzed. So I got my camera ready, to show you my exercise session. Naturally, point a camera at a cat and they quit acting silly and cop an attitude!

First, the TV, in front of me:

Now, to my left:

Now, to my right:

And when they are not staring at the camera, they think I am playing with them as my hands are waving around, and they get squirelly. Too funny!

I almost forgot... for the challenge we tell one thing about ourselves that you didn't know:

I have a "cat whisker" collection.

 Yes, you read that right... real cat whiskers. I've had cats all my life, and about 28 years ago I decided not to throw away the stray whiskers they shed. You don't find them often, so my collection is small. But I have some from all the kitties I have had for the last 28 years. They are small, long, thick and thin... gray, black, white, and even some sort of speckled ones. I always thought I might make teensy paint brushes out of them... but no... now they are just my sentimental collection. :-)                                                 

PS: MyGuy took off work cuz it's my Birthday today. So we are off this afternoon to have an adventure! Yay to adventures. :-)

From Dr Phil's book: "Describe yourself in a manner that reflects a winning identity."

My verse for today: "By the grace of God, I am what I am."

My quote for today:  "The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives." --Louise Hay

Enjoy the Journey,



Patsy said...

Well done for rocking your goals! My ex-husband (who I'm still good friends with) LOVED the Billy Blanks Tae Bo workouts - and he was a really fit guy!

My cats also try to help with my workouts... I've lost count of the times I've accidentally booted one of them across the room... :o( Jasmine, my tortoiseshell-and-white cat (think they're called 'calico' in the US?) has whiskers that are crimped near her face! I always know when it's one of her shed whiskers I find.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! You're doing great! Very consistent

Anonymous said...

Happpeee Birthhhday, to you. Haaapppeee Birrtthhdaaayyy, to Yoouuu. haaapppeeee Biirrrttthhhddaaaayy, deaaarrrr Looorrreeettttaaaaa. Happpeeee Birrrthhhddaaay, to Yooouuu!!! :D Deb

CinciMom11 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Here's to another awesome year of Loretta!

Nice job with the challenge. Tae Bo sounds fun!

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Loretta! I hope you have one fantastic day!

And great job on the Challenge... here's to a successful week 3.

Sean Anderson said...

Happy Birthday my friend! Incredible job here!

{ALL} for a Better Life said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend, I wish you a day of everything you may want and a year of more of the same!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Retta!! I hope you have a wonderful day and have a great adventure!
Your cats are so funny, you can tell they were previously being goofy and now have their "what? I'm not doing anything" look, ha ha

Shelli Belly said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Great job for the New Year.
Your goals are becoming patterns.

Whoop! Whoop!

Christy in Seattle said...

What cute kitties! Aww!

GOOD JOB rocking the workouts!

Anne said...

Good job on the challenge! Wishing you a very happy birthday today! There is a funny Richard Simmons clip on Cranky Fitness today. He is a pretty funny guy!

South Beach Steve said...

A cat whisker collection? I have had cats my whole life (off and on) and I don't know that I have ever found a whisker. You must be very observant! great week!

cmoursler said...

Happy Birthday Loretta.
I Just got leo two years ago...he's my cat.
I had never owned a cat before and simply thought I wasn't really an animal person (horses aren't animals to me...they are modified humans)...
Well, I got this cat...actually my daughter found him under a truck.
She is always bringing home strays.
I said "we keep him for two days...find him a home'.
then he peed in the pan.
I found out I was a cat person.
Yesterday as he was pouncing on my feet as I passed I realized that I really did love him.
It's the first animal I've ever really loved.
Now I am worried that he may get sick and die, cause that's how my mind works.
Cats rule

Rettakat said...

Thank you everyone, for all the Birthday wishes. I really appreciate that!
I had a slow lazy morning, and we finally got off in the afternoon. I didn't exercise, but did stay within my calorie budget.
It as a very nice day.

soontobe...skinnygirl said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Loretta! Congratulations on accomplishing your challenge goals! That always feels so good! You're a huge inspiration to me!


dailyseeking said...

Happy Birthday yesterday!

Lynn said...

Happy birthday!

Congrats on the work with challenge! Sounds like you are doing well!

My three dogs (smallest being about 55 pounds) are always excited when I start working out at home...impossible to do any floor work with them around...glad I have a gym membership!

LadyRaven said...

Looks like you are doing great! Hope you had a fantastic birthday

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