Sunday, November 8, 2009

DAY 91 Day of Rest & Favorite Photos

Hello Journal,

I loved this photo the minute I saw it. Jim took it at Wildlife Images, near Grants Pass, Oregon. It's a 24 acre rehabilitation center for injured wildlife of all kinds. Their goal is to treat the rescued animal and return them to the wild, if at all possible. But at times, that just can't happen.

These two wolves are permanent "residents" because they are too domesticated to survive in the wild. Jim went on a tour of the site with a group of photographers, and was excited to be able to get so close to them, and photograph them. They are not "tame" as we know it, and still dangerous. He said they were gorgeous, and his favorite was the tan one. 

(click pic to enlarge)
Enjoy the Journey,



Cat said...

Lovely photo. I like your blog topper (with the rabbit), banner? topper? header? Sheesh. The thing on the top, I like. And it sounds like you are working hard on your journey. Good luck, and happiness.

Have a great one,

Rettakat said...

Hello Cat,
Welcome! I'm glad you like the photo of the wolves... it's one of my favorites, too.

The title image is made from a painting I did that was part of a series done on small 4" x 4" canvas. If you want, you can see the rest of them here:
They were fun to do. :-)

Anonymous said...

hey, Loretta! The comments you posted on my blog were exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for your kind words and for truly understanding what my soul needed. The Father's arms are strong, aren't they? Deb

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